Kim Kardashian Is Deadbeat Mommie Dearest!!!

Kim Kardashian is Mommy Dearest

Kim K’s left parenting five-month old baby North to a “hired nanny.” In her own words, just because she’s a mother doesn’t mean she’s not “allowed to have fun.” This isn’t surprising, especially when considering the scandalous seed she comes from.

“When other new mum and dads are home looking after the little one … KimYe are most often seen globetrotting and enjoying a carefree life without being hindered by feed times and changing diapers.”

Over the weekend, the porn star-turned Kanye’s bearded baby momma made a tired azz attempt at defending herself from the criticism she’s receiving for being an “absentee mother.”

Check it:

Kim Kardashian is a Bad Mother

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Kim has been acting like the ultimate fan while following her fiancé on the road, by tweeting about their every stop along the way. She even missed her family’s traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and skipped little sister Khloe’s ‘famous macaroni and cheese.”

Did Kim Kardashian’s Ebay auction — using Typhoon Haiyan as her marketing tool — wrap last night, with her keeping 90% of the money? Of course! Just ask Kendall Jenner.