Uncle Murda Using K. Michelle’s Stank Pu**y to Sell Records!

uncle murda k michelle stank vagina

Uncle Murda continues to drag K. Michelle’s name, and her funky puzzy, through the mud. Last February, Murda revealed the truth about K’s funky odor, and he still won’t drop the subject!

Maino and Murda stopped by The Breakfast Club radio show to talk about their Yellow Tape King Kong And Godzilla mixtape. Angela Yee asked Murda about the previous comments he made about K. Michelle, and that’s when Murda decided to go in once again:

“She got that stink coochie, I call it the K. Michelle sometimes I just speak what’s on my mind. I know people who did certain things with her. My man said it was not right,” ~ Uncle Murda

Murda wouldn’t name any of the guys that had complaints about the smell emitting from between K’s legs, but he said one of the victims will be featured on a mixtape with Maino.

Once K heard the news about her rancid va-jay-jay making headlines once again, she had this to say:

uncle murda k michelle stank vagina

Murda said even though he knows K’s rep for being foul down under, he would still hit it! Peep the interview:



  1. So he decides to tell all about her odorous V. Yet he wouldn't mind having sex her. This man is nasty and just needs to go away.

    • FM&AG4ever…you said he needs to go away but some of us are wondering WTF is he and why.
      After you help us get to that point please, by all means…send his ass somewhere.
      He doesn't appear to be a gentleman of any sort.

    • Shame on you Chris…
      YOU know damn well "washing" isn't always the issue & might not fix the problem!!!!!

    • She got to soak that foul kitty in a bath with baking soda…I had to tell this latina that one time and she got mad…but that kitty odor wasn't right just like K.'s.

  2. The only way he had to know about it unless he tested himself. But according to K, she claimed he didn't. Why would a dude talk about somebody p*ssy without hitting it?

  3. Jacky!!!

    Will you please pause on talking about women's vaginal issues & talk about the MEN who got the dirty schlongs?? Women aren't the only one's who can smell, talk about those mens in Hollyweird. For real, the little BOYS who are going around saying this are not gentlemen, & a real MAN would talk about any issues privately with the lady. But again, tell on the mens….. Be Fair!!!

  4. K. Michelle needs to sue the FUCK out of both these BROKE BASTARDS and have the courts muzzle them or they should give her some of the sales money since they need her to be relevant. I can't stand no f*ck bois. Even if she does stink it says more about them than her since they still hit.

  5. These are men? Sitting, giggling, Gossiping, lying on a woman they don't know? Is this life? ????

  6. K check your vagina too many dudes say she stink this might be why memphitz beat her

  7. Usually "thick" women have those fould kitty's because the kitty gets no air between their big legs AND they don't soak it in baths….

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