Tyga’s Lambo to be Repo’d

tyga lambo repo

Tyga refuses to give up the Hollywood lifestyle…even though he clearly can’t afford it! On top of all the lawsuits, the rapper is now in deep sh*t with Choice Motor Credit.

The repo man is looking to confiscate Tyga’s 2013 Lamorgini Aventador after the rapper stopped making payments. He allegedly owes the finance company $357K!

When this news broke, TMZ dug up even more info on the broke rapper. Apparently, his 2014 Bentley Mulsanne was also repo’d in February of this year, and the rapper still owes $91K on that car!

Sounds like somebody needs to purchase a Toyota Corrolla and call it a day…


    • Tyga been false balling since he first came into the limelight.
      He rented a home in Malibu from a HSK poster's friend's parent and didn't pay the rent. I remember for sure about that because she told it here and people were like, yeah right until the eviction details came out in the press 2 weeks later. She was clear on Tyga and how he lives. She even said that's why his mother is still working at Inglewood School District and won't quit her job. She know her son's money is not real or long by any means. And…yeah, that nigga is straight frontin' and need to quit.

  1. He's been cheating on that plastic doll now they gotta get rid of him and destroy him. Standard procedure

    • And take the money he earned & all that he set aside for his children for themselves….
      Standard procedure

  2. Wow what an embarrassment. If he can't pay for a place to live, car to drive, child support that means he's broke! The kartrashians stay embarrassing black men.

  3. Oh and let's not forget about his bodyguard passing. He couldn't help with the funeral.

  4. Oh but WHAT HAPPENED TO …"WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUST NICER" TYGA? THIS IS REAL NICE OF THEM CAUSE 9 Xs out of 10 this is a company run by WHITE PEOPLE … dumb a55.

  5. Tyga reminds me of men who's hairline left them in the 90s and they're still tryna hold on to the ponytail. Let it goooooo yo.

  6. This is smashing stereotypes. White girls are not dumb and they are not easily played by black makes notice these bitches are not coming out of pocket for their Coons? Notice this hoe is not so dumb and did not paid his car notes who's the broke hoe? I see her dumping him for a white boy or more elite black man.

    • BE, You are one of the few people here whose opinion I listen to. Do you honestly put the blame on them for ruining him, as opposed to him for choosing them?

      • I suppose I do in a way. First you have to look at their track record when it comes to the men in their lives. Khloe married Lamar after dating him for how long, why the rush? What happened to his career and his relationships with his family after being involved with her? What happened to him after he threatened to air them out for spreading lies and rumors about him? Look at him in the farewell to Kobe video. This is the man’s first statement in public since the overdose and he looks like he is being held in a hostage and told what to say. Watch Kobe’s expression while Lamar is talking. Nah, something ain’t right.

        I think that he may have chose to go in but has no choice to get out except the one that they give him, why else is he still married to someone who has cheated on him publically with no remorse? If she truly loved Lamar she would be somewhere out of the limelight caring for Lamar but she hasn’t done that has she? They are either diabolical or so desperate for relevancy that they don’t care who they damage in the process.

        The Lakers team members’ better take notes and steer clear of this family, I see you Kylie and Kendall….

        • Lamar has free will he chose to have a whirlwind marriage with a white witch and that's what happens when you play with witches he was a dumb cool and he got trapped that's what happens he got in the wrong game with the wrong people it's his own damn fault.

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