Karlie Redd’s Ex-Bestie:


“How the hell you f*ck 6 n*ggaz in one month that I can remember…”

Karlie Redd has been put on BLAST for smashing at least six dudes in one month! The whistle blower is said to be a former friend of Ms. Tropical Bird… and names are being dropped!!!

“This old ass Thot really think it’s a game when it comes to black people and their money…

Check it:

“Karlie Redd got something for that ass…. how the hell you f*ck 6 n*ggaz in one month that I can remember…
Deshawn Jackson, Chief Keef, Offset from Migos, Brian from Jagged Edge, John Wall, Slim from Cash Money, Rocko and it’s more just can’t remember their names but it can get deeper.”


  1. Her old ass has a great shape, she keeps her looks up, and she’s on a reality show; How in the hell can this dude throw hate at her. Truly her game has to be respected!

    At the end of the day…she’s sexed the right 6 and if people are shocked at that; they truly don’t have a clue about the hustle world!

    • Do you mean the hoe world. It seems like you are advocating for hoe-ing. She not winning, she probably has no walls and reality TV ain’t paying like that, she still look like she shopping in Rainbow, Gallo and Dots.

  2. Well hell I use to have a friend that f*cked 6 dudes in 5 days!…..but yeah Karlie needs to let that coochie cool off.

    • An acquaintance told me she smashed a different guy each night while on vacation at some Carribean resort. I was shocked at how casually she told it as if it was no big deal.

  3. LoL, WoW…to each is own but I can’t Go. I wouldn’t even be able to look myself in the mirror. I could never let some1 get the ups on me or make me feel inferior. Never, not 1 guy let alone several. My vajayjay is my prize possession. Keep it tight lady’s.

  4. Pretty gross. What’s her end game? To find a hiphop husband? To be a singer? To sell weave? She seems all over thw place.

  5. I thought it was Karrine Steffans from the photo and selective reading. Dont believe. Chiec Keef is the type Id secretly date/chill with in my younger years though. Probably why I bang his music so hard when working out.

    I digress, she probably has a body count equal to most women of today. Whore is the new normal and anything less than an activity bus is considered prudish.

    • You are correct. I was called a prude by hoe advocating for another hoe whose picture is posted in my town with a dick in her mouth along with her full name, address, and job info. But I’m cool with being a prude. Still got my walls and living rumor free.

      • Well less than 10 dicks is frigid. less than 5 is virginal. I saw this ho logic on the horizon during the highschool especially with Southeast Asians and Arabs preserving virginity through anal sex and snowballing.

        Some in black conscious community are interesting with their metaphysics. Gang bangs and orgies are replaced with sex rituals or sex magic; somehow indicating carnal fu……g for a higher purpose, opening chakras centers and channeling kundalini energy or perhaps fever blisters. Those sessions probably dont go against the body tally. I too meditate and talk to my ancestors but no genitals involved.

        We can be prudes together, Sunni.


  7. I’m guessing Karlie’s ex bff is mad he didn’t hit it. How would he know who she had sex with if he wasn’t there? He is the monkey in that picture. Karlie is a pretty woman. All of this stemmed from her allegedly owing money for clothes her ex bff sold her that she didn’t pay for. That’s a petty reason to go in on someone like that. My guess is a lot more entertainers will approach her after this story circulates.

  8. Big deal!

    She a grown ass woman and not hurting no one

    No different from guys who sleep with 7 chicks in 2 weeks.

    • Thank you, i happen to like Karlie, not that i woulf do it but as long as theres no kids.getting hurt let her live and stop judging her

  9. Hell I’m prude…I couldn’t say the word p*ssy for YEARS I’m like joseline I say cootie cat lol I mean I’m just saying I agree I don’t go around bragging about my cooch is a tsunami. I just think that hell if u come back it was good ha I haven’t been with a lot of guys I guess it shows. I wouldn’t even let a guy put his fingers in my cooch eeeeewwww really who knows where guys hands be……#notforthat lol

  10. It’s her life. She’s comfortable with her sexuality good for her I wish I was

  11. You know something I would like to see superhead on one of these shows I like her books she would be cool to see on there.

  12. So Mimi did a porn tape. She may not have had sex with 6 men in a month, but she’s getting jacked to daily LOL

        • please reference to where steve hirsch is foaming at the mouth for another… If it was so profitable he need not foam…just pay.

          PLUS, do not think that them trumpeting that the tape is soooo popular etc etc … would be nothing more than a marketing ploy…

        • I have to co-sign Anonymous’ posts, because I read that Mimi & Nikko’s sales of their sextape surpassed that of Kim K. & Ray J.’s tape. It was so popular, that shower rod sales were through the roof as well.

          I cannot confirm that Steve Hirsch asked for a sequel, but it would make sense. Last I checked, Vivid doesn’t work with many Black adult entertainers. I know white men fetishize Black women and white women fetishize Black men, so I can see where the sales would be through the roof amongst Vivid’s white viewing audience.

        • Dont spend too much time looking… If it Hirsch was really interested all he has to do is open his checkbook. That production was professional… not a leaked sextape that was then released..

  13. Mimi said that she was very close to her dad and that she was a daddy’s girl. That didn’t stop her from doing and selling a porn tape when she knew her dad’s health was bad. I hate to imagine how her dad felt knowing that his family and friends were looking at his little girl performing on a porn tape. He died shortly after its release. Im not saying that she killed him, but I am saying that he died feeling embarrassed by his daughter.

    • People.cant live for their parents you have to live your own life anf im not daying itd right but look at what she had to do for money before, ask her baby daddy and get into fights on camera for more ratings and money, at least now she can stand on her own and her daughter is set for life financially, thats what sacarafice is she takes all the blame while she has her daughter up in a mansion, as a woman i know how it feels to need to.have your own…

  14. My cousin showed me that tape and it was boring. I cracked up bcuz it was like a married couple that’s been married too long so chore like…oooh, iiii, moan….lol snore

  15. What’s sad and disturbing are the comments about a grown womans sexual behavior. If she was a man this would not be an issue. Why are women “Slut Shamed”? I hope she enjoyed each one!

    • With that kind of a mind set that is a reason disease are spreading so fast. Yes its her body and then she catches something. Then it gets passed to the next and so on.

      • African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV in the United States.

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        The rate of new HIV infection in African Americans is 8 times that of whites based on population size.
        Gay and bisexual men account for most new infections among African Americans; young gay and bisexual men aged 13 to 24 are the most affected of this group.
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        • And with all that said @ Classynogin this is why NO ONE male or female should be out here playing fast and loose with sex. It’s just not safe to play russian roulette with your cooch.

  16. Damn Damn Damn!!!!!!

    This Thot Is Getting More D*ck Than Jayz Camel Nose!!!!
    Karlie Go And Get The D*ck Girl Missed Zino’s D*ck Now She Swinging Through D*cks Like A Rain Forest

  17. Not all women are the same, some do love their dick and in all different flavours. The idea that every woman is going to be a delicate, virginal flower is bizarre.

  18. She should learn to respect herself. At her age trying to be a jump off to some celebrity should not be an issue.Its beyond pathetic! The things that thirsty chicks do never ceases to amaze me..all in the name of coming up..and ya got idiots co signing to that sh*t.

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