Khloe Threatening Lamar With Restraining Order

khloe lamar restraining order

The Kardashian klan loves to throw around the words “restraining order” don’t they? Just weeks ago, Kylie was allegedly threatening to hit Tyga with a restraining order because he wouldn’t stop blowing up her phone.

Now, it looks like Khloe is looking to get an order of protection against Lamar Order too.

She just re-filed for divorce after Lamar returned to drinking and smoking crack. According to sources, he feels betrayed by Khloe because he thinks she’s breaking the promises she made to him while he was on his death bed.

“It’s pretty vicious… he has been bombarding her with bitter texts and drunken rambling messages that are starting to scare her. She’s now considering a restraining order against him because he’s been threatening all kinds of crazy things, from spilling all her secrets to hoping she drops dead,”


  1. Let me get this straight. He's worth millions of dollars, but he can't find a chick that doesn't look like a man. Does he like trannies?

  2. She needs to stop hoping he dies so he can get what little money he has left and file for divorce then have the judge sign off by default if Lamar refuses. He was good for her / them and now he's been thrown to the curb. It's not cute anymore. Walk away Lamar before they off you.

    • Umm are you posting from 2015? They are divorced and he said he hopes SHE dies, not the other way around.

  3. Lamar should have stayed with the mother of his kids. This is what he gets for not being loyal.


    • This is a little long so if you're short for time… sorry!!
      well put it this way the kardashian/jenners were born rich and the world or at least the famous world revolves around $$$ and Kris got publicity for the OJ trials and loved the attention then found out she could pump out cash to the blogs and shows and publications in exchange for publicity after Kimmy Kakes sucked all she could out of Paris, Nicole, and Lindsey & whoever else she leeched off of and once her face/name became known… (well everyone should know if there were no Paris kim would be nothing Paris: Sextape Kim: sextape Paris: Reality show Kim: Tv Show Paris: Perfume/clothing line Kim:Whatever the hell Paris does)… I digress She saw the success of the simple life and decided to pitch her family to E! they ate it up Kardashians paid for promo and more publicity and still do to this day & Harvey is a you-know-what and they're known to love money and if there's one thing those ho's got its that

      • You should be sorry we know all that shit, already. You must be brand new to this page. We are INFORMED, dear.

        • Oh, honey, well you could have SKIPPED over once you came across familiar parts! You should be sorry to yourself for wasting your time if you already knew everything. No need to be rude, sweetie! I said if you're short for time sorry meaning if you didn't have time you could have just pulled a tl;dr! If you see a question saying "why are they famous?" expect a rundown answer! Haha it's okay though no matter what Jesus loves you, darling! 🙂

          • I don't believe in your God so don't give me the bullshit I'm the one who called you out this is my new handle

  5. Lamar is a perfect example of what happens when you're a simping bed wench!! The white witch got tired of his broke ass. He had an overdose at the whore house after sexing a TRANNY. Now, with the medical bills sucking up his money he's of no use to her so bye bye, butler.

  6. Okay I finally get why all the women here hate white women so bad and especially the Kardashian women. I was on a website I never heard of before called WAGS-wives and girlfriends-of professional athletes, and my god every damn black man is married to a white chick. I mean whether it's a rookie just outta school or an oldtimer like Dr J Erving, they all have white or Latina wives.
    There were 2 white players who had black wives- but there were literally like 7 black guys from A to Z who were married to black women and they were just ugly as hell. The men not the women.

    I would be mad as hell too ladies. That is just a huge slap in the face to you. WTF? They just couldn't wait to get some money so they could stop being with the same women that gave birth to them? Jeezus what an ungrateful bunch of traitors.

    Here's the thing tho, your anger is kind of misplaced imo. Why be mad at the Kardashians or any other white women? Nobody forced all the black athletes to turn their backs on their own. Why the hell aren't you mad at THEM for turning their back on YOU? Maybe the Kardashians have come to represent the anger and resentment you have, but they're really just scapegoats.

    Boycott the men, and know that if they had money and fame would your man stay loyal? Food for thought.

    • I couldn't give a rat's ass about black men who marry non black women. If anything I say "good riddance because most of them are stupid as hell (think lamar & kanye). The problem is when said black men denigrate black women publicly.

      • Sarah, you & I feel the same way.
        I'm all for the brothers who chose to date non black women. Let them have at it all they want but don't talk shit about us publicly or otherwise.

    • Idiot! black men are not all that look around at black immunity also they are not the only man in the world for black women could date and marry you are very ignorant – back to the topic I see what you're trying to do with the gaslighting bullshit it's not gonna work here. And obviously you don't read hard enough because we are dissing the men for being idiots simps and bed wenches laughingstock, an embarassm and some of us keep our personal lives to ourselves but trust and believe we are out there being diverse too so you stand corrected nice try with the bullshit.

        • You're just a bitter hypocrite trolling, so many are these days, I just laugh at them cheerleading Kanye, Kobe, Mike Jordan, John Legend dapping them for swirling.

    • Hate? Never, sweetie. I think you're confusing stating *facts* with emotional responses.

      I don't say "she looks like a man" because I dislike "white" women. I say she looks like a man because she has male features. If you gave her an undercut, b*tches would holla. LOL

      I don't care what some random sellout uses for a receptacle.

    • Every black athlete craves for the white/arab/latina woman…
      For example, in Europe, every black soccer player is married to a caucasian/arab woman…
      These black athletes and wags are used by the isra-elite to promote the globalization which means the end of all races and countries…
      Of course the isra-elite members wii remain semites or semites mixed with other races, such as semite-caucasians (like Harrison Ford), semites-africans (like Drake), and now semite-asians (like Zuckerberg's child…)
      As a result less and less native europeans support their national soccer teams…because not only they are fed up to be represented by non european natives but also because these non european natives "steal" their women…
      Nowadays the african women living in Europe are more and more disgusted by their black men and the native europeans men are disgusted by their native women…
      The Isra-elite (the semite jewiish hebrews) is now targeting the destruction of the russian people : good luck because russians are real caucasian bad asses !

  7. Has every1 4gotten this is the same lie they told b4?
    Lamar was videotaped by tmz saying that Khloe was lying about him stalking, threatening and harassing her
    In that same tape Lamar threatened to exposed them which I believed led to the overdosing incident to shut him
    Here we go again, smh
    I dont believe this for a second

    • Yeo…there you go!
      That's why I haven't said anything.
      Lamar is the one who should be requesting a restraining order.

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