Kim Slams Jay Z & Beyonce For Copying Kanye!


Kim K would have you believe that if it weren’t for Kanye… Jay and Bey would have never come up with the idea to get their masks on for their ‘On The Run’ tour.

“Kim pointed out that her man was seen out in the garment long before Jay Z and Beyonc√© thought to wear it.”

That’s the word after she took to IG with this TBT post:



  1. And some old Jhew told Kanye to wear the mask.. stop claiming stupid stuff and calling ppl copycats!

    Buncha ppl who never had an original thought in any of their peasy lil minds

    • And some old Jhew told Kanye to wear the mask..

      WAS that during the anal bopping or just because?


  2. Beyonce and jay z are doing it for the tour it kind makes for a good act. But Kim and Kayne are doing it because they are dumb do the world a big FAV and put a mask on to cover both of your faces thank you.

    • Every time they play gold digger on the radio I be like damn he seen his future she walking. Around looking like Michael with your money lol.

  3. Yeah, they’re such cool style icons. Hoodlums have only been wearing masks and bandanas across their faces forever now. So dumb. None of these artists today are original.

  4. It’s no secret that Khourtney and Scott are racists. Just look at the strained look on Scott’s face. They had to persuade him to even pose with Kanye.

  5. The original folks who invented the cover up is these ugly ass folks that U creep on the low low with! Lmao! U know brown paper bag indenial ashamed to be with type. Lmao! Hell, I had been at least with two on the low low! Lmao!

    • Don’t forget that Kanye is the creator of leather jogging pants that he gave to Fendi and they rejected like a reputable fashion house. Lol

  6. Kim needs to sit her fake and nasty behind down. She has no place to talk. Maybe she’s still mad that Jay and Bey didnt attend her wedding. Stop being jealous and let Kanye speak for himself.

  7. Why don’t you put up a throw back thursday pic of your original @ss so we can all see who you’re trying to look like Kim. I know you’re lurking because that is what you do best. Did you architect (Kanye’s favorite word) the golden shower.. dry snatch.. reconstructed noses.. escorting/prostitution.. popping pills.. incest.. etc.. etc.

    Planting stories in the media about people who refuse to bow down to you and your bottom feeding family is not going to raise your status you thirsty b*tch. All you do is attempt to capitalize off of someone else’s connections/success and you’re mad because the Carter’s aren’t as gullible as Kanye’s psychotic @ss. FOH and go spend some time with your child and get to know her a little better, instead of stalking Beyonce and Jay Z.

  8. Misa, Kim, J-Lo, and Cassie all had Diddy before KJ got a sample.. so what does that make your mother Kim. #ThrowBackThot #PMK #CultureVulture

  9. So Kim overlooked all the other times the Carters copied. Damn it’s 2014 and she’s just now realizing it.

  10. Miss Kimmy Needs To Do Her Research Because Micheal Jackson Worn One Back In 2002!!! His Children Was Even Wearing It Awell

    Kanye Is Laughing Stock Thanks To The Kardashian. Black Men Ever Boasting About Your White Women!!

    • Thank you! All of these no talent hacks strive desperately to achieve Michael Jackson level fame. Please believe that if MJ was still alive, Beyonce would be dust in the wind. Hell, if Aaliyah was alive, many of these one-name R&B singers wouldn’t exist.

      MJ is the only artist I can recall who covered his face and his children’s faces as a means of preserving their privacy and anonymity. The 4 nothings picture above need to vanish, pronto.

      • Thank u — some folks like yoyrself and a few other
        call a spade a spade—no tea no shade
        Not one of these so call pop/soul/rap ain’t shit but theives 90%
        can’t sing with autotune or a mini Fij ..l
        I m white English not good but
        Soul music, rock roll they were all stars ugly no dancing, but they could
        Sing there tales off n the band of live music men’s
        Awwww they all steal from the old originals artist
        They we aw no good beauty only no talent

        • Thank you. These people are thieves. They are copying what artists who were famous before they were have done. Beyonce’s choreography is often copied from obscure or older artists from the ’60s and ’70s whom her younger fans know nothing about.

          Kim Kardashian is obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor. She aspires to be Elizabeth Taylor so desperately. The sad fact is, when Dame Elizabeth died, her last tweet was to Kim. Kim had just done a Cleopatra photo shoot for a magazine that Dame Elizabeth complimented.

