Coolio: TMZ & Harvey Levin Lied On Me!


Coolio is banging on TMZ for publishing false facts. According to the west coast emcee… not only did the one time “all White news” tabloid “try to make him look bad”… Coolio says Harvey Levin “personally” lied on him.

It’s a situation stemming from TMZ’s July 22, 2014 story, “Coolio Check Out My Comeback… IN A PORN STAR PARADISE!!” That’s the story in which Coolio says TMZ “made up stuff”.

“I ain’t trying to make no f*ckin’ comeback off some porn.” -Coolio

Here’s what TMZ reported:

“Coolio tells TMZ … agreed to provide all the “talent” for his video — “Take it to the Hub” — and in exchange he’s going to debut all his new music on the website. We’re told Coolio and co. banged out the vid…”

Peep what Coolio just put out there:

“I don’t know why TMZ always has to do that bullsh*t, man. I let them into the video shoot willingly and then the first thing they do is talk bullsh*t about me and try to make me look bad. They were trying to say it was my comeback. Man, I ain’t trying to make no f*ckin’
comeback off some porn. I don’t know where that came from. If they pay me enough money, f*ck yeah, I’ll do an album exclusively for Pornhub. At this point in my career, bro, I don’t have nothing to prove to nobody. I’ve proved everything. I just have to prove some shit to my banker. I have to prove to that motherf*cker I can put more zeroes in my account. They constantly come at me on some foul sh*t. I talked to [TMZ founder] Harvey [Levin] personally, who said, “Yeah, I really like you, Coolio.” Well, you don’t f*ckin’ act like it.”

Check out what PornHub PR head Matt Blake confirmed:

“We threw a party at a strip club during the AVN Awards, and we invited Coolio. We had some drinks, and I pitched him the idea of coming out with new music on PornHub. He loved it. The way TMZ spun it, they made it seem like we have the exclusive forever [on his music], which isn’t true — him and I have spoken about this, at the end of the day it’s all about money. It would depend how much exposure it generates. If it works, we’ll go forward. We love Coolio, he was a great sport. If he wants to do again, we’ll be more than happy to set it up.”



  1. Thank you Jacky for uploading a respectable pic of Coolio. The ones I seen had him with those two sprigs of hair on each side of his head.

  2. The last time I saw Coolio was when he and his ex was on celebrity wife swap. What in the hell is wrong with Harvey? U can’t go around putting out false shit on folks! U can sued behind that!

    • Yeah I peeped that episode. He came across as a bit of an azzhole. I see why she left him.

    • Girl bye,

      What’s not right about Harvey Levin is the fact that he’s a “Jewish gay lawyer who sits on the board of several LGBT organizations who provide funding to various entities & companies in the entertainment industry.” His involvement with those organizations coupled with his legal background has afforded him entry & full open access to virtually every area of our society including law enforcement, politics, religion,organized crime, education, banking, etc. His connections are FAR more reaching than just entertainment. He’s quietly involved with some of the the most wealthiest people who are in position to make critical decisions which affect our society. THIS is why he has the ability to get information on individuals that the average person is not privy to.

      Ever wonder why TMZ just seems to be EVERYWHERE? Take a look at the kinds of people they tend to follow, stalk, question or expose but also take notice of the caliber of people they DON’THE mess with. There’s a reason for that. More to the point…Harvey Levin is a dangerous man who is very well insulated.

      If you don’t believe me just take notice of the fact that you NEVER hear a single word abut Harvey Levin. None of HIS business is exposed other than the fact that he’s gay which he chose to tell on own although…people in his the circles he travels in always knew.

  3. What’s new racist tmz strikes again always spreading lies about some black person. Maybe if Coolio sues them maybe it will get the point across.

  4. Lol…no fans of Harvey Levin here…Just folks who like to watch TMZ.go figure…

  5. coolio must need the money.

    he’s too old to be talking about xxx raps.

    hope he doesn’t do a sex tape.

  6. He Has Black People Working For Him. They Take About The Black Community He Asks His Black Employee What’s Cools???
    He Makes A lot Of Racial Remarks About Other Races Not Just Black People……

    Nicca’s Need To Be Careful Because We Are Under Attack. Ever Since Obama Got Elected White People Have Been On Black People’s Ass’s
    Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

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