Another Man Accuses Afrika Bambaataa of Child Molestation

afrika bambaataa child molester

Another man has stepped forward to accuse Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of child molestation.

In a video confession, the man claims he was just 12-years-old when Bambaataa had oral sex with him multiple times in a bedroom in the Bronx.

The man says the molestation screwed him up as a kid, and even now, he has flashbacks of the incidents. The man dealt with the trauma by committing crimes and spending most of his years locked up behind bars.

“You f*cked me up as a little boy. You’re the reason why I hate gay people,”

The man also says Bambaataa recently got stabbed for sucking a man’s d*ck while he was sleeping! But the Zulu Nation covered for him – just as they covered up all the years of sexual abuse that went on. The man is tired of Bambaataa hurting little boys, so he says he’s ready to air out anyone else who tries to cover for the rapper.

Peep the video…

Do you believe him?


  1. Swear if a celebs raped or touched you now the time to tell your story about how you was abused back in 1984

    • You're an unsympathetic bastard that's why don't go marketing or protesting for no f*cking males attitude like yours

  2. This guy does look like a child molestor, he probably was sexually abused and he turned into an abuser.

    • And fee still thinks he's not gay but he had to admit he likes getting head from guys

  3. This is absolutely enough! Imagine how many young boys he has ruined?! We need to stop protecting these disgusting men under the guise of "let's not send another black man to prison". His VICTIMS are black boys who deserve our protection above all else! The entire zulu nation disgusts me for this!!

  4. It's not like someone is accusing you of stealing. This is pedophilia. If someone accuses a person of that type of crime, I have to believe the victim. Child molestation is a serious crime. I have to believe Bambaataa did it. And to think all of those times I bumped his music in the 80's. I can't respect that man anymore!

  5. Child molestation is a very taboo subject in the black community. We need to start talking about it. So many children have been molested just in Amerikkka alone. That type of abuse will damage a child for the rest of their life. We can't wait for the white man's law enforcement to happen, we need to hold these child molesters accountable for their crimes. When I say hold the chesters accountable, I mean beat their motherf*ckin asses; or kill them. We can start with Eddie Long and Chris Stokes. Why hasn't anybody kicked their asses yet?

    • I agree NBA!I survived this unfortunate issue, and like many other victims I was blamed. That's why people don't come forward and tell. Because all the questions that are asked makes the victim feel like they did something wrong. Many will say once you get a certain age you shouldn't let people take advantage of you. zIt has nothing to do with how old you are. There are just some sick people in this world!

    • That Brutha is NON-DECEPTIVE. It is VERY disturbing to hear his sexual abuse reports, but this type of miscreant behavior is CURRENTLY taking place in Black America–and going unchecked. Black boys and girls continue to be subjected to sexual molestation. They are NOT protected. This cannot continue. It is time for REAL BLACK manhood and womanhood to TERMINATE the proliferation of these ACTS.

      Sexual violation caused TRAUMA to this Brutha and he hasn't fully recovered. I can't imagine what he's going through, but the fact that that fateful incident created a RIPPLE EFFECT in his memories (which are stored in his cellular membranes) indicates the degree of damage he sustained mentally and spiritually. He needs to be restored WHOLE again. Ase!

      This infuriates me as an AfRAkan woman. Deviant sexual practices do NOT originate with Blacks. We HEAR before we THINK and ACT. SOUND causes motion, colors and shapes. Blacks are INDIGENOUS PEOPLE with Base 8 Maternal Languages. Our SOUND DIALECTS directly sync with ETERNAL GEOMETRIC INVIOLABLE SOUND WAVE FORCES–which animate ALL existences. Our languages are SPIRITUAL, TRUTHFUL and MA'ATHEMATICAL. After all, SOUND is simply an overlay of NUMBERS. In speaking our MOTHER TONGUES, there were NEVER any SOUND INSTRUCTIONS to commit acts of homosexuality, bestiality, pederasty, rape and other perverse coital acts. We didn't hear such SOUND MOTIVE within our languages to perform these acts.

      DNA, BLOOD TYPES and SOUND do NOT invent deceptions, illusions or contradictions.

      However, Blacks whose brains (entire brain sensory systems) are immersed in PATERNAL-FRAUD LANGUAGES, like English, experience EXTREME MIND RAPE and become disassociative to their ancestral roots. In fact, WHITE-ACCULTURATED thinking through PATERNAL LANGUAGES is SEXUAL at its core. What is the mantra for Caucasian business commerce? SEX SELLS!! English is THE language of CRIMINALITY–the Causcasian's TRUE culture. It is through CRIMINALITY that the Caucasian acquired EVERYTHING he possesses. It is not coincidental that ENGLISH is the preferred language for transacting business commerce through written contracts that are often encrypted with deceptive legalese. At the root of Caucasian criminal thinking is his COITAL DYSFUNCTION. English is a faggot language. The ORIGINAL British Oxford definition for 'faggot' is "a bundle of sticks or unnatural mix". English is a HOMOSEXUAL language. English is a PATRIARCHAL language that DEVALUES feminine principles. In English, we are subjected to the most warped, evil, depraved pathologies that can not be expressed in Base 8-coded AUTOCHTHON languages. English contains words for things that do NOT exist in space/time. English does not sync with the DNA intelligence of Blacks. It is not our natural sounds. It causes conflict and that's why you find Blacks thinking, behaving and performing activities that are NOT in our innate nature to do so. Social engineering has made many of us robotic automatons. We have to let go of "white stupidities" and save our future generations from further abuse.

      • Resonating at 100 w/ you DaisyDooks. This bitch ass babylon is about to be over and the same way we were dispersed all over the world, we will go back to meet at the central land. There is so much that needs to be corrected.

      • Deep AF!!! Thank you for giving me something to think about. I never looked at language that way. I'm with @Curious -reading suggestions please!!!!

  6. I cosign along with what NBA is Fixed said; Beat that ass or kill em. Ijs too!!!!!

  7. I am one of the first posters on the original thread about this and there were rape apologists and the usual the white man or the illuminati made him do it bullshit! we need to come correct and be for real and stop coddling and protecting black male criminals it's too f*cking much and now the chickens have come home to roost you will be hearing more and more stories like this.

    Hating women is the core of rap hip hop it is extremely homophobic they are Butch queens passing as bully straight men.

    This is hip-hop's Bill Cosby moment.

  8. @the above anonymous poster, I agree fully! These chickens are indeed coming home to roost, and like Ive heard many people say, 2016 was going to be the year-the year in which all will begin to come to the surface and be exposed. Just pull up a chair, sit back and watch!

  9. And you my friend win poster of the night award. This is truth right here for real!

  10. Let's see u wanna record deal
    Do drugs
    Be bipolar
    Molest kids
    Do more drugs
    Support the gay agenda
    Cross dress
    Have sex with everybody
    Beat women
    Go to jail.and rehab
    Fake praise Christ when you really worship Satan
    Pretend you care about kids when u really wanna f*ck them

  11. I've got a BIG issue with the "when he was JUST 12 years old" … does that mean if the VICTIM was 21 years old, it would make RAPE OK? Sasha R, get your sh*t together. DEUCES

  12. Damn, and I just downloaded to my Tidal workout playlist some of his songs. I unequivocally loathe child molesters. Delete, delete, delete.

    • Hella dudes coming out with their stories of him molesting them. That's one of the most embarrassing things a man can confess, so big up to them for breaking the silence.

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