Woman Calls Out Lennox Lewis: “I caught him in the act with a muscular Black man”


HSK Exclusive – A woman has surfaced to spill some shocking details that could confirm Lennox Lewis has long been living on the DL! She says she had no idea the boxing champ “was into guys” until she allegedly saw it for her own eyes.

We’re told her discovery happened “back in the day” inside a suite of NYC’s Trump Towers.

According to the anonymous female… she first hooked up with Lewis at a New Jersey bar. She tells us… he brought her back to his spizz, where she reportedly served him up with a professional. “I wanted to have sex,” said the woman. “But he only wanted me to go down on him.”

Dig the drop:

“The next morning, he gave me some cash to go shopping. I finished early that afternoon because I wanted to go back his place to have sex. When I got back, I caught him in the act with a muscular Black man who later told me his name was Fubu.”


    • Thank u
      Shita I thought that he/we knew he was hi sexual —-himself around men 24hr x 4-6 months.. Comonsonny do the math…LOL
      Bur I wish this site would out some of my white folks nasty arse secrets
      Lets ooiwwwww on ALL NOT JUST AA
      sorry I might get band, but this site in itself is RACIST..

      • I don’t have any kno of tose —I not here to caught a battle of knowledge —
        Cause u dumb ass would never win… Read NIGA READ
        I dint say, JACKY —-call out other nigga ((WHITE))) that’s all
        U the resin ppl sill HATING —U dummy can’t comphrne (understand content of talking). DONT START NO SHIT N IM JUST HERE TO HAVE FUN TOO

      • Anon:

        It’s Me is saying he wishes HSK would air white people’s dirty laundry. He is a white foreigner, and even he sees how biased this site is as it pertains to Black people. I love Jacky, but he rarely posts threads about non-Black celebs. I have to agree with It’s Me.

        • It’s nit bias its lack of interest . Every now and then the writer here tries to post a white interest article and they typically get ignored. Remember those dirty Diana stories? Only way folks here want to read about whites is as pertains to our culture….like Iffy or Kim. Maybe robin thicke. It’s not bias its a niche

            • That Charlie Sheen story that Jacky posted a few weeks ago received more hits than most of his threads, but I’m sleep. The real controversies like with what the white entertainers are doing. The real Jacky would be airing out folks like Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and the like. If folks really knew how Julia Roberts got down, they’d be shocked. Well, back to sleep.

      • national enquirer, star magazine and whites just come out all the time they have no shame in coming out.

        really we know we these whites are gay before they do.

        everybody know john trravolta is gay except him.

        maybe xenu doesn’t like fags.

      • This site primarily covers Black celebrities.Its not the only site… There are other sites that cover all celebrities!

    • fubu is a guy that owned the european and uk distribution branch of the fubu clothing line. He is black british and got the deal via lennox modeling for fubu clothing back in the day. Fubu is and has never been muscular lmfao. She obviously knows lennox rolls with fubu so threw his name in there. She is obviously lieing about who she caught lennox with

    • no such thing as bi-sexual
      in my book… you’re either
      gay or you’re hetero, there’s
      no happy medium, here!! we
      can’t say that a woman is ALMOST
      pregnant, can we?? ‘course not!!
      you either are or you’re not…

      plus, what kind of chick would
      KNOWINGLY sex-up a dude who
      does other dudes, anyway?? how
      do we identify this chick?? what are
      the tell-tell signs?? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

      jus pick a side, be happy, and stop
      polluting our intellectual gene pool,
      and producing your maladjusted
      spawn with your recklessly selfish,
      and ratchet relations. ijs

  1. I don’t know him but how do we know if she is telling the truth he did not want to sleep with her she could of just got mad and made this all up .

  2. Yes…and then Pure Playaz ran a train on Lennox and phoned Karl Kani and Pelle Pelle to meet up at Phat Farm for free-range lamb shanks and Rioja. They all had a good gay laugh over ice cream and Apple Bottom pie.

    Wonder if Lewis still has that banging ass house in Tryall Club? He is a nice generous man and I doubt if anything could tarnish his image. Gives back and invests in Jamaica.

    • I only ask that you exchange the original brand names for another defunct urban clothing line. Twism wasn’t used.

  3. I’ve met Lennox before. He is a nice man and was complimentary to me. I never got a gay vibe from him and my gaydar is strong. He seems to be big on women carrying themselves in a respectful manner, so it may be that he really didn’t respect the woman who gave him a professional. He got what he wanted, and that was that. It doesn’t make him gay or bi. My guess is this is a really old drop, so she should just cut her losses and keep Lennox’s name out of her mouth, amongst other things.

    • please everyone in the know knows that he is a dl brother. with his sweet ass hey lennox yeah I remember you and your undercover lover behavior from back in London in the early 90s .lol

      • Everyone doesn’t know it. How does he have children and a wife if he has never been with women?

        • Oh he has children and a wife so he MUST not be DL. Pleasssseeeee.

