Got Social Media Relevancy? Enter Jacky Jasper’s “Meet The Blacks” Contest!

HSK Jacky Jasper Meet The Blacks Contest

HSK Exclusive — Jacky Jasper has a pair of tickets to the red carpet movie premiere of Mike Epps’ comedy film Meet The Blacks, and … those tickets could be yours! Simply show out as the social media socialite winner of HSK’s #JackyJasperMeetTheBlacksContest — by bringing the most hashtags to the table as the contestant who tells highest number of social media friends about this year’s funniest movie! #JackyJasper #MeetTheBlacks #JackyJasperMeetsTheBlacksContest

Contestants must #meettheblacks & #jackyjasper to all of their friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, Blogs and any other outlets to alert movie goers about the 2016 soon to be cult classic, Meet The Blacks premiering on Friday, April 1st.

Check the Word From Jacky:

The winner of the contest will be the person who passed on the word the most & can prove it.

The WINNER of the CONTEST will also have a chance to appear in the movie sequel “Meet The Blacks 2”!

Let’s Go!!!!


  1. #didjackieinvestmoneyintothismovieandistryingtosellticketsandgetblackfolksintothetheatre #wherecanIgetacouponforthismovie

  2. i done had it up to my eyelids with overly-hyped coonery-acting in black movies. they try too damn hard to be hilarious in movies like this, which makes it a total bore, let along predictable. won't be seeing this period.

  3. the movie aint gonna do that good. for starters, Mike Epps' ass in it, and he aint funny when he's the leading man or co-star. he semi-funny or barely funny when he's just a supporting actor. gonna be wack. next….

  4. Is it just me or is Jacky is making this typical satanic sign with his fingers ?…?
    He's promoting some hollyweird movie which is quite unusual for someone supposed to expose the satanic entertainment industry…
    Has Jacky been threatened or something ?

  5. Well wait a minute…WTF ever won the tickets to this whack-ass movie?
    Wasn't it a contest???

  6. Jacky, did ANYBODY ever win the tickets?
    If so, WHO was it mane?
    You NEVER made any kind of announcement….

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