“The Voice” Contestant Shot & Killed While Signing Autographs

Christina Grimmie killed

Christina Grimmie, the third place winner of season six of The Voice, was shot and killed on Saturday after performing at The Plaza Live in Orlando. She was 22-years-old.

The concert ended around 10 p.m., and Christina was signing autographs for fans at a merchandise table when a man walked up and opened fire.

Christina’s brother tackled the suspect. As the two struggled on the ground, the suspect shot and killed himself. It was later discovered he entered the venue with two guns on him. He has yet to be identified.

Christina became a YouTube sensation from her covers of popular songs like “Hello” by Adele.



  1. May she rest in peace.

    What?? Didn't the illuminati kill her? Oh right, they only want Z list black male celebs –FOH!

        • You're a black woman who dates white males. Correct me if I'm wrong.

          If I'm correct, you're in no position to say what's rational.

          Or maybe you're one of these white people pretending to be black online. LOL

          • Call me Kanye, Kobe, MiKe Jordan and the rest of the black male swirlers, bish. Love has no color. Suck on that. Who the hell are you? Unloyal heffa.

          • I'm not pretending to be anyone. I have an opinion and that opinion is that some people here are out of their minds.

      • It's interesting that Christina Grimmie somewhat resembles Selena Gomez. Both singers are around the same age too.

    • U will see 1 day and u wont be laughing anymore
      But some people who r in hell right now are still evil and blasphemous
      But 1 thing for certain, they know shyt is real

  2. Unfortunately, this isn't surprising given history of this stuff, however, over the last *50 years*, people have become more aware of this possibility; and take proper precautions. It's not the 60s.

    The identity of this alleged shooter will reveal everything because one of three things happened here:
    -He really did this.
    -She refused to be extorted or refused to let the industry pimp her out, so they came for her.
    -False flag.

  3. U never know when it's going to be ur time. Yes, there is evil in this world & it's only going to get worse when satan is released to earth. But fear not, put ur trust and strength in God and He will see u thru.

      • Wait until u pass over into the next realm
        Its appointed for man to be born and to die
        When u get the next realm, u wont b laughing and mocking anymore
        U will c how real shyt really is about sacrificing and the devil

    • Maybe @00:22
      Also her and her family i heard were devout Christians
      Who knows what the real deal is but hollyweird is most definotely not of God's kingdom

  4. …waiting for ms regarding to come in here talking about how she changed this girls diaper when she was a child and predicted her death in 5,4,3,2……

    • LMMFBAO, or she got the inside information and was told by…………………………..

    • For YOUR information until this article I had never heard of this person let alone met her so your comment is simply reflective of ME BEING SO HEAVILY ON YOUR MIND. You have screens & comments that include my name daily & the thought of me never seems leave while I give you not even a backward thought. What use to be anoting is just plain funny now right along with your comments…all 6 of them!!!!! Keep it up & much love & light to you & all your cohorts.

      Please note…I need no preempting from the likes of you as I'm quite capable of making whatever comment I choode & I generally make them first even before you.

    • Anonymous @ 9:21, @??? 100, anonymous@22:34,
      In 5, 4, 3, 2 She'll Be On This B……….., anonymous@ 22:37, anonymous@3:32 (THE SAME PERSON so into me it's considered an obsession????)

      For YOUR iinformation until this article I had never heard of this person let alone met her so your comment is simply reflective of ME BEING SO HEAVILY ON YOUR MIND. You have screens & comments that include my name daily & the thought of me never seems leave while I give you not even a backward thought. What use to be anoting is just plain funny now right along with your comments…all 6 of them!!!!! Keep it up & much love & light to you & all your cohorts.

      Please note…I need no preempting from the likes of you as I'm quite capable of making whatever comment I choode & I generally make them first even before you.


  5. 2016 alot of shit is going down america is about to crash but more things have to happen the next thing to be legal is child marriage it s comin.

    • Yeah you ain't never lied! I just saw an article yesterday that was discussion "taking a new approach to dealing with pedophilia", and about how we need to start "understanding them" as well as understanding the difference between pedophiles and child molesters. All I can say is get your shit together and just sit back and watch.

  6. Damn as history repeats itself same ole patterns different day. Ain't nothin new, people ain't gone see threw this one either whatever the media say that's what goes. Smh!

    • Christina Grimmie, Selena, Richie Valens, Lina Morgana (Lady Gaga's blood sacrifice) and yet some people still want to be hollywood celebrities? Don't they realize the hollywood mafia is murdering these people! I just don't understand this!

  7. I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in conspiracies. The murder of Christina Grimmie followed by the mass murder of fifty gay people; both incidences happened in Orlando Florida? Yeah the wicked white devils who control Amerikkka want to destroy our Constitution and install martial law. By the way, Florida is a swing state. There is definitely a illuminati method to the madness. Both incidences could be a FFO (False Flag Operation)!

