NeNe Leakes Owes $824K in Unpaid Taxes, IRS Threatening to Take Everything!

nene leakes irs tax lien
Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes just found out that hard way that if you don’t pay your taxes, the IRS will come knockin’!

According to the Daily Mail, NeNe and her husband Gregg were hit with a tax lien on July 22 in Georgia for $824,366.01 in back taxes for the year 2014.

Just last year, NeNe and Gregg dropped $2 million on a six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 9,511-square-feeet mansion in Duluth, Georgia. But if the couple doesn’t pay up, the IRS is ready to start seizing their assets and their property to collect the debt!


    • Her plastic surgeon .. Ya know it took hrs of precedures to fix her botched peenus nose to a more normal one that would cost in the millions so I see it !

  1. Its probably something she doesnt want to do
    Im not saying she doesnt have bad money habits , its just so weird how all these black stars start off shining , then *poof* , no legacy left
    Mostly in hollyweird
    I know everything is not a conspiracy, but then again is it?
    Its just weird

    • What conspiracy? Everyone has to pay their taxes.
      People seems to forgot Uncle Sam wants his money. Instead of buying expensive bags, pay your taxes and debt..

    • @Sally! Facts boo! Tell it! A lot of Black people are good with money, and know how to balance their finances! I'm one of them! People are really quick to believe, that all Blacks are stoopid, can't count, and refuse to live on a budget! Contrary to popular opinion we've mastered making a dollars out of fifteen cents! White people are now doing what we did in the early 1900's to survive! They follow us everywhere! Nene is being punished, and the tax lien is a warning shot!

      • Yeah, well Nene isn't one of them. You know darn well that there are plenty of people who cannot live within their means. They are all about showing the rest of the world how rich they are when they really aren't. No one should be buying a 3 million dollar house if they can't offer cash or close to all cash. They will always be behind the eight ball. They had a nice house before, but Nene wanted to live among the ATL newly rich white folks up in Duluth, so now they will struggle to meet their note and pay their taxes. I' d rather OWN my own 600K house and have lots of extra funds for travel and other fun things.

        • @Sally! Thanks babee! I really can appreciate your "intelligent" commentary as well! ?????

  2. Nene Leakes is dumb, ignorant and ugly! She played the negative stereotype and hollywood is done with her. She owes a bunch of money to the IRS and she can't pay it off. Oh well, I guess she just has to go to prison like Wesley Snipes.

    • NBA,

      Is this the same Nene who was strutting around proclaiming "she was rich" & "she had Trump money?" She was speaking as if her money was never ending & extremely plentiful. So, now that she's in this $824K ruthless why doesn't she call her dear friend Trump….surely he cares enough to pay her tax debt or at very least call one of his boys at the IRS on her behalf. ?

      And by the way….she's had so much surgical augmentation I didn't recognize her. Not sure if it was for the better or the worse. She doesn't look bad just different.

      • LOL, why doesn't she call Trump, LOL!!

        Black celebs need to take summer courses, online courses and private tutoring in basic money management, taxes, investments. There is no need for this.

        I will say one thing: Black Celebs need to STFU 'bout how "rich" they be. That is putting a target on they back, for real!

      • Reg The only way that Nene has Trump money is if she bent over to pick up a quarter that he dropped at Trump Tower.

        But truth be told, I guarantee that he would float her a few hundred grand if she really was in trouble. I can't stand him, but many people say that he has a bigger heart than you would think. I think he got to really like Nene on his show. I am damn sure that he has done more than anyone can imagine for Omarosa who he adores.

        • Okay Anonymous…
          I'm rolling with you on this . Now, let's see if her "IRS rut goes away" without any news of them taking any of her assets….if she has any!

      • Hell Yeah Sis! As a matter of fact, they just now getting back on the positive side! When season 2 or was it 3, they had already lost their house in a gated community back then. In fact, Greg is a realtor but made bad business moves plus the houses all dropped at an all time low. See Reg, U need to come on my end. I am telling U! U will be shocked at the stuff U will see!

