Kim K Brings Cameras to Visit Will Smith’s Wife in the Hospital

kim kardashian raquel smith hospital

Just days after former NFL player Will Smith was shot dead and his wife, Raquel, was critically injured, Kim Kardashian flew out to New Orleans to visit Raquel in the hospital.

Instead of visiting under the radar to console her grieving “friend,” Kim made sure her camera crew was on hand to snap photos of her and her friend, Khadija Haqq, as they entered and exited the hospital.

How do we know she set this whole photo shoot up? Because ain’t no paparazzi in NOLA, bih!

Nothing is off limits SMH…


  1. She is so fake. Bet wont no camera crew be there when she goes to get those french beignets lol.

  2. Their doing the same thing, they did to Lamar, these witches are well and truly evil.

  3. Somebody please do away with Kim and her family except Rob, Courtney, Kendall and the five kids. The rest gots to go!

    • This is the problem right here. There are no exceptions to any of these grifters except the innocent children. They all need to drown like rats. Let wolves raise the kids, they would do a better job.

    • Now I really think mr smith got sacrificed and this bitch her camera and she – boon prove my theory!.. No wonder the shitv didn't make sense of a simple bump and her only getting shot in legs Gtfoh!

      • Yo he boon does your white male trick make you use the backfire when you creep to his house?

  4. It will be so funny to see hell just out of nowhere opened up real wide to take them out and the camera crew was there to get all of that.

  5. Kim and her fake family are opportunist. Shame on them for exploiting this poor woman's situation. She has no right to be filming this.

  6. she was seeking an opportunity to run into Reggie Bush! She probably hasn't seen or spoken to this women since the "Saints" (her baby's name) won the super bowl. Low life skank with money

    • "Saints" (her baby's name) O.O

      *mashes glass case, grabs tin hat and rushes to Will Smith article*

        • Chile, now you know about me and my tin hat LMAO!
          But peep scene, the Saints won the super bowl in 2009 four years after hurricane Katrina. Kim and Reggie stopped dating in 2009. She and Kanye announced that she was pregnant on New Year’s Eve in 2013. They got married on 05/24/14 (5+24+14=43) 43 in reverse is 34 the age of Will Smith when he died.

          Awww hell to the naw naw, somebody call asap cuz it’s the ILLUMINATI!!!!
          Oaky, okay, all jokes aside you have to admit that this story is getting pretty strange even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

          • Fact and North West's birth date is 6-15-2013 = 666
            Old info but stil…for the non believers

            • Wow, I didn’t know that. I was just joking around with Sasha R. by using the every 4 years mark of events because I don’t think that she believes in conspiracy theories. I however do believe in them hence the tin hat remark.

  7. This white bitch witch doesn't give a shit about black people. She knows most black people will accept her as an opportunist. Reggie Bush is the black man who got away cause his family wasn't playing that he comes from a strong family and she could not manipulate him she got cut off after the Super Bowl when she tried to be a publicity whore!! Reggie wasn't down for that he's not a weak male like Kanye or Lamar.

  8. Reggie Bush got a way yes but a little of her back magic had to hit somewhere for him to go out and get a Kim Kardashian look a like .if I am done with a man and his crap no way in hell am I going to go find a look a like .if Reggie is from out there maybe his family had a little magic of their own but not as powerful as theirs.

    • None of that matters he may have a fetish for dark haired white women right? He still dumped that hoe and she can't stand it.

      • Luckly she didn't take her clothes off but she want attention so bad she brought her film crew to see a wounded woman who just list her husband

    • Maybe her magic was why RB looks like a white man with black face in some of his google pictures. That shit is straight scurry lookin.

  9. I don’t know why my eyes kept going back to that jacket she’s wearing and trying to figure out what was written on it. Low and behold with a little research I found a few more reasons to dislike her for wearing it and her husband for stealing the concept for personal profit.

    Man, these people….They don’t care what kind of attention they get as long as they get it.

    • After they get caught like that other witch, they claim they used inspiration from designs they have seen when in fact they are just ripping others off and not giving proper credit. Theft.

  10. A lot of deaths around them lately. Even the midget Lil Kim that impersonated her was found dead by mini Kanye. Kim posted "I just love Lil Kim to death" right before on the Gram.
    They are wicked…the devil wears Yeezus

  11. Also remember that dude that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like Kim kardashian he died…

    • Jordan James from Britain is the only one I can recall. He spent over $200K in plastic surgery to look like her and he is not dead. Who are you referring to? Just wondering.

  12. There are a lot of superstitious stupid people here.

    Witches? Yeah right. Is this Salem 300 years ago? There are lots of bad evil people in the world with self serving motives. Why do you want to give them supernatural powers? That makes them mythical and stronger they are.

    And if ya hate them as much as you claim, why are their threads always the one with the most responses?

  13. Rockie smiles while taking this pictures with Kim ! In a such a dramatic moment ?
    Katrashians must be trashed and so the traitors responsible for their rise

  14. Did Rockie set him up? Why is she taking pics with this media whore. Kim and her family are evil.

    • Kim k help her with the blood sacrifice ! That's why ! He was set up kill 2 birds with one stone !

  15. May I suggest that the picture of Kim and Rockie smiling and looking happy may be an old photo?

      • Thank you Sasha.

        Is it just me, or does it seem like many here actually want to believe the worst of people? I knew there is no way in hell she would be posing for a selfie within days of her husband's death/murder. Why would anyone think she would is beyond me.

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