          • I no whkit u meana— those all jammy was All What brought us together of ALL RACES..they the young thugs are disgusting—sampling, my white arse..
            I love all mucus – I don’t like all music— but the beat the live band n a ugly jerk pimmy face—–HE OUR STAR–bee he can actually SING N THE BAND ITS OH SO MANI. WOULFUL
            SOUL HAS NO COLIR—IT WHAT U URSELF FEEL INSIDE N WHAT nk u tickiev. HAPPY TO BE A LOVER OF ALL THE OKD JANS FRON ALL THE SOUK SIS N BROT awwwwanerica we are so fournate___u pop have the best of everything n can still do—thru MUSIC —what was befor the old dumb wolfs that see dollar bilks,.. That’s why I still go to live oldies concerts.

      • when mj was alive he wasn’t that popular musically anymore his last album invincible didn’t do too well.

        beyonce would have made it whether liyah lived or died.

        if aaliyah would have lived she would probably be a has been by now.

        • I doubt Aaliyah would have been a has been
          She had that “it” factor and great ambition and a great drive. I believe she would have ended up with a great white man who could have helped further her career

          • 13:31:

            Aaliyah had great ambition, great drive, she was beautiful, her style was unique and unlike most singers, she could dance. Aaliyah was sexy without being overtly sexual. That’s where I feel she truly would’ve stood out in the crowd. I agree with you.

  11. Wow! Her man is on the low low, and, she’s pissed off about Jay and Bey wearing ski masks for their tour. Misplaced priorities shall we say? Kim is the wannabe in the quad, so, she should be the most humble of them all…Yeah! Right! When Chickens Actually Fly Over My Head. Got all she wanted, but still unhappy and bitter…Kanye Blues!!!

    • when white women dated/marry black men. white women think their all that but their not!!
      kimmy cake needs to shut her cake hole kanye west is losing it

  12. A white plastic surgery addicted WHORE with a TRICK BABY married to a down low trick trying to diss a Black married couple? HOE SIT DOWN ON YOUR FAKE ASS.

    • Well Kim was technically trickin’ when she started fn Kanye because she was still married to Kris Humphries when her child was conceived; and she wasn’t married to Kanye when her child was born. Hence.. TRICK BABY. Kim was trickin’ to speed up her divorce.. trickin’ to trap Kanye.. trickin’ to secure her future.. trickin’ to put her family on the map.. etc.. etc.

    • @AnonyMOUSE 20:13 – I rebuke you ignorant DAMN STAN.

      G T F O I don’t bow down to white sex workers or the down low sambos that marry therm and least of all YOU!

      Sipping merlot.

        • I’m sure you’re surrounded by bottles. Keep going, you may just figure YOU out. Go figure!

        • LOL poor weaklings get all in their feelings when they can’t control grown free thinkers what next I’m a republican great way to get of topic and speaking of

          Kim is a plastic surgery addicted former/current sex worker she had a trick baby with a down low nitwit the whole thing is gonna blow up in Kanye’s face this legacy is garbage. He’ll be pimping out the TRICK BABY selling kids clothes to low self esteem sambos like YOU poor anonyMOUSE

          • No poor you! Kim is getting paid. Don’t hate, Kanye could have chose a box built flat chest wench, but no he chose her. Remember these people could whomever they want.

            • @THEE 1 KIM should save ALL of her earings as her star is starting to fade! Who has made her famous? Misinformed people! Trust me that family preys on weak low self esteemed black men! Look at Lamar broke DOWN and Kanye is right behind him.

          • OK you are boring me now. And you know you’re sad and boring staning for a whore, trick baby and down low sambo.

          • By the way you should Neva talk about anyone’s child. Nori’s beautiful and who knows who she may become one day. To say she is a trick is uncalled for. She’s an innocent baby. Kim and Kanye can orchestrate a million things to happen on their own, but nori is blessing from God.

          • What makes her a whore. She did a sex tape with boyfriend. I have one with my bf and that doesn’t make me one. Also it’s not like she was having one night stands, they wifed her.

          • Anon:

            Poor YOU, defending a prostitute. Go defend the honor of a woman who is actually honorable. Kim is void of decency and moral character. A whore gets pregnant by another man when she is already married. Common sense and respect dictate that you end one relationship before you move on to the next.

            However much money that hooker makes, it isn’t yours, so why are you counting her coin? Make your own money and make your own prayerfully positive contribution to the world and stop defending human semen receptacles.

          • @Anon 23:33

            Kim is a box built flat chested wench underneath all that silicone and redistributed fat.. we all remember what she looked like before the ongoing surgeries. She has damaged her facial nerves beyond repair with fillers and botox. She has damaged her brain with all of those prescriptions and recreational substances. She damaged her child by jet setting all around the globe while pregnant and squeezing her swole @ss in all of those smeduim outfits… then had her extracted early so she could get back to her life. Nobody wants Kim’s worn out dried up snatch… or Kanye’s psychotic nursery rhyming @ss. And by the way.. her fabricated net worth needs to be recalculated unless she’s counting the money being funneled through KJ’s tax shelter/church and what’s hidden in those off shore accounts. Fk Kim’s superficial, gold digging, fame whoring, lamb chop looking @ss.