    P.S. How can police not identify the murderer of Christina Grimmie. If someone murdered a cop, I bet you the police would have identified him!

    • It was a set up msybe hollywerid wanted her to something and she said no. U wonder whos next

    • @NBA is Fixed gotta call you out. I've been here X plus years. Don't remember you being so compassionate or understanding over the death of Bobbi Kristina aka Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's only child. Have to describe BK as that, to give proper respect to her lineage.

      Bring the receipts that you gave a shat about a young Black girl who was basically killed by a con artist who was there when she and her mother, both met their untimely deaths.

      Otherwise, we'll assume you're a jailhouse pontificator. Show us you care about BW who meet an untimely death, with receipts of your concern, as you are mammying this basically UNKNOWN white girl.

      • You claim you have been a blogger here for years. You obviously don't read my comments. If you did, then you would know that I blogged about how Clive Davis murdered Whitney.

        • This is me on my cell phone I am not a blogger I am a fan of Jacky here at this blog for years now. Yes I do read your comments which is why I called you out

        • NBA is fixed,
          I somehow missed your post about feeling as if Clive Davis murdered/had Whitney murdered. I, like the Anonymous poster above have been here x plus years as you well know even though I think you were here before me. I missed telling you this because I was so busy engaging in the ignorance of my HSN stalker but apparently you aren't alone in your thought processes about Clive Davis. It's been long said that Clive Davis was directly responsible for Whitney's death, that he was so bold as to inform Whitney well in advance that she was going to die, to get her affairs in order & that he enlisted Nick Gordon to kill her. Same of course is said Bobbi Kristina….he had multimillion dollar life insurance policies on both of them that would far exceed the $20M Whitney allegedly borrowed & the $100M on Whitney's contract that she failed to meet. This is the conversation of a wide array of executives in certain corporate settings within the entertainment industry but NOT ONE has said they feel he should be investigated or something should be done. It was said as if he had every right to orchestrate such a deed. It was also said…it wasn't his first time.

  8. Stephen she was signed to Island records and was supposedly working on an album. When you look at the other artists that are also signed with them you get an idea of what she could have been asked to do.

  9. Poor girl. But with what the world is coming to, I'd say at least she's at a better place & will forever stay young. RIP

  10. Maybe she was asked to do some dirty sexual initiated stuff she declined. They were scared she was gonna let out the secret ….they Whacked her.. Think Kevin spacey type death in American pie.

  11. Why keep the killer's identity secret.. that's what puzzles me. Came with two gun's and she was definitely a target. I wonder if they are making up a story.. who knows.

  12. It's a possibility they made it up. Look at the gunman in the Orlando gay club shooting. It seems the gov't is behind these shootings.

  13. Why would there be two shootings back to in the same city? It's too obvious that the gov't is involved. They were quick to say terrorist attack in the club shooting.

  14. All nothing more than a push for gun control. C'mon two significant shootings within two days and within the same city? Really? Like c'mon people. Shit doesn't get more obvious than this. Of course Im gonna wait til more information comes out, because of course it takes them a while to put the bullshit all in order and for it to correspond and be pushed onto the masses. They're really stepping these false flags up , and more is coming unfortunately.

    • Now that a bunch of gay people were allegedly killed, the government now has gay people co-signing for the destruction of the second amendment. I suspect this was a false flag operation.

  15. I'll also mention, why did this guy just walk up and shoot her? What was his motive? hyper-obsessed/deranged fan? The usual "mental illness?" And at these concert events, aren't the supposed stars surrounded by bodyguards? Entered the venue with two guns, only firing one… and kills himself at the end of the who debacle? People are right to question this bullshit.

  16. How huge was thus girl as a star I got to look her up daryl dimebag abbot was performing on stage and a guy came up and shot him Man somebody fooling with Satan thus killer could have been a maniac who wanted a name so he could be known and most if these crazy guys read about saran online Ricardo lopes anyone

  17. I have noticed that “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S./American history” seems to be the catch phrase for all the media outlets to spread. I saw this reply posted online yesterday (thanks Fendi) and wanted to share it:

    “I'm just going to drop this off right here. Perhaps, the news media should subscribe to a little publication called FACTS before they disseminate any other false information.”


    200-700 Deaths

    854 Deaths


    150 Deaths

    Guess what? These are these are the number of deaths reported on each incident that I found online as of today.

    St. Louis massacre 1917 (40-200 deaths)
    Arkansas massacre 1919 (237 deaths)
    Tulsa massacre 1921 (55-300 deaths)
    Rosewood massacre 1923 (8-150 deaths)

    As you can see the numbers vary greatly. Hmmmm, make me look at the Mandela effect a little differently. Do you know what I find the most disturbing about this whole situation? It is the fact that most of our young people don’t even know that these travesties occurred and that one day any and all information referring to these incidents on the internet will be wiped clean. It’s not like it hasn’t happened to us before and let's face it, how many young people pick a book up for information now days?

