Future Countersues Ciara!

future countersues ciara

I guess this explains why Ciara refused to say Future’s name during the Billboard Awards nominations…

Two months after she filed a $15 million lawsuit and slapped her baby daddy with a gag order, Future is fighting back!

The rapper filed a countersuit on April 8 – claiming Ciara’s lawsuit against him for defamation was well past the statute of limitations, and he wants her lawsuit to be thrown out!

He states her lawsuit generated more publicity than the tweets he posted calling her a b*tch, therefore, she intentionally damaged her own brand by suing him. LOL, naw…it doesn’t work like that, Future…

In the suit, he says she’s a publicity whore who is using the lawsuit as a way to get some media attention.

He says none of his social media posts were false or defamatory, and there was no malice involved. He called her a b*tch not in a lewd way, but as a way to describe her overbearing ways.

Then, he says although they both work in the entertainment industry, Ciara is not currently a successful singer, and her star has been diminishing in the past 2-3 years. He says she does not have a “huge” fan base, and her last album was a flop! No lies were told…

Future also says Ciara is using Russell Wilson and his son, Future Jr., for attention and publicity. He thinks if she were such a great mother, she wouldn’t parade their son in front of cameras.

Future wants Ciara to shut her trap and stop making false statements about him. He also wants her to pay his legal fees for her frivolous defamation lawsuit, and he doesn’t want her to be awarded not one penny! He’s also looking for unspecified punitive damages.


  1. What are the chances Ciara's people told her not to mess with this little boy and she ignored them. Now he is going to be the pox on her forever.

  2. I'll be so glad when this crack baby's 15 minutes are UP. He has set the rap game back decades.

  3. These two are still in love. You DO NOT put this much energy towards someone you dislike. The opposite of love isn't Hate, its Indifference, and neither of them have taken a step towards it. Ciara can play the Hollywood card all day long, Future brings out the ugliness in her she tries to hide.

      • He's the one still in love. He's like a pesky ass fly. Every time you think they're gone…here they go again.

        • @ Mama Yup! I agree… Mama's boys who don't know how to process feelings or be mature act out in high school petty ways. Especially when the woman has tried to move on. I can see it now… He probably told her, "if you so much as breath my name in public, I'm gonna counter sue you!"

  4. Her relationship with fiance' is suspect. No domestic photos in that house he bought. Always vacation on-the-road photos. Photo ops. For the gram and for the 'fans'. Who is making money?

  5. Hmmmm so this is what niggas resort to when you stop giving their f*cky ads the time of day… calling her unsuccessful now that he can't sleep with her anymore. He's a bad father. What will future jnr do when he sees that his dad called his mom a bitch on the internet?

  6. Wow, no wonder she didn't want to utter his name out of her mouth, but her son has the same name as his father. Remember he did, cheat on her, I remember 2 years ago, Ciara ruined Future's club appearance in Las Vegas.

      • She should have changed that stupid name when she had the chance. Now to try to do that will take an act of congress and possibly a small war. Stupid woman.

  7. It's funny how people attacks Future but, Ciara is low key sneaky and being petty. Actually they're both to black as me. He didn't make her get with him and have his child. Yet y'all females on here downfalls him. Really! Russ is in the middle of these two being petty. If this was a union brought together by God as he claim, then why is so.much evil coming out of it. The God of lies is what he meant. She could have said his name. Why not. You have to act like an adult in certain situations. Of course they play in Hollywood and nothing righteous comes out of Satan's playground. They're all petty.

  8. They have to beef with each other in order to stay relevant in the industry. That's messed up even with a child involved.

  9. If black women ain't shit then neither is the black man. Straight from the rib remember? Stop talking about my people. I don't care if you are quoting from a simp. Go sat down somewhere.

  10. Future is only telling the truth about ciara.let the truth be told she the one being petty.

  11. The real ciara is the freak we saw for the past ten years the one who was naked on the vibe magazine cover that's the real ciara who everybody f*cked she gonna take Russell money when Ty hey have their child she cone up two ways she get money from two successful dudes

  12. The bottom line is, Future is bitter that his ex has moved on with their son and is happy with her life. Didn't look back. Didn't chase him. Didn't beg him back. He was too use to women with low self esteem who did that when he would leave. It's nothing more than ego at play here. He is behaving like he still loves her and is punishing her for leaving and not looking back and moving on to a better man. He thought the baby he gave her would keep her emotionally tied to him.

    Pretty simple. Not rocket science when you know what and how people tick!

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