Soulja Boy Fired from LHHH for Threatening Nia Riley W/Gun?

soulja boy fired love hip hop nia riley gun

Soulja Boy wants everyone to believe it was his decision to quit Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but sources are claiming he was actually fired.

After tweeting that he quit the show to protect his brand, the show’s executive producer, Mona Scott Young, fired back with this message:

But no one really knew why Soulja was fired until now. According to sources, the rapper was tossed from the show after threatening his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley with a gun.

The video, which was filmed in August, shows Soulja pulling out a gun and waving it at the camera while saying, “F*** you and f*** Nia Riley.” Soulja was reportedly livid that Nia had moved on and was dating rapper Skrill Dilly (Who? yeah, we have no clue either.)

After pulling this stunt, producers took the threat seriously, and they severed ties with the rapper immediately.

“That’s not the brand that VH1 nor the franchise wants to have. They had to fire him. If anything had happened to Nia, they would have felt partially responsible for not intervening.”

Do you think Soulja will be missed from the show?


  1. To tell you the truth I didn't even know he was still on it so that's my answer.

  2. I don't even watch this show but I bet money Teddy Riley made a call after hearing about this. Soulja Brat may want to take his "big ass brand" somewhere & sit down quietly for a little while.?

    • I didnt even know Soulja boy had a brand, I mean seriously who listens to Soulja boy these days? wasnt he called out some time ago for flexing fake money on instragram? smh Negroe please, he got no brand to be worrying about.. Negroe always acting like he rich when his asss aint even on that level, him and Bow Wow need to sit their emotional assses down some where.

      • Mike,
        You ALWAYS say things better than I do. I swear I was "trying to be nice" but you told the way it really is with NO chaser!!!?

  3. That nigga need to put on that superman cape and Uuuu his ass into a therapist office…

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