    Just a little food for thought….

    • what you go to understand most people in american don't believe in anything they call you crazy and they will fall for anything

      • I hear you Stephen and I would have refuted your claim that most people and said that maybe some people don't believe in anything before this years electoral process. I now stand corrected in my past beliefs about them. *shaking my head laughing to myself*

        I can no longer ask myself what is this world coming to, alas an end. If not literally at least in the way that we know it.

        • here's the thing most of the world is not going to get only a small portion will get it not your job to make the world get it but just put the information out truthfully and hnestly

    • Thanks for the info Black Enga. I guess in the eyes of white supremacy, thousands of black people murdered doesn't matter to them. I guess it doesn't matter to President Obama because he has never talked about the Tulsa Massacre or the Rosewood massacre.

      • You're welcome NBA, I think that they are by passing what should have been granted to ALL Black people in America for ALL the damage and suffering that we have endured for centuries to hand it over to the LGBT community which is being in a "Protected Class" and just like Stephen said child marriage is next.

        Wait a minute…. Didn't I see this on a Simpsons episode but I digress. *walks away with head hanging down*

        • with this gay club "shooting" this was designed to protect gays and transgenders if you use free speech saying you don't;ie gays you will go to prison and tehey are working on banning the bible and preachers are in on

          • soon the celebs are going to come and support becasue they have to and they are puppets if they don't they get killed

    • BE, Were those aforementioned mass killings committed by one shooter? If so then I agree that they should supersede Mateen's numbers in Orlando.

  18. Obama should know about mass shootings being from Chicago but he turned his back on his own city. What about Sandy Hook with all those kids dying and he did nothing. The Zika virus was created by the govt.

  19. I know. Shit I cant even get my own family to "get it" hence they went to graduation decked out in clothing riddled with Illuminati symbols unbeknownst to them or their parents who spent hundreds of dollars for them without question. To late, money spent, message implanted….

    But I keep trying with out scaring the hell out of them. I recently passed on the hidden colors CD to someone close to me and she done damn near lost her mind. A lot of the times I believe people are just plain scared of the truth because they cant wrap their head around it. It threatens and challenges everything that they have been taught, everything that that know as their reality. It's a bitter pill to swallow so must people chose not to because it is easier to stay safe in their "matrix" for lack of a better word and to call you the crazy one.

    Believe me Stephen, I get it. It's just so hard to watch your loved ones buy into the bullshit hook, line and sinker and try not to come out as the heavy….

  20. My goodness, but there is more misinformation being promoted as fact here.
    And the sad part is that most folks won't even question it or vet it for themselves.

    Ban the Bible and preachers??

    Only on public/government property. Are you familiar with separation of church and State. No one will ever take away your right to pray and worship as you choose in a house of worship or in your own house. But you have no right to inflict your beliefs and religious rituals on others.
    Many of us are sick to death of religion being used as a basis for party politics(as in the Republican Party.) It has no place in politics or policy. But what you choose to do in private is of no concern to anyone.

  21. @Anonymous Jun 13, 2016 at 20:42
    No, those mass killings (massacres) aforementioned were initiated by hate from mass groups of white people. The mass shooting in Orlando was initiated by the hate of one individual. The keys words here are HATE and MASS as in….

    Feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
    Intense or passionate dislike.

    An indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.
    Deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people).

    A considerable assemblage, number, or quantity

    It doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not, you have a right to your opinion as I do. And my opinion is that mass killing is mass killing whether it was done by one individual or by many. Whether the murder of a large large of people was done by gun, knife or noose its still mass murder.

    The play on words by the media and what you are implying is that THIS was the deadliest mass shooting of people in the U.S which isn't true. Albeit they also didn’t have assault rifles in the 1900’s they had guns and they used those guns AND other weapons to incite and commit mass murders. Perhaps the media should rephrase what they are plastering across the globe with:

    “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S./American history by a lone gunman with an assault rifle” instead of

    “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S./American history”

    All it takes is the hatred of one individual and if you give that ONE individual enough influence over a group of people that hatred of one can become the hatred of MANY. That is the formula in which some of the world’s worst dictators have used to gain power…..

    • So what about 9/11 or many of the battles in the Civil War? Those were killings driven by hate.

      You have to set parameters for statistics, and in this case it was mass murder committed by one person. But who cares? I thought maybe those murders were committed by one angry clan member.

  22. The biggest mass murder ever was brought upon our ancestor and still counting. What about the countless africans that has been mass murdered for thousands of years not just hundreds. From the time we go to bed til the time we wake up there are other countries getting mass murdered by the millions everyday every night and every second as we speak. I hate when the media and others try to put a more over the top number to killings as like some is worser than others. Death is death and killing is killing no matter how many were involved or who pulled the trigger MO.

