MMA Fighter Kills Himself Playing Russian Roulette

Ivan JP Cole mma fighter russian roulette

Another MMA fighter has suffered an untimely death. After Kimbo Slice died at the age of 42, 25-year-old Ivan “JP” Cole was found dead at his Dallas apartment on June 11.

Reports suggest Ivan killed himself while playing a game of Russian roulette – a game where you load a bullet into the chamber of a revolver, spin the cylinder, and then pull the trigger while pointing the gun to your own head.

Ivan’s deadly decision has now left his wife a widow. She has setup a Go Fund Me fundraiser to raise money for his funeral.

“June 11, 2016 I lost my husband to gun play. He made a bad decision that cost him his life. If you could donate anything I would really appreciate it. He leaves behind a wife and a 4-year-old daughter. I have to pay for funeral expenses, bills, and be able to take care of myself and our daughter, anything would help in my time of need thank you!” – Kymberli Cole

If you’re feeling generous, you can donate here.


  1. I don't know of this fighter buy may he RIP.. I don't understand why he would play such a dangerous game having a wife and not to mention a child to be responsible for. Why would he be so careless with his life. smh

  2. This is a shame. What a devastating blow to his family, bless them. However, I'm sure there must be more to the story than this. May he rest in peace. I had a classmate who did the same thing…we later learned that he robbed a bank and was shook about getting caught.

  3. The darwin award has a new nominee. On the real though, why and the hell would a man who has a wife and child, a man who has things to live for consciously decide to play such a stupid game with his life? And he was playing Russian roulette by himself? