Dr. Dre & Ice Cube Cleared in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

dr dre ice cube wrongful death

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have just been cleared from any responsibility for the hit-and-run accident committed by Suge Knight in January 2015.

Terry Carter’s family filed a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit against Dre, Cube and Suge Knight after Suge ran over Carter at a fast food restaurant near the set of “Straight Outta Compton.” Carter was killed and two other men were injured after the accident.

A judge just decided Cube and Dre couldn’t be held responsible for Carter’s death even though they were on set at the time the incident occurred.

Suge’s wrongful death suit is still pending, and he’s still facing murder charges.


  1. $ talks, bullshit walks. No surprise about the outcome

  2. Well naturally they couldn't be held responsible since their not the one's who were in the car acting like it was a game of grand theft auto. That's just the logical outcome. The way this article comes off made it seem like they had actually did some shit. Plus the two dudes that were killed weren't eve supposed to be on the set in the first place.

  3. And the man he actually killed was his friend and a good man known throughout the community. He was there to talk to suge and calm his hothead ass down.

    The other dude who was swinging on suge was the cause of suge losing his cool, being a dumbass and killing Terry.

    The main reason Terry was there was to squash the beef between suge and them and his death was the result. Granted suge was the one who actually did it, but Terry would not have been there if there was no beef in the first place.

    The family lost a father, son, provider and the community lost a leader. Sad any way you look at it.

  4. My first sentence was…

    This shit did not happen on any movie set, it happened at a fast food joint.

  5. if only dre and cube put that unreleased album out they made in 94.

    the original u cant c me is on there before dre took off his and cubes verses was taken out and put pac on there.

    dogg pound made a version of u cant c me too in 95.

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