LHHATL’s Karen King Arrested for Identity Theft – Caught on Video!

karen king love and hip hop arrested

These broads in Atlanta are notorious for stealing credit cards and scamming…so it’s no surprise Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King was just busted for identity theft!

Karen was arrested on Monday after arriving at a LHHATL promotional gig at Level V club in Atlanta. Since her appearance at the club was heavily promoted, cops knew just where to find her, and they were waiting to arrest her on the spot and it was caught on video!


The theft went down last year when Karen walked into Saks Fifth Avenue in ATL, and bought $4,946.52 in merchandise under someone else’s name. Police think she was working together with a Sak’s employee who rung up the purchase.

She was booked for financial identity fraud, theft and first degree forgery.

But this isn’t the first time she has been in trouble with the law.


In 2013, Karen ordered her sons, Scrapp, Sas, and a few of their friends to viciously beat up her boyfriend, Lyndon Baines Smith, and dump his body across state lines.

But before they had a chance to dump him, police pulled over their vehicle and found Lyndon stuffed in the trunk. The men were arrested, and Karen went on the run. She was finally captured and arrested after her photo was shown on America’s Most Wanted.


  1. First of all…
    WTF is THIS chick again?
    Second of all….that's a whole lot of bullshit going on for someone to be on any tv show. JS

  2. Nobody's really winning here. Just a bunch of nobodies used as "entertainment" clowns to corrupt minds and perpetrate stereo-types. Mona and her people are winning while getting rich off a few fools sacrificing their self respect for a little face recognition, a few pesos and an extravagant mule to get around. And what they can't get…they steal it! lol.

    • I'm with So Cal…that's a lot of bad business going on.
      How can anyone think they're going to be wanted for STEALING FROM SAKS & be on a TV show? Are any of you old enough to know of Winona Ryder? She had money & was stealing for "whatever the reason" & the police took her as she straight to jail…a rich white actress. What did this wretched reality chick think was going to happen? I want to know if Mona is going to pay her bail & hire an attorney for her…smdh?

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