Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble’s PR Relationship Exposed

corey gamble kris jenner relationship pr stuntIs this the end of the Kardashian empire? All of the klan’s dirty little secrets are slowly being exposed. It all started with Ray J airing out Kim K’s stank puss, then it was revealed that Kris Jenner was the one who leaked Kim and Ray J’s sex tape, and now, Kris’ relationship with Corey Gamble has been put in the hot seat.

Corey and Kris have been “a couple” for more than a year, and despite all the gay and bisexual allegations, Kris is holding on tight to her man…or so it appears. Corey’s ex has already warned Kris about his stalking azz and social climbing ways. But you know Pimp Mama K always has the upper hand in these types of situations.

Page Six now claims Kris and Corey’s relationship is nothing more than a PR stunt. Kris likes Corey because he “worships” her and puts it down in the bedroom! But as for now, he’s simply an employee who’s on the payroll to protect the Kardashians and Jenners.

“Corey’s given a stipend [by Kris] to help look after her kids and make sure they are OK when they go out. He’s essentially an employee. Kris keeps him around because he worships the ground she walks on,” continued the source. “She also can’t complain about what goes on behind closed doors and is super satisfied in that sense. Their arrangement has become more of a publicity stunt and a ‘trade’ at this point,” continued the source. They aren’t really in love and there isn’t much longevity. Everyone is just waiting for Kris to clip it,”

Is anyone really surprised?


  1. Sorry but that dude looks GAY as all ourdoors.
    The only thing he could possibly want from KJ is cash and conversation.

  2. You are full of shit. Why didn't you post this from Page Six?

    "But another source insists Gamble does not receive a stipend from his older girlfriend and spends time with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters because he enjoys being with them. “They are in a real relationship and there is no compensation that keeps him around,” the source said".

    Two weeks ago, paparazzi asked Kris about the rumor (video):

    Sorry, I don't believe the rumor. Corey is just as wealthy. Just because no ones heard of him and his line of work you instantly think he is working for Kris.

  3. Well @Drake, you are caught up in your feelings about a dumb post?
    LOLLLLL okay honey!

      • @Drake, cool your jets & don't get too upset…
        Tabloids create fake stories ALL THE DAMN TIME & other rags pick them up & run with them matter it there's an ounce of truth or not. It's been that way since it inception of "the entertainment business." It's just at an all time high nowadays sad to say.

  4. that dude gay as hell got me wondering is kris really a kristopher 2 in a row (Bruce aka Caitlyn and then this one) maybe more for all we know

  5. Put me on the payroll Kris. Shiiiiiiiit i'd keep you and all of your daughter's satisfied

  6. This is some sick shut man I can't stand this family for give me but I can't wait to they are all done for when is their time up Satan come get your sick family off this earth I wish Robert sr never even met that Oj.

  7. PS that man is gay no straight man takes pictures like that Drake you mad what he used to call you on your cell phone

  8. I guess this gay dude follows Kanye during his "sexcapades" in Paris (France) where he is ALWAYS spotted at a gay club called "Le Dépot" located in the gay area of Paris !

  9. Lets get him a sundress and a parasol so he can just sashey his pretty little self around the town square.

  10. Corey make that money, Kris is a sneaky bytch, she probably has another nicca on the side, sooner or later she will dump Corey.

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