          He iz N da Closet!

          Please wake up and smell da coffee.

          • Reading is fundamental. Spelling is fundamental as well. Wake up and develop some reading comprehension skills. Nowhere did I state that a married man cannot be bisexual or a homosexual. Scroll up and see where a poster said Lennox has never been seen publicly with women. Last I checked, he is married and he has a gaggle of geese. Unless his children were a product of immaculate conception, he has been having sex with women.

            If you treat rumors as facts, that makes you a fool, not I.

            • What that person said was really not offensive enough for your over the top response.

            • I don’t recall asking either of you what you thought, so on that note, stay in the background.

            • Bisexual men sleep with men and women, and there are gay men who sleep with women as a cover only for what they really like.

  4. I forget the name, but years ago some other boxer said Lennox tried to get with him after a fight. Most people dismissed it as just gossip,but here that allegation is surfacing again.

  5. Lennox is a gay man, he always been on the low. Much respect!!!! His biz is his biz

    • Not his biz if he is going around deceiving women and making them think he is straight. He could catch something and give it to them. Isn’t he a Jamaican?

        • That’s probably why is is way on the back of the closet chillin with Fubu. Of any group is more anti gay than American blacks, its Jamaicans.

          • From dem a par inna chi chi man car/Blaze di fiyah mek we bun dem (Bun dem!)/From dem a drink inna chi chi man bar/Blaze di fiyah mek we dun dem! (Dun dem!)

            *pepperseeds*does the butterfly*pepperseeds*

            No one ever ingested the violent content to this song before shaking their asses. It wasnt until I was older and we attempted to use it for a throwback playlist in HS and was reprimanded did I pay attention. Also anything Capleton.

  6. I believe it yes majority of them are Gay ok Bi. And for Anon 9:32. A man that does anything to another man that causes him to ejaculate he’s Gay. Matter of fact if a man touches another man on the thigh, hugging him to tight, kiss, any type of affection hell he’s Gay.

    • its not gay for a man to go down on you in prison. People often mistake me for a woman because of my ponytail and tounge piercings

      • Leviticus 20:13
        “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.” (NLT)

      • @ 13:03 what! I don’t know if you are just being funny but it is gay for a man to go down on you and even when you are in jail.

            • prison sex is not considered gay.
              which explains the high rates of HIV in the black community.

    • I agree but lets just rap this up. If a man touches you and he is not your relative and that is just for a quick 1 sec hug or shoulder bump, that is gay.

  7. Dude has always that feminine HiProGlo about him so I’m not surprised. There’s been rumors about his extracurricular activities for many years now.Come on out of that closet Lennox.

  8. This news is not new at all. This guy has been in denial for years upon years now!

  9. Lmao I’m going to copyright R’s joke and ur right she’s mad that none of it was for her hee hee

  10. Having money and fame opens the door to excess. Rich men get so much p***y, it makes them dizzy. Another point, sports is a male bastion. They see each other naked, take showers in proximity to other men, etc. At some point, a percentage of dudes will fall prey. We assumed this was not taking place, we were wrong. I Sports and Hollywood are 2 peas in a pod in relation to us. God forbid, a brotha actually loves the sensation of a vagina. In West-Indian culture, baty bizness is a cardinal sin. Some still do it anyway…Sad Reality!

  11. I’m just curious why so many “straight” men are speculating about another man’s sexuality. Between this thread and the Oscar de la Hoya thread, I have to co-sign the poster who suggests there are a lot of DL men visiting this site.

  12. I heard long time ago he is DL but very nice not an ass-kicker like many DL BM, cough, talking to you Busta Rhymes.

  13. Wow you have got to be kidding any man letting another man do anything to them sexually or they do it with or to the other man is gay.

    A man getting a bj is just as gay as the man giving it.

  14. Mike Tyson used to su_k off Cus everybody know,
    think about it, even with all dat talent Mike used to have
    a old man live with mike for free HELL NO and
    teddy atlay gay too

    • I hope you get to meet Mike Tyson so you can call him a c*cksucker to his face. But before you do, please post the address of the church that will be holding your funeral services so we can send you a funeral wreath.

    • Mike Tyson and Johnny Gill back in the day. Way before I would believe that any of these dudes were gay I heard this.

      • The boxer you’re thinking about is NOT Mike Tyson. It’s Sugar Ray Leonard who was caught having sex with Johnny Gill.

        Never once over the past 30 years or so has there been a “Mike Tyson is gay or on the DL story.”

  15. Latino boxers the best, no latino boxers gay
    but USA DE LA Hoya but Amarika has many gay
    men more than latinio countries

    • Chile, please. We need a translator for your post. Latinos are the best at procreating at alarming rates, having sex with underaged girls, illegally crossing borders and being hired as manual laborers. Adios, cabrón.

    • Also tell that to the entirety of Brazil, half of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, just to name a few Latin countries that are heavily populated and frequented by homosexuals for the purpose of engaging in homosexual encounters.

