Robert Griffin III Flaunts New Girlfriend…& a Tattoo of Her Name!

robert griffin III new girlfriend

I think we all already knew Robert Griffin III was going to step out with a new Becky after separating from his old Becky….but I didn’t think it would happen this soon!

Just yesterday, it was announced that RG3’s three year marriage to his college sweetheart, Rebecca Liddicoat, was over and done.

The two just celebrated the birth of their daughter Reese last year, but whatever problems they were having caused them to separate from each other a few months ago.

RG3 was apparently all hurt and shook up over his marriage coming to an end…but he must not be that sad, because he’s already balls deep in a new relationship with 23-year-old Estonian-born track and field FSU athlete, Grete Sadeiko!

The two were spotted over the past couple weeks holding hands at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Grete, whose Twitter is now on private, allegedly made some tweets referencing the Browns quarterback as her “baby,” and saying she couldn’t wait for him to come home.

Wait, he’s shacking up with Becky already??!! Oh my….

Oh, and to make things even better, RG3 already has Grete’s name tattooed on his arm.

Smh so damn MESSY!

robert griffin III new girlfriend grete sadeiko


  1. He can easily lazer that off in a month or two when she gets pregnant and decides to call it a day –

    • This isn't the "get pregnant for child support" type of chick. Trust me on this. She's in it for the long haul and the "prestige" of being an NFL wife.

    • ? Well….I was so wrong about this dude & his situation. I swore on the other thread about him that his white wife would be FIRST to enter into a new relationship with another black athlete but it was his simple self who quickly replaced his white wife who just had their baby with a perky new white girl. I suspect it was HE who was cheating & decided he wanted to be single. Let's see how this works out for him….especially if/when he gets cut by his team.

  2. Damn ain't been n official Two weeks and you already wanna be in love you in the process if divorce and you just now wanna sett LM e down quick these some simps looks like every athlete is a simp just like Russell Wilson, Kanye, kobe, jordan, Drake, and plentynothers

  3. Obviously he uses the white women to have an identity (not football) because he is a tall dark skin ugly razorback he needs therapy and to work on his self-esteem males like that don't have the sense to be single.

    This Becky may be too smart to get pregnant but she most definitely will be draining his bank account. Another laughingstock simp.

    • ??????? He is a strange Negroe! It's something about his stride too, he walks funny, and he looks homosexual! Caucasian women can have him, they get our worst anywasy!??????????????

  4. At the end of the day he loves his Beckies and there's nothing wrong with that. We take the piss but let him do him. Hope this one works out for ya Robert ?

    • There's a WHOLE lot wrong with it! YOU may not believe it along with all the other CURSED BLACK men who indulge in it BUT there is definitely something wrong with it. For one thing, THE ALMIGHTY made a specific woman for a BLACK man. He didn't go over to any WHITE DIRT (which there is none) and form that DIRT into a woman for that BLACK man! In other words, you are suppose to stay in your NATION. He made A BLACK woman for that BLACK man specifically! If you don't you will pay for it!

      • #Preach!!! But it seems that there is a loophole these days because the most perverted psychopathic sociopath black males love them some becky. I heard some crazy isht about what these types of black males let becky do to them and what they make becky do. Like sucking farts out of his rusty azz. God spared the Black Woman in this respect. Let him use and then kill beckies when their psychopathic azzez are done with em.

        • Hating on the Beckys! He's a grown man and it's his choice. You can't run your damn lives, let alone that of a wealthy, powerful athlete you don't know.

          • Get over it. This is a gossip page and if a black female ditched one white man for another you can bet damn sure, shat would be spoken. We're GOSSIPING and if he went from one black women to black woman asap we'd be dishing that, too. You don't like this type of gossip? Scram, LOL we aren't changing.

            • @ 1:11 – Thank you Sis… Neanderthals gone wild up in here… We can't even have peace on our own websites, they up our azzez. You'd think they'd be happy with the c00ns they managed to hypnotize – no, that's not enough. I swear, these bitch azz delusional neanderthal h0es!