          • Kim is Jessica rabbit. I don’t care what she has the girl is pretty. If she wasn’t her fan base wouldn’t be so big. Remember the world made her a star. And that is why her name is rolling off your tongue. Goodnight

          • @ 00:29

            Kim is not pretty.. she has the same generic plastic surgery look as every other pale faced reality show personality with a tan. She doesn’t have a fan base… she has people on her payroll including several tabloids and media outlets who continue to shove her manufactured bs down everyone’s throats. The world didnt make her a star.. Kim and the rest of the Kardashians/Jenners along with E! pays for publicity. There’s a BIG difference. They want to portray an illusion and hope that everyone jumps on the bandwagon. When that doesn’t happen.. people like you show up attempting to contain the bad press and negativity. I don’t care how much spinning you do… Kim is a certified slutbag just like her mother and siblings… It runs in the family.

  13. The older she gets the less clothes I’m seeing on wewontsay. Sick of hearing and speaking her name. Jay tell yo women to put her cloths back on. And jay tell yourself your neally 50 and white collar.

    • Thank you. It is always a joy to encounter someone who gets it. It is a pleasure reading comments from a non-lemming. Thank you again.

      • I know, right? Its like the MATRIX up in here some get it the others are lost in the mire of having a conquered mind.

        • That’s because it is easier for most people to be in awe of others than to actually be achievers. WTF has this bitch done but fake suck and poorly f*ck a bunch of Black dicks? All of these photo shoots that no one ever sees and these endorsements that no one knows about… It’s just sad. The Kardashians are toxic to sponsors and for some unknown reason, people dismiss that. Who bought that bullshit they sold at Sears? Their debit cards never came to be. Famous Cupcakes opened and closed. No one bought their Sugar Factory couture lollipops. As a matter of fact, you never see any of the products they allegedly endorse on their show. But I’m zzzzzzz.

        • The Kim and Kanye Vogue cover cost Vogue subscribers. It was one of their worst selling issues. All 3 of the Kardashian sisters spend a fortune on Christian Louboutin shoes. Have they met the man? No designers align themselves with Kim. She is an outcast in the fashion world. If not for Kanye trying to force her down people’s throats and Anna Wintour calling in favors for wedding dresses, bitch would’ve walked down the aisle for the 50-11th time in a David’s Bridal gown.

          When people stan for her, I’m wondering wtf they’re stanning for? She has a fake ass, fake breasts, fake hair, a heavily botoxed face, a bad body that she spent a lot of money on… She has been passed around more than a blunt at a reggae concert. Where is there allure in that? Who wants to be like her?

          • She’s all those things and black men still love her. If she divorced Kanye today niggas would be lined up for a chance to wife her. She is the new Elizabeth Taylor/ Marilyn Monroe.

            • Black men don’t love her, they want to f*ck her. Females like you really need to discern between love and sex. A man can screw you seven ways until Sunday, because a penis doesn’t have a conscience. That doesn’t constitute love.

              Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are dead. You just spoke death upon your idol. Elizabeth Taylor never would’ve made a public spectacle of herself as Kim has done. Seven or eight marriages aside, Elizabeth Taylor was a class act. Kim is an ass act.

            • Your mentality, or lack thereof, is also the reason why the Black community is plagued by single mothers rather than wives. Mistaking sex for love and falsely assuming a man respects you because he has sex with you is a fatal mistake. Someone taught you incorrectly or they never taught you at all.

            • I have no idols. Think of all the black men she has been with, they all either put a ring on it or wanted to. Elizabeth Taylor was actually worst. She slept with every man in Hollywood including Micheal Jackson’s monkey Bubbles.

            • The reason so many single mothers have children out of wedlock is because their is loads of half raised men, who run around impregnating whatever hole is open.

            • Please stop holding other people accountable for someone spreading theirs legs and getting pregnant. Are you stupid? These deadbeats run game. Look at the sister wives then you will realize just how weak ,dumb and manipulated women can be.

            • Shittttttt!!! U told U that lie?! I’m built wayyyyy better than Kim and I am all NATURAL!!!!

            • What she really has in common with Liz and Marilyn is she is MK ultra. As for black men loving her, its less that and more that they hate themselves. Plus their memories are story, they forget she f*cked and 80 year old Austrian for a half mil and took her baby along for the trip. Self hating Blk men will always have sex and sponsor her. But no one with self respect is every going to marry her because she’s a prostitute that got pissed on on film. Also she’s been replaced already. Time for kendell and Kylie to step into her hoe boots….