      • The Catholic “church” was real busy in those countries turning out little boys. Gays from the U.S. and Europe go down there to engage in sex, unfortunately, many times with underage males.

        Homosexuality is a great evil, it is not harmless.

        • Pedophilia I think is worse, I got to agree.

          Homosexuality IS AN ABOMINATION.

          Yeah, that is worse than smoking, drinking, stealing, etc.

    • There is a Puerto Rican boxer that came out the closet,his name is Orlando Cruz and i also heard that Manuel Marquez messes with men on the side. I also saw that documentary with Miguel Cotto and his best friend and they both act a little gay to me. As far as Latino boxers being the best…i don’t think so. Floyd Mayweather beat the best Latino fighters in the sport.

  16. Letting another man suck your dick is GAY period. Straight men don’t just “accept” head from other guys

  17. ya’ll remember when ricky was shaking his ass like a bitch.

    we knew then he was a hot tortilla that night.

  18. yes and you like it too.

    you wanna read about young hot gay black men busting each other out with those big long mule dicks admit it.

    you are into interracial gay porn.

  19. don’t worry since you’re a Christian all you have to do is ask god to forgive you just like the rerst of the sinners and the gays and the whores and the rapists and the racists and the world population.

  20. only you suggest EVERYONE is gay… I never have seen that published here or elsewhere.. Keep dreamin!

  21. say what you want about lennox but at least his married to a black women not like them sellout who wife up these old white turkey women!!!

  22. Excuse me, I don’t know what the f*ck some of you define as gay but I don’t know of any real straight men getting f*cked or S*cked by a man period! Call a spade a damn spade and stop trying to sugar coat sh*t. It is what it is..

  23. It’s true a lot of black males have to submit
    They manhood to get ahead in this white
    Supremacy system ( America & Europe )
    The music artist with the longest careers
    All have sugar in they tank. They deleted
    The Mj interview with him and quincy jones
    When Q was saying how the two of them
    Spend long nights in the studio and Michael became extremely nervous. They
    Also deleted tupac interview here he stated
    Q wanted him to come eff him in the butt.
    PAC wound up dead after which. Not to mention the rumors he was Raped in jail. ( heard through the grapevine u got effed four times) PAC also was in Hollywood and
    The casting couch is Omnisexual. As far as
    Sports is concerned Papa Joe isn’t the only
    One molesting the sports prospects. And why did it take 30 yrs to come out. A lot of pedofiles hide as coaches and caretakers.
    I walked past two black men having the
    fanciest conversation in ny village. They
    Were so animated I had to look at the show
    They were putting on. To my surprise it
    Was Spike Lee and Mike Tyson. My jaw
    Dropped. Quincy also executive produced
    Suspects will smith and ll cool j tv shows.
    He also turned out lil tevin Campbell.
    The reason black people have an interest
    In these dl dealing is Homosexual Rape
    Was a punishment on the slave plantations
    From The south to Jamaica. Those victims
    We’re then used to turn out and abuse
    Others. The same process still occurs in
    Prisons and certain religious circles. This
    Is part of the reason Blacks are naturally
    Averse to and keenly aware of Homosexual
    Behavior. Today we have a outbreak or
    Spike in black gay participation here in the
    West. Through hormone modification
    By way of Free soy milk for newborns and
    Pba laced cheap plastic baby products.
    If you don’t know there is a conspiracy to
    Bring down the number of black people
    Around the world. We are being locked up
    Killed aborted and sterilized at alarming
    And unnatural rates. Watch the video
    MAAFA 21 on YouTube. Or read the Isis
    Papers by Francis Crest Westling.
    God bless you all. We black people
    Are being abused and destroyed
    And if ur not part of the solution
    Your part of the problem.

  24. I know a lot of Jamaican dudes who swear they hate homosexuality but are on the down low. I know this because i work at a city health clinic where they come get treated for std all the time. Many of them are living a lie. It is a big deal in Jamaica if a man is gay so they hide in denial very deeply. My cousin told me about the DL orgies they have in NY and he said the place is loaded with West Indian men. He said Jamaican men be all up in the place butt ass naked.

    • I know many people who are personal friends of LL.
      I saw him growing up.I went to the same boxing gym as him. I believe a close family member of his may be gay. I doubt very much that he is. He was fairly conservative and I used to see him at outings with one particular women.The women was tall and drop dead gorgeous. He was always respectful to women and he approached one of my female friends.
      He could be BI but I doubt this very much. Women lie all the time.

    • You ever think they are using their homosexuality to escape the country? They can express themselves in foreign in away that they can’t at home.I am sure the percentage of Jamaicans that are gay are similar to other nations.

    • …And Lennox Lewis was on an episode of LL’s sitcom ‘In the House.’ *shrugs*

  25. I doubt seriously that Lennox Lewis, if he was gay, would want to get with Riddick Bowe, after all the animosity between those two.

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