  23. People always look upon modern day killings and call it a mass or that, that one killing is worser than the next when theres literally millions on the slaughter block every single day but no one talks about that or mention them.

  24. jailhouse scholars?half yall take student loans still dont go to school?stil cant spell ,let alone have proper grammar and half of yall end up in jail learning jailhouse education ?and based on what I have read half you need it?glasshouse bitches?RIF BITCHES?

  25. @judge Judy what does stating a fact or an opinion have to do with someone being a jailhouse scholar?im sure no one here has been or is just getting out of jail. Hell i didn't even know u could get a scholars degree in jail shit if thats the case i think i would of been in there long ago to collect mine.This ain't Family Feud or Akeela and the Bee u dont have to read write and spell to simply state an fact or opinion so in my opinion if you don't like how we read right or spell Log Out!???✌?

  26. You wrote all that and aint put not one punctuation mark missed a few capitals and your comma is in the wrong place. Just thought I'd tell yo 1/2 of Auto Correct Speliing Ass. Girl bye!?tryna clown.

  27. @judge judy.Jailhouse education???? is better than no education and the way u write they should give u life.????Scholar….??????????????????

  28. @ Anonymous Jun 14, 2016 at 23:50

    Really? I thought those two were driven by greed but I digress. I wasn't trying to set parameters for statistics, I was showing proof that their statement was a lie.

    And I care about the "deadliest" massacre in United States history but the AmeriKKKa doesn't.

    Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

    From Necrometrics dot com

    Dead 6 million t- 60 million
    The likeliest number 15-20 million

    From African holocaust dot net

    Dead 65-75 million
    10 million from the slave trade alone

    From Understanding Slavery dot com
    Dead 12-15 million

    What do all these sites have in common? The all say that due to the varying circumstances of the slave trade nobody really knows exactly how many Africans died. Oh but wait a minute…You don't care, so um never mind….

  29. *but AmeriKKKa doesn't*, damn jail house education wasn't worth that bank forgery charge….

  30. @Black Enga:

    Yes, thank you for kickin’ the knowledge and keepin’ it alive!

    Now an alligator at Disney in ORLANDO snatched a 2 year old off the beach, not even in the water!!

    Something ugly is over Orlando

    Also, they are still trying to say that the gay club shooting is a hate crime/terrorism

    Even though the gunman was a regular at the club, gay himself (or at least bisexual) and was a known nasty drunk.


    • @ Anon 05:12

      You’re welcome, my mind has been overloaded with tragedy lately and I have been try to escape it by venting on this site. With this child and all the other deaths that have been on the news lately it’s hard to deal with.

      But the little boy in Florida seems sort of suspicious, who lets a baby play in the water after dark in gator country?!? I spent most of my summers in Florida as a child and was terrified of any body of water. Adults used to always warn us “you better stay out that water it’s alligators in there and they will get you!” Between them, the snakes every way you turned and the frogs covering the windows at night I was a little nervous wreck. They say that the family was from Nebraska but they should have known about the dangers especially at dusk.

      Disney is liable too, they should have had gator proof fencing up or something after all it’s their natural habitat so protect your guests damn, especially little kids. I can’t imagine having to fight an alligator and watching it take off with my child Lord have mercy. I also would have never let my 2 year old play in a body of water by himself.

      I want to know why they had 5 alligators (that they have now euthanized) on the property anyway.

  31. @ anon 05:12, when they finish peeling the rind off that lemon called the Orlando tragedy it wont even be recognized as a lemon anymore, smh….

    They think that we are so stupid.

  32. This media outlets said the boy's body was intact. I don't know if that's possible.

  33. That's I don't get either not to sound graphic but most of us have watched the nature channel and have seen how they take down wildebeest crossing the rivers, nothing stays intact.

    If it was big enough to drag him in, I mean…..o_O!

  34. Lina Morgana was a blood sacrifice for Lady Gaga.

    Aaliyah was a blood sacrifice for Beyonce.

    Selena was a blood sacrifice for Jennifer Lopez.

    Christina Grimmie was a blood sacrifice for Selena Gomez.

    • aalyah was a sacrifce for dame dash beyonce is thinking about takin rachel roy christina grimme did not want to play the game the people at island records told her what she needed to do to become famous she would have never died if she just played ball even selena gomez schooled her

  35. If you want more information on the false flag operation in Orlando, go to Black Child's video clip on youtube. That guy is always on point with the real info!

    • one more thing that got christina whacked she kept doing interviews about what they wanted her to she wouldn't shut up

    • Black Childs vids are the truth! Im spreading his vids for the others who are waking up to see.

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