          • @ Charnice – STFU beyotch! I certainly struck a nerve. Yelping Dog in the corner! Yep, I'm going to hate on a BeckyBitch as long as they use the Media to their UNHOLY advantage to spellbind and stereotype others while they are praised and lauded. That's called the BALANCE in the universe. White females have no problem benefiting from affirmative action, Media constant media propaganda in their favor to the detriment of others and use their white privilege to flaunt a false sense of superiority over other women. So yes, I'm going to do my part in the universe to bring balance… And Oh, how fun it is after a long Power day's work at the office!

            • You just sound jealous even if you are not. What doesn't matter doesn't phase you. If he's unattractive to you, why would you care who he likes?

              You think Charnice is white? lololol

        • What about the whites who love to eat p*ssy and booty and white men are just as much into anal sex

          • @ 13:58 of course CrazyChris! That's neanderthal psycho-sex. They are the ones who spreaded this shit across the planet. The caveBoy loves to f*ck sheep and even dogs the females love f*cking dogs cause they get no attention from their men. (Movie: Sleeping Dogs Lie) and they spread their perversions to the 4 corners of the world and glorify those who partake in it. Our homes and communities were more stable and healthy when we were in tune with the Universal Laws and with earth – the nasty azz caveDogs knew that the more they turned out people out, the less in harmony we'd be with the earth and thus ourselves. Trust me, I know how filthy and profane these edomites these f*ckers are!

        • They will be sent strong delusion and the ones that you see RIGHT NOW are cursed! Just watch them…they are very strange! They are walking around like ZOMBIES! In the lasts days, this is what you will get. The Almighty's word speaks about going after that ABOMINATION( White Women)! That's what they are! If you noticed how strongly the WHITE RACE is pushing the interracial mixing right now and the BLACK man is the one who is targeted more! Look at the advertisements on TV…Black man White woman! Even Malcolm X said that years ago, "The next trap the White man will have, is he will send you his WHITE WOMAN"! God's word "STRONG DELUSION and snares and traps"! WHITE women is only one thing! There will be many others delusions! Don't believe it? To bad!

          • Wah. "Black man targeted" GTOF with that shit. BM are WILLINGLY abandoning their black kids and the black community also known as SELL OUTS. What other race of man PROUDLY abandons his kids?? Only the fatherless black male. And white people have NO RESPECT for those unloyal hoes #onesidedloyaltyisforsuckas

            • Thank you 15:39 There are women here who will jump through all kinds of hoops and tunnels to not make the man to responsible for his choices. It's the coaches, it's the agents, it's the TV commercials.

              NO. It's the men wanting to look like they have made it. Period.

              My ex-husband was a sports agent atty, and trust- he told a client that he would make more money on endorsements if he
              married a nice clean living black woman and it didn't help. He still went with the Playmate type.

      • But love is blind. I used to have that 'only a black man will do' type of personality but then one day I discovered a Jew!! Lol. I left the black guy that I was seeing with the quickness.

        My point is you can't decide who you are going to find yourself attracted to. As long as Robert loves these girls and isn't secretly lusting after a black girl then I don't see a problem.

        The 'Interracial Agender' however is a problem because it is trying to promote IR as the norm – which it is not – but genuine, honest attraction towards someone outside your race is absolutely fine.

        Just my two cents.

        • tbqh when someone (as in robert's case) only "loves" people of a race that isn't theirs, its not just a preference anymore. Its more of a social conditioning based on prejudice.

          • Social conditioning. That is why I said as long as he loves her then that is fine. Some black sports men feel that they have to date white women but would probably date a black chick if they thought they could without negative feedback.

            If you look at a black woman and feel only hatred towards her then yes, that is social conditioning.

        • @Scorpiess, love IS blind and too many bw are dumb as hell, loyal to black males who don't give a S about them. I'm not loyal to bm they're not loyal to me, win-win for everybody.

  5. "The two just celebrated the birth of their daughter Reese last year, but whatever problems they were having caused them to separate from each other a few months ago."
    The problem was most likely his cheating and he expected her to put up with it. The fact that he already had someone lined up explains it. He's an idiot x 2.

  6. I bet my next paycheck any black man who screws around with a white bitch has never read the autobiography of Malcolm X.

  7. Quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from the book Autobiography Of Malcolm X, "The last trick the devil will play on the black man is he will give you his white woman."

    • Is it just the black man that needs to worry about that? In the UK there are some Asian (Indians & Pakistanis) that love white women – look at the boxer Amir Khan. Yes he married an Indian girl but he is always chasing the Beckies too.

