Chris Brown Wins Custody Battle

chris brown wins custody battle

Chris Brown’s baby mama, Nia Guzman, asked an LA family court to modify her child custody agreement with the singer. Nia claimed their daughter Royalty’s life was in danger due to Breezy’s gang ties and excessive cigarette smoking.

But the court shot her down. Nia’s requests for full physical custody, and 12 monitored visitation days a year were declined.

Chris may have won that battle, but Nia’s not done with him yet.

She’s also asking for a $13,500 increase in her $2,500 a month child support. This issue will be resolved during a later court hearing.


  1. I don't respect this woman at all but just this week Chris sexualized his daughter when she was in a tutu at dance class saying Nia dressed her up like a thot. He threw a big fit on instagram comparing his toddler to a thot just because of her clothes. This man is not fit to parent. I don't care what anyone says. How are you so sick that you see your baby and liken her to being a thot. I just can't. Babies are so innocent they should be able to run around in diapers/naked without people having dirty thoughts about them. And frankly Chris does keep too many gangster "friends" at his house. It's not a conducive place for a child to grow up (think afrika bambata). If I were nia I would take the kid and tell him he doesn't need to contribute child support anymore.

    • You're right about most of what you said and I agree with you but one thing we both know to be a fact is this woman is too greedy to act in the responsible manner as you described. She will NEVER not put herself out there and tell Chris to keep his money. As is she's getting $2500 and is trying to get over $15000 for a baby she got out of wedlock and lied about. Unlike you and I she could care less if her baby is around thugs and gangbangers who may have pedophile tenancies. This is not to say Chris is not a good father but her concern is collecting as much of Chris' money as she can get.

      Because I know someone who knows Chris personally and professionally I can't not say put this out there for all to know. I heard Chris changes up his whole lifestyle when he has his daughter. He doesn't carry on with certain people during those times. Tyga's son King and Royalty have play-dates with their dads and to really cool outings the media doesn't see or cover. Not to mention he's already focusing her education. He's not all bad contrary to what some may think. He's just been through a lot before and after he became famous.

    • The pose was suggestive. There are pedos out there, and she has an open page. No one knows more than Chris about child-loving predators, so he had every right to speak out.

      • That's what I meant by Sarah being "right about most of what she was saying."
        I think Chris is doing a decent job of being a father under his past and current circumstances. Likewise, I believe Royalty's mom is a liar and a money hungry cow.

  2. Don't blame children, victims, or clothing for the actions of pedophiles and rapist

  3. I believe Chris is being very protective of his daughter. The clothing that young girls and/or females wear today tend to be very sexualized in nature. When I got out of the US Army in 1998, I moved to S. CA, & I was taken back at the clothing being worn by females (the old/young). It's not like in the 70s/80s, when we were more healthier, had somewhat less processed foods, & we were more physically active (playing outside, etc.); so some of the clothing worn at these times were not necessarily considered to be sexualized or should I say as sexualized as some clothes may appear to look like today. But as previous comment stated, it was the pose that appeared suggestive (as well as, putting a picture out there for everyone to see), & Chris is being an excellent dad for watching out for this daughter. If you want an example of who to watch out for, remember young thug calling somebody's 2 yr old (or something like that) little boy as being "sexy"………….young thug= nasty bum.

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