            • ET and MM had terrible and short lived marriages. Just because they were from a different era, one in which class was important, doesn’t mean they were not thought of as ho’s, ask, or better yet, read up on JFK and his brother, and the things they said about MM.

      • Love ur posts B.!!!! Elizabeth Taylor had a actual talent and was a respected actress from childhood up to adult years besides having NATURAL beauty……Monroe couldn’t act and slept w/ the right people to give her jobs but her acting skills were not respected her over the top sexuality etc was her bread and butter dying young/mysteriously helps too if you have no talent…..

        I hate this about the world but people treat good looks like its a “talent” or “entitlement”. both draya and Kim k are passed around,narcisstic, thirsty gold digging plastic surgery disease infested whores.

        I’m also convinced that the people who Stan for these non talents are some combo of damage control or people that are dim wit/golddiggers themselves who want to learn how to be a ho……or are delusional and think if they buy their products or copy them in clothes or weaves etc that they too will magically be tricked on, screwed/pissed on by many men and get their own dysfunctional reality show.

        no self respecting person black or white wife’s hos. especially if your not from poverty or severely abused, there is something mentally wrong or extremely desperate/insecure if you are a sperm receptacle just for attention.

        Reggie didn’t wife her…ray j didn’t wife her….kanye probably only wifed her because he’s DL/colorstruck/needs money from all his failed and over the top b.s. fashion things.

        Honestly look at the calibur of men that deal w/ her anyways! Whites won’t touch her at all even undesired or dlist level….only the segment of black men that fetishsize skin tones lighter than their own or interracial stuff.

        When someone of Denzel’s calibur/star power, or an intellectual like Neil Degrasse Tyson, start begging for marriage then come with the claims about being “wifed” …. Kris humphries was money/TV thirsty, the old ass Damon Thomas guy was a old trick who paid for the body….are their lines behind either of these guys? At best these guys are punchlines at worst colors truck/thirsty for attention tricks!

        Again glad to see some people see behind obvious illusions and non talent hacks who either suck/f*ck their way to gossip rags, or constantly have to pay people w/ talent for photo ops, or pay for magazine covers since they have NO TALENT…

        Thank you Paris Hilton for starting all this no talent nasaly voiced attention whoring shit!

        • there was one movie I tried years ago…not because she was in it but because I was bored and it was like she was reading cue cards in a high pitched monotone ditzy voice. I later saw part of the misfits and it was a slight improvement imho but its not very difficult to improve if a movie or movie role was written for one specifically. This was for her by husband Arthur miller who she was cheating on.

          If I want to see comedic actresses I prefer them to actually be funny and not rely on dumb & attractive, cliche sexual innuendos or dumb & blonde stereotypical jokes..

          If I get the chance and it happens to be on I’ll give it another go, but even in the looks department I really don’t see the big deal. People just seem to make a big deal over the first in something.
          Yeah she’s marketed as the first blonde, drug addled, slept her way to movie roles/gigs w/o talent.
          The 90’s version Pamela Anderson….Hollywood/entertainment/media just reuse old formulas for new generations to indoctrinate what is attractive, women to be sexually submissive, obsessed w/ looks/youth but its way out of hand now since reality TV is a lot cheaper than paying real actors/entertainers and usually the people on reality t.v. or fake “leaking” sex tapes are desperate for attention, money and will do anything.

          She had surgery too, she’s a bottle blonde. I’m in no ways saying she’s ugly but I rather look at someone average looking that is natural and has symmetry VS someone who relies on surgery/makeup/ 24/7 to make them appear one way on TV/movies because most people on television at the very least facially dont look like that in real life. If you come across them in person it just looks like pounds of makeup and stretched out skin. Which I find unappealing.

  14. Looks like someone(s) is masking another simplex outbreak with pretension and fashion. In the spirit of sunglasses to a coke high or black eye…

    • NI:

      The Bajan goat used to do that to cover up her clusters of cold sores around her mouth. Instead of masks, she’d use pocketbooks. That’s one of the many reasons why I will never understand how any man who doesn’t have herpes would want her.

      • me too!!!! people act like herpes is only cosmetic like having acne or something. People treating STDs so casually is why they mutate and create even bigger health hazards then they initially started w/. the Stans should do a simple Google check there are plenty of pictures where u see disgusting big blistering herpes sores…its gross but I guess stans think its cute.