      • Well, the Black man because of the Nation of Israelites! The other Nations, it's on them/most worship other GODS! It's not just about black men loving white women there are a WHOLE LOTTA BECKIES that chase THEM BROHTUS, BIG TIME! Let's be real honest about this subject! Those Beckies have been after the BLACK MANDINGO MAN SINCE SLAVERY DAYS! Like I said you may not believe, but there are spirits roaming around and they're not good ones…so those Beckies are locking in..HARD AND HEAVY! Matter of fact, funny story which involves RG and his estrange wife! This is when RG was the DC. He was at the Wizards & Cleveland Basketball game sitting in the front row with his Becky Wife. So, I think at halftime Lebron walked over to RG III, RG III and his Becky stood up, Lebron shook RG III's hand and the TWO of them started talking and laughing, now mind you, LEBRON did not SPEAK TO RG's BECKY AT ALL he didn't even look at her(HA!)BUT LET ME TELL YOU MRS. BECKY RGIII, BROKE HER NECK TO TRY HER BEST TO GET LEBRON'S ATTENTION, I started cracking up in my living room watching it! I said to myself…"BECKY , PLEASE, LEBRON DON'T WANT YOU, HE AIN'T NO FOOL AND HE FEARS GOD, HE HAS HIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEEN AT HOME WITH HIS BEAUTIFUL BLACK KIDS, EVEN IF HE DIDN'T HE STILL WOULDN'T WANT YOU"! But if THAT BECKY COULD have, she would have attempted to CLIMB up all of that 6'8 built like a BLACK KING LEBRON JAMES, if she could! MY point is, those BECKIES are CHASING THOSE BROTHUS DOWN!

        • Yeah some of them are very preditory like in their pursuit of a black sports star.

        • Please black man are not the best lovers so let's be clear about that and the other reason why the white women are chasing them it's because of money…they are not powerful they can't protect their communities they get used by police as target practice no reasonable woman wants that UNLESS have money 100%

  8. Hey – some blacks males hate themselves and see the white man as god. Hopefully his career will end and these hoes will take his money.

    • One Becky already is getting half of his earnings the mother of that ugly baby now this young white girl will be draining his bank account he got sucker written all over his fugly face

  9. Chris Rock once said that Estonian women were the ultimate. And they really don't have the same mentality as the women in this country. They aren't used to much in the former Soviet Union and she's an athlete so at least she has some ambition other than taking duck mouth selfies and pumping up her ass.

    I mean, at least she isn't one of the K's whose name shall not be said on this site.

    • You're kidding. Welp he ought to know he got one knocked up a long time ago he was always coonish.

    • Half of those women over seas, know more than you and Chris Rock think they do! She may not Pump up her butt, lips, boobs, face or hips…or maybe she will(she's with a black man)..but she's seen enough of the US to start wanting to be like them! You never know!

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Grete is a major upgrade from his plain Jane wife?

  11. this is the new slavery in 2016. get a eastern european bitch and put her full government on your forearm. PROPERTY OF USSR, f*ck outt ladies u cant be mad b/c would you perfer him wifing u but then smashing beckies on the side anyway? is it about the ring or the dick?

  12. Them white hoes seem to be this nigga's kryptonite, pretty sure he was freaking the sidechick off all along!

    • I know enough black man who swirl most of them do it to try to get closer to the white man who they really want to have sex with and who they really want to be think about it when you're with the white woman you get to hang out with her and her white friends. Kanye West is a perfect example of a man who uses white women to get white males

  13. In that pic, body language is EVERYTHING, he's cheesing like the house nigga he is, while she's hiding her face in embarrassment…….but it's whatever floats his boat, he has a love for them snow bunnies, hopefully they don't leave him high & damn dry, in other words assed out!

    • Thank you!! He's ugly and the only beautiful thing about him is his wallet. Yeah that blond Becky looks totally embarrassed by him and you know she is going to walk over his back and get an upper-class white man you watch and see what happens. I never saw any pictures of David Bowie looking embarrassed to be with Iman or George Lucas you know the man who created Star Wars he never looks embarrassed to be with his black wife.

      this ugly male is not listening to his advisers I bet they wanted to slap the shit out of him when he got that Becky's name tattooed on his arm

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