Nene Leakes Launches Emoji App

nene leakes emoji

Look at the mess Kim Kardashian has started…after the reality star launched her new emoji app, her sister-in-law Blac Chyna launched an emoji app of her own, followed by Amber Rose. And now, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes is getting in on the fun.

Nene just announced she has launched an emoji app through iTunes.

From the short promo video the reality star posted to her IG, it looks like users will be able to create their very own animated Nene’s complete with various atrocious, nappy blonde wigs.

Who’s gonna download it?


  1. She is one very sick sista I saw on another blog a photo of her BRAND NEW plastic surgery she is now lightskin and her nose is pointy she looks like a MTF trans.

    • Anonymous @12:58,
      You didn't say where you saw that picture but after seeing your comment I immediately went loking & found it. I think her new bleached skin is "unblended make-up" but who knows. All I know is how your description of her was very accurate!!!!

      • Surely you can't be so naïve but thanks for the compliment and of course she said newplastic surgery!!

    • She even states that her makeup wasn't blended yet and they were trying out colors. She looks dark as she ever did in the after shots. But she has had her nose reshaped, and I thinks it looks slightly better. It's still huge, but it's more pointed now. She's no where near Jackson territory tho—-no triangle nostrils thank gawd.

      Poor Nene. God didn't give her much, and she has worked what she has as best she can. Poor thing.

  2. Just what we need another damn emoji app! Take all y'all dumbasses and go back to school and quit get rich scheming! That's how folks get they dumbasses!

  3. I still cant with that wig, SR you know you wrong for that one.

    *choking trying to be serious and keep a straight face*

  4. Wow. Big bird's beak looks very different these days. Looks like she she's been having it professionally sharpened.

    I now believe she's that rich bitch that she claims to be.
    1. Nose job -check!
    2. Bleached skin -check!
    3. Horse veneers -check!
    4. Other plastic surgeries/ fake shit -check!
    5. Some poor unknown Indian woman's sacrificed hair/scalp stapled to her head. –check!
    6. Has her own personal slave named, Greg at her every beck and call -check!

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