Kanye Treated Like a Slave by Fashion Industry Elite!

kanye west vogue party

Kanye West is so desperate to be accepted by the fashion community he’s now letting the industry’s elite treat him like a slave!

In a recent Snapchat video, Kim K records as Kanye acts as a personal servant for Peter Dundas, the designer of Roberto Cavalli.

You can see Kanye holding a plate of ribs and french fries for Peter while everyone laughs.


Damn, this is a new low for Yeezy.


    • black men are natural sell outs. what's the surprise. black men have been shoe shining for years

  1. It is a part of the game he is invovled in
    he is willing to submit to the masters of the game to(supositly to learn from them the ways they play their game) learn from them their craft.

    • Thought you was woke that white boy can put that plate on his lap. Some of y'all still dick riding even though Kanye don't like black people he loves white men loves being around f*cking and serving them, a bed wench.

  2. That nose of his needs to be surgically disconnected from their rears. Or maybe, just leave it right where it is.

  3. And he probably lick d shit out his ass while peter puts a huge white dong in & out of kims asshole jist because he could and they would do it with PLEASURE no questions asked #all for fame because compared to their masters kim & kanye don't have no real $$$$ more then us YES but to be a humiliation endeavor (because thts all they are) for more $$ then common folk but nothing like the 1% he wants to be around smh pray for tht nigga

  4. It sucks but hey, Kanye this is what you signed up for. I think at this point and clearly with this video, that kanye west is under mind control/hypnosis. Perhaps one of his handlers decided to humiliate him as punishment for not complying with what they wanted him to do. When you get into the world of entertainment and you sign that contract, you are basically signing yourself up for slavery. You just better be prepared if you're stil willing to take that jump…

  5. This sell out azz nigga he deserve's everything he gets. O.G. LAY LOW 713 A/KA JACK TRIPPER ???

  6. I dont feel sorry for this ninja at all, when you sell out to the white man you sell yourself short and into slavery every time . Just a dumb black buck is all that is. Stupid boy .

  7. His wife don't mind humiliate him further by posting that. She laughing at him too

  8. Never liked kanye from the start. Never liked bill Cosby from the start. Never liked jay z, and I never liked Morgan freeman…maybe they saving him for last lol

    • cause u still had hope 4 him and girl i dunno y. he has no shame. he says it every chance he gets. he aint a man. he cant face what's real. he made her his weaker half. he been gave up on life. sry but i'd be shocked if he doesnt actually commit suicide like fa real. cause he purposely being the opposite of his true mind and he's doing it on purpose.

  9. Two gay boys role playing with Kanye as the slave. Dat man gonna tear Kanye's azz up later.

      • damn. carcinogen city. & that's how u know kim really dont give a f*ck bout black people because a white woman who truly was all in love with blacks how kim pretends to be would have a serious problem with that you know considering how smart and intelligent white women are supposed to be all discerning and insightful and shit 😀

  10. This is the man who claims he's one step from God?! Spelling God backwards would be a closer interpretation.

  11. i don't like kanye but this was dead wrong! he could've sat that plate in his lap…this scene is straight off the plantation and that STUPID STUPID STUPID "wife" of his should have know better. he should've pushed her out of that running car. you have to understand kanye has mental issue and those people are taking advantage of his illness. ask yourself did kanye do this or that when donda/his mother was alive? no! the death of his mother sent him over the edge and this was hard to watch. as a black woman this hurts to see no matter what he's still one of us.

    • Nope. you know damn well if that was a black female you wouldn't be so forgiving would call her a slave a bed wench etc. thot, etc!! f*ck outta here making excuses time for black males time to have personal accountability just like everybody else take off the damn cape yall f*ckas had no mercy for Bobby Kristina, born to two crackheads but want to mammy Kanye? Fuck outta here!! BK's mamma died and yall were dissing her up to her grave. the f*ck!!!

  12. I wish we had that Dave Chappelle race game….I'd trade Kanye for Machine Gun Kelly….he's a "black man lost" he used to love rapping about being in his culture and his game. I written Kayne off after "808's and Heartbreaks" and "Amber Rose"!….smh!

      • Dick riding alert. Nobody is immune from criticism just cause we black we not dick riders for sell outs he don't give a shit for nobody but wp!

  13. kayne used to be my favorite when he said bush doesn't care about black people was on point then he sold out to be 33rd mason with jay z by using his mother as a blood sacrifce

  14. kayne admitted his mother was a sacrifce "my mother died for this hollywood shit" and he has nothing to show for it

    • Umm Stephen, are you o wrapped up in your conspiracy theory thinking that you do not realize that Kanye meant his mom was wrapped up in trying to look young and hot which is the false imaging which Hollywood promotes?

      He certainly did not mean that she died for his career.

      Please get some help.

