Kim Kardashian Caught Kanye Creeping on Amber Rose?

kanye west amber rose kim

Kim Kardashian is furious that Kanye West is still obsessed with Amber Rose.

Pregnant with their second child, Kim is very self-conscious about her body right now and she lost her mind when she caught Kanye creeping on Amber’s Instagram.  It wasn’t just harmless Instagram browsing for Ye either – he still fantasizes about what his ex looks like naked.

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After being told by West that she’s ridiculous for being jealous of Amber, Kim went through his computer and found pics and videos from when Kanye was with her.   “She then went to his computer and found he still had old intimated pics and videos from their relationship,” an inside source told Closer magazine,  “Kim was sobbing and confronted Kanye, telling him he had betrayed her, but her reassured her none of it was a big deal.”

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It’s no secret that Kimmy Cakes is obsessed with her appearance, she even has her daughter working out with a trainer, so to find Kanye still dreaming about Amber’s banging momshell body would devastate her.   Kim has told friends in the past that she wants Rose completely out of Kanye’s life and feels like she’s the third wheel in their marriage.


  1. ( In my late Lisa “Left Eye Lopes voice) “WEEEEEEELLLLL…LOOKY HERE!” Looks like Kim got a BOLO out on Amber!

    • I think that’s my worst nightmare. LOL. My husband’s ex and I having the same birthday. We the same bish, except I’m fat, pale and pregnant with baby two. AND you’re fantasizing about her. This can’t be real. It can’t be. How much humiliation can a Kardashian take? I would collect all my coins and move to a country where no one cares who I am. And hope the papz didn’t find me. Only, she can’t now, can she? Cause someone has to raise Nori. Damn.

  2. It’s karma!!! when Amber Rose and Kanyes were together, Kim was double dipping with Kanye behind Reggie’s back.

    Kim looks awful marriage and kids don’t suit her image, I bet she regrets marrying and getting knocked up Kanye.

    In a recent Breakfast Club Interview, Kanye blasted Amber Rose about, her hygiene problems now he wants to phuck her?? it don’t make sense.

  3. Yeah. I don’t buy the BO thing at all. That’s just salty ex talk and we all do it one way or another.

    But what in the sweet heaven would make a pretty girl like Amber get a big ass tattoo of two pug dogs on her bicep? I mean if u love pug dogs, I could see a bracelet or a pendant or even a small ankle tat featuring one. But to make that the focal point of your look??

  4. Kim, u’ll have ur body stretched, tucked and ready for sale in no time

  5. Amber & Kanye really complimented one another. They were actually a beautiful looking couple.

  6. PHUKK KIM IF KANYE CAN DEAl with the world seeing her suck a dick she can be able to take this plus she haven’t caught him cheating just keeping old pics.

  7. Crickets…………………………………………………………………………

  8. Hopefully that photo will stop those who are saying that Kim is using a surrogate.

  9. I don’t think he’s too worried about his ex bald headed alien. He prefers the company of men, so unless she has a magic bean pole, fatty cakes, I mean, Kimmy cakes need not be concerned.

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