        • Yes!!! re: the mutations. People fail to realize how STDs, even curable STDs, suppress your immune system and make yourself more susceptible to HIV/AIDS. And they also don’t realize how many people have HIV/AIDS paired with cancer, herpes, etc. Herpes can cause blindness if you rub your eyes and you’ve come in contact with an infected area. It’s not a game.

          Stories like this is the reason why I still post here. If I can disseminate the slightest bit of info that will bless someone, I will.

  15. By the way, the majority of people you see on TV has work done. Hers is just obvious. Angelina Jolie, Cameron D, Jessica Biel and so on. Don’t just bust her out. Talk about them all

    • We’re on a thread re: Kim K. This thread has nothing to do with the aforementioned people. Nice try.

    • Why put them all on blast when Kim is the one taking X-rays of her manufactured @ss claiming its real. Kim is the one who cant resist a photoshopped selfie with a new face every other week. Kim has morphed into a disfigured mess right before our eyes and you want to talk about someone else. Tell Kim to sit her reconstructed @ss down somewhere and stop comparing herself to real celebrities/talent… then maybe she wouldn’t get so much backlash.

    • many people famous and non famous get plastic surgery….the difference is not all of them are attention seeking TALENTLES/social climbing/void of human decency whores who pretend their paid for a$$ets are real and target the only demographic that will trick on them…dumb ass-thirsty-color fetishizing d level black men.

      someone come w/ a real response like what is she good at? She’s better at giving stds then head!!!

  16. what makes kim a whore lewts see.

    making sex tape putting it out 4 the world to see and getting paid off it like professional whores do.

    lets see dating lots of men, marrying one cheating on her hubby getting pregnant by him marrying someone else.

  17. amusing to read po azz niqqas commenting on what rich folks do . and BTW all women are whores some make money others get a happy meal

    • Then I guess all men are bum bed wenches look how many bastard kids most BM have. Your logic sucks.

    • @ knutz
      all women are whores huh?????? That also includes your mother dumbass.

      • Of course his mother is a whore and thats why he’s bitter and down low. His mama’s boyfriend touched him that stuff is rampant.

    • @knutz…….your screen name says it all. Of course you think all womeen are whores if all you do is go around busting nuts in those prostitutes you pay for. No real woman would have sex with such a neanderthal such as yourself without getting the money up front.

  18. @Anon 11:47: That was some good hot tea! Tell me more! Looks like you are on the inside, so keep taking notes!

  19. shut the fuk up

    jay z is a thief by his own admission

    jay z is no where near as artistic or flamboyant as kanye. He may be good with words but has no style what so ever

    jay said himself u got to take from others and garnish it with your own brand

    jay stole flows from all on rocafella and never really saw worth in kanye as a rapper while both were at rocafella

  20. if liz was a young girl right now she would probsaly do a sex tape.

    no difference if your business is well known its well known.

    liz and liza tried to bang Michael Jackson but we know why that never happened.

  21. kanye west is a hot mess every since he got with kim he’s career and reputation have suffered. when kim dumps kanye we know
    the trashian are gonna play him like a piano he should of taken his own advice he married a gold digger than got the duck lips
    pregnant i mean he got a married women pregnant not a look kanye no morals!!.

    the trashian are poison everything their touch turns to shyt their ruin careers. lamar is example their used his fame off/on the basket ball court
    kris jenner is on some mother programming shyt

    1, both Lamar and Kanye’s mothers are died
    2, they tell Kris their life stories and secrets!!
    3, she befriends them (sort of like a mother figure) because she wants them to trust her (big mistake)
    4, why wasn’t she nice to Kris Humphrey because his mother is still around!!!!!!

    you see what she did to Lamar she feed fake stories to the tabloid!!! Kanye needs to wake up

  22. I just really wish they would ALL disappear! Especially Kim “attention white” Kardashian!!!!!!! Please

  23. Planes are missing, others are falling from the sky, others are being shot at, poor schoolgirls still missing, innocent kids being killed in Gaza and Rubberface Kim has the time to whine about stupid facemasks?? Rich people and their problems, how i would love to have these “celeb” problems.

  24. Planes are missing, others are falling from the sky, others are being shot at, poor schoolgirls still missing, innocent kids being killed in Gaza and Rubberface Kim has the time to whine about stupid masks?? Rich people and their problems, how i would love to have these “celeb” problems.

  25. Shit Kanye is still in the spotlight because of Kim. Kanye ugly as hell, gay, big ass head, chipmunk jaws…stop going in on Kim, she’s the prize, she’s doing his gay ass a favor by being his human mannequin, and incubator.

  26. Why did this even get any coverage? The topic and what she’s talking about is so f*cking stupid.. that it didn’t even deserve to be a topic..

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