      • you're a shill that exactly what he meant kayne was in paris while they were killing his mother and he knew what was up so stop with that conspracy theory bullshit becasue everything is in front of being unhidden

        • I am not a shill Stephen. I have been posting here for 5 years. You are so sad and mixed up it breaks my heart.

  15. Kimmy toxic waste rump, is in league with her fellow white males. Look she took the picture and posted it. White bytches are partners with the white male thru and thru. Make no mistake about it. Those cavebitches aren't loyal – they just happen to love their position in the military white supremacist food chain, which is takin bbc in any hole they can get it.

  16. HSK readers: I am not in a position to tell or even suggest how you guys should feel about something. Your thoughts and opinions are informed by years of life experience asbeing a blck person in America.

    But, I can tell you that as a white person, it would never occur to me that he was being slavish to the white dude by helping him eat his meal in a moving car. That would have never even entered my head. It's hard to eat in a car, and it looks like he is just being nice and helpful.

    Is it possible that you all are reading something into this which just isn't there? Don't friends help other friends without fear of appearing subservient? I have carried another friend's nags when they needed help, and I did it because I wanted to help, not because I was serving them as an employee or even worse as a slave.

    If it had been all black folks in the car, would you have still felt that the person holding the fries was being a slave to their friend who was eating?

    And no, I am not a fan of West or the KKKs. I only wanted to state that white people don't think in the same way that you apparently do about helping a person of another race out. It's just politeness to us who were raised with manners by our mothers.

    • It's slavish to the limit. You can even see on kenyetta face she tired of these white people. Or maybe he loves it I dunno but holding a plate of bbq ribs & fries for a blonde blue eyed European is not a good look for new slaves, blood on the leaves, black skinhead I am a God yeezy kanyetta West Kardashian. U wouldn't catch Kanye dead doin some shit like this for a black person…I'm surprised they didn't have catfish there either

    • @ 00:03
      "But, I can tell you that as a white person, it would never occur to me that he was being slavish to the white dude by helping him eat his meal in a moving car. That would have never even entered my head. It's hard to eat in a car, and it looks like he is just being nice and helpful. "

      FULL STOP… Is one the the exact reasons black people should stay away from neanderthals. We think, eat, breath, move, live… differently. No way around that. Even our cells and inner chemistry operate differently. Neanderthals were engineered to kill/hate black people (Blacked out by White Wash, by Susar) However, in addition to that, now the institution of White Supremacy has trained them to have an overload mindset against anything black. There are studies they have done that show they are genetically predisposed to not have empathy toward Blacks! google it.

      • Ok. Thank you for that explanation. I had no idea of the depth of resentment which you clearly have towards all white people. I won't comment again.

        • I am close to some white people yes they are my friends that doesn't take away my logic He is supposedly one of the top rappers of all time denigrated to hold a plate for a white boy to eat ribs TF!! That is the bottom position There is no way in hell I would hold a plate like that for one of my white friends nor would I expect them to do the same for me if you can't see the wrongness in that it's clear you have no black friends.

    • I tend to agree with you on this but I am biracial (white dad, black mom) so I typically don't look at things in black and white (pun not intended). I saw the love between my parents so that overshadowed the hatred my family faced in the world. As for Kanye, he's lost for so many reasons. Doesn't help that his wife is vapid and attention starved. What a couple!

      • Mixed people see black-and-white more than anybody! ????let's not be obtuse OK. Y'all mixed people see race because white people constantly remind you that you are not white that is what I know about mixed people anyway the whole thing is wrong and you know it.

  17. Kanye I thought you claimed to be a god? Guess what gods don't hold plates but Butlers and Servants do. You f*cking slave boy kissing another whites man's ass. House Nigga! Wonder why TMZ and other lame sites did not put this up! TROLLS TIME TO MAKE YOUR STUPID MEMES OF THIS FUCKING MORON!

  18. Smh, Damn Ye. I'm a conspiracy theorist also, so I'm not sure if it's Mk mind ultra, if Ye really is mentally ill and they're taking advantage of him, or if he's just a straight koon. I feel sorry for him, because this is slavery to the max. Kim bogus as hell as well, then too top it off the white devil is eating barbecue… C'mon stop it

    • The term is power bottom! While he's got his mouth full of white peen is he still trying to talk ha ha Ha

  19. Hold up, ya’ll do know that Kanye is just holding the plate for his new man right? First it was Ricardo Tisci then it was Olivier Rousteing now it is Peter Dundes. Oh yeah, he has a type and it ain’t Kim. But she doesn’t care because she gets to wear the latest fashion designs of whoever he is dating.

    He’s a closeted gay man and she is his personal lil plastic dress up doll. Ummmm hummm….A real Hollyweird beard win/win type of situation.

    Nothing new to see here folks, only a mere distraction to cover up the truth. When beards/transs don’t get enough attention they tend to put your ass on blast….

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