        • When I take my vacation I'm heading your way but you have to cook at least 3 times for me during my stay!!!??????????????????

      • Ms. Reg this is also the same Nene Leakes who posed on the cover of Ebony Magazine with diamonds all around her. I would say she can move to Europe or the Middle East to work as a high paid hooker but Nene is just as ugly as Lil Kim. No man would ever pay a thousand for her. Nene is done. Hollywood will find another ghetto hood rat to replace her.

  3. I wonder if the surgical augmentation she had done to her face will be a tax right off as business deduction?

  4. It could not have happened to a better person! All of that bragging like she's an A-lister, and looking down on other people like she was Oprah, Beyonce, and Angela Basset rolled up into one. She's a big liar, and a walking contradiction. She didn't know that a LOT of people in Hollywood can't even stand her, and avoided her like the plague at the few functions she managed to get in! Kenya Moore has her issues, but at least she paid Detroit public schools the $20,000. It was a dare that NENE challenged her, because NENE was high and mighty and wanted to prove Kenya was broke. Well, Kenya paid it, and this comic book villain hairstyle wearing tramp didn't! That right there shows you the kind of person she is! How you gone renig on something that you yourself suggested???? Karma. How are you gonna rip off some kids while running around proclaiming yourself a rich Bish????

    She breakes her neck to befriend white folks in hollywood, that she thinks can be useful to her 'career.' She can be seen falling all over them laughing, like they so funny, and she's even taken it a step further and wants badly to look like them, hence all the horrific ass surgeries, and she STILL UGLY. Her Manager doesn't even like her, he's just riding the waves. I don't feel sorry for her because she refused to work with several black interior designers here in Atlanta. She went with the white girl who was charging her like $90 a yard for fabric for shit she paid only $5 for. Then the white girl was laughing and telling the black designers how NeNe was just throwing money around and paying for all of that overpriced shit she suggested. But when the black designers pitched her, she complained they were too high. Soooooo…… pay that IRS bill, Boo. She talked about Sheree, Kenya, and Kim's living situation before and put them down. Now the chickens have come home to roost!

  5. She is the reason I stopped watching RHOA and I don't regret it! Life improved when I stopped watching black women fussing and fighting with one another.

    • This right here. That shit is subliminal and is designed to get us hatin' on each other.

    • OMG…can you tell all our sisters that? I refuse to watch ANY of it. I'm still don't understand what is the purpose of "Hollywood Divas." I've only seen the preview a few times & can't figure out why they put 4-5 black women together on a show who don't particularly care for each….and exactly WTF do they do besides fuss, fight & talk bad about each other.

  6. Nene ain't nuthing more than a country bamma who got some fame off 'Housewives', was offered a few side gigs paying more money than she ever dreamed of, got the big head and thought the offers would never stop coming in, so she goes out and buys a huge mansion so she can prove to everyone, she made it, she's RICH, RICH, RICH…………… what??

    • Your comment was great but your screen has me rolling on the floor laughing!!

  7. Nene better sell some of those Christian Louboutins, & those front lace wigs…..
    All jokes aside, she should invested in something that would've kept money in heavy rotation for her, like reality , a boutique or even a restaurant, she could've done it.
    Guess some people aren't business savvy!

  8. She should've took business advice from Tiny & Kandi, I appalled them both, for keeping their money working for them!

  9. Ha ha…NeNe famous words…
    I knew would come back to BITE her Ghetto Ass
    I'm Rich Bitch!!! & I got a Rich White Uncle name SAM!!!LOL
    Spin on that NeNe

  10. Nene…The old fake nose looked like a BIG DICK and the new nose looks like it needs a Purple Pill…

  11. I kno that rich bitch has the money 2 pay after all she said she a rich bitch lmao

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