Kris Jenner Pays Tyga to Go Away?

kylie using tyga for plot line

Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga is causing nothing but problems within the Kardashian klan.

The whole family is allegedly fed up with the rapper’s constant problems, including his inability to pay his bills, and his constant lawsuits.

According to Radar Online, Tyga was able to make his latest legal issue disappear once Kylie got her own lawyers involved to help him settle a debt to his previous landlord.

Even though Kylie thinks she’s just being a supportive girlfriend, her family believes she’s keeping Tyga around just so she can have a storyline on their boring reality show.

But this isn’t the kind of attention the klan was hoping for, and they would much rather have Tyga disappear forever.

Kris Jenner even reportedly offered him “several hundred thousand” dollars to stay away from Kylie. But he refused, because he knows that being with the teen is the “most lucrative thing” he has going on in his life.

Kylie has even cut off Kris as her manager because she was tired of her mom making comments about her relationship with Tyga.

If you were Tyga, would you have taken the cash and ran?


    • I wonder if Kylie picked up this simp as revenge against her mama cutting her off at 13-14 and basically forcing her to whore, err I mean work in the "family business"? That little bish was paying for her own food, clothing, and paying rent to PMK when she was still a child. And any money Kylie made, PMK also took 10% . Pimp mama is coldblooded..

  1. He's her pet monkey watch and see how this ends and no black male gets out of a relationship with them unscathed.

    • Thats what I'm thinking, Negroe you better take that money and run, shiit knowing the K Klan hmm they are experts in getting rid of all traces, you gonna start hearing about Tyga soon missing shiit soon., Tyga whereabouts is unknown, says he's been missing for a few days know, unknown whereabouts. Last scene in the K Klan compound.

  2. He's a pimp! He's her pimp! That's why he flosses. She supplies it all! The family aint offering enough to make him go away. All those trips, jewelry, clothes, cars, now houses – that's pimp money! Supplied by his 'girl'. That idolizing she has for him – that's the look of a ho and her pimp! You think he just turnt her out? She been turnt out! You think he's the only one that had her? Think pimp game.

    • I think you might be on to something…I mean all those tricks take trips to Dubai. And we all know what goes on there.

  3. All comments here get posted immediately except any involving the Kardamiens! I believe it's rigged.

  4. T is a pimp! He got money, jewelry, cars, clothes, trips and now houses to show for it! That's a pimp! K got turnt out and she likes it.

  5. I would have taken the money. That's the most money he'll ever get offered for the rest of his life.
    Since he turned down the money, he'll have to be dealt with.

    • Umm, Willie, if Kylie marries Tyga he will be married to the heir of Kris Jenner's near 1 billion dollar estate as well as Bruce Jenner's 300 million dollar estate. What he's being offered is milk money.

      And as far as him being "taken out" for being a pain in Kris's ass, forget that.

      She would rather suffer the little fool for ten years than taint her brand with an untimely death which reeks or a hit(drug OD, car wreck, murder.) That would be the beginning of the end for them for sure.

      White people handle things differently, trust me. Yes, he will be dealt with if Kris deems that necessary, but he will not end up in a box.

  6. Tyga gotta give up that blood sacrifice to really get bck in the game and make ? useless paper with no value but if he keeps playing around the klan might blood sacrifice him lol but real tlk u see what they almost did to lamar odom he was tlking a lil to much Lamar know all they dark serecets n shit and a few people died real closed to lamar who was round him he dark to the klan loves to lynch on to black guys with money they blood suckers they just all bout got fake booty implants tits etc did yall see how lord disick aka scott disick mon and dad both drop dead behind each other bck to bck let the most high be with these people yah that guy scott couldn't take anymore but he sign his name n blood and cosign his parents death sad for money and fame and and illusion bcuz when ur expiration date is due with the powers that be all dat money they giving them black cards cus they cnt pull out money or go in the bank and withdraw the money thats why the elites give them black cards that shit has a limit on it lol rothschilds own the banks etc all that comes bck to the gatekeeper trust that ✌ n love

  7. Every time I hear about either Kylie and Tyga or Blac China and Rob the movie Thomasine and Bushrod comes to mind. I just see Blac and Tyga spending all their mates money and getting back together, riding off into the sunset in a fancy automobile. #andscene

  8. I sense something is going to happen….this does not look too good…Something "has to give"…it is written in the stars….and Kanye's baby Saint, is NOT HIS!!!!…..That is going to be the downfall for Kanye….when he discovers this and fights for his kids…but "they" will have total control of his child…Nori and his non- biological son Saint…Sad but true…

    • How do you know about Saint. I think there is something about that poor child, can't put my finger on it, but his parentage is not it.

  9. A word of advice to Tyga, run fool, run…………….!!!!! he seen what they did to Lamar Odom, if Negroes don't learn from that, not sure when will they learn.. shoo they gut Bruce confused thinking he's a women, and Rob well he's pretty much depressed, gain weight, and thinks marrying a hood rat will help his non existing career smh

    • See??? Now THAT^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is the spirit!!! Drive PMK f*ckin' crazy insane. That would be entertaining.

  10. Tyga doing what a bum ass regular dude from the street would do when they aint got shyt and thats leech off yo girl unfortunately

  11. There's a video of this man sucking peen, its been proven he has relationships with transs and thats still not enough? What does he and Chyna have on them?
    Tyga makes more money mooching than rapping,let that sink in. What is up with the Kardashian women getting into relationships with these gay men? Bruce,Kanye,Scott,Tyga all queens!

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