Kris Jenner Paying Off Tyga’s Debt?

kris jenner tyga debt

Pimp Mama Kris to the rescue!

Tyga is up to his damn neck in bills and legal fees, so according to sources, Kris Jenner has stepped in to quietly settle all of his pending lawsuits.

Insiders says Kylie is ready to walk down the aisle and marry Tyga, but Kris would never approve unless all of Tyga’s debt is paid off.

The rapper owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance companies, the IRS, jewelers and former landlords. Kylie recently got caught up in one of his legal matters because Tyga decided to buy her a $190K Maybach instead of paying a $200K judgement he was ordered to pay his jeweler.

In order to protect her daughter and to make all the suits go away, Kris feels she needs to pay up. Otherwise, Kylie will have to testify about Tyga’s finances and the extravagent gifts he has purchased for her.

“If Kris pays up, the suits go away – otherwise, both he and Kylie will have to testify about his finances. And if they don’t, they could get arrested. Kris isn’t going to let that happen.”

What do you think about Kris putting her cape on to save the day?


  1. Ok seriously what big secrets about this family does tyga have on them cause even Kris Jenner has limits. Like, this doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon!

    • OMG you took the words right out of my mouth I was about to say the same thing he must know something really big for her to be paying all of his bills and to still let her daughter date him I don't know but it's got to be big enough for her to do all of this.

    • Tyga is making her wack daughter relevant.

      Black people can make anything hot including chicks that do nothing. Look at Amber Rose. Tyga is gassing up Kylie's "career." And Kris knows her daughters won't grow the family money, but Tyga and others like him (Kanye) will.

      You can actually say it's somewhat positive because he's gassing them up and he benefits instead of making someone else millions in exchange for a car or clothes.

    • looks like tyga is f*cking kris too.

      why else would she pay off his debts looks like tyga got it made he f*cking the mom and daughter.

      no wonder game bragged bout f*cking them recently.

  2. Why does everyone think that Tyga is blackmailing Kris?

    That dumb daughter is very young and immature and she thinks that she is madly in love with him. Tyga should waste no time in making it legal before Kylie realizes that there are many many men who can throw a good f*ck at her.

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