Wiz Khalifa Shows His True Colors … Nail Polish & All!

Wiz Kalifah's Gender Bending Roll

HSK Exclusive – I told ya’ll before, the gender roles over at Amber Rose’s castle are switched! She wears the pants and Wiz wears nail polish!

If dude is gay, he needs to come out already. Know why? Because insiders say even dude’s family members are left scratching their heads.

Here’s the drop:

“His own friends & family don’t even know him anymore. Amber turned him out! He now wears nail polish on his hands & toes and has piercings down! Ask Marios’s ex-girlfriend, Dez.”


  1. Wiz Khalifa looks Gay. He is a Gay and that makes him Unique. I love him and wish to screw his ass some day.

  2. Wiz is gay yo back in 2002 he sucked my penis for a g of mexican dirt weed in a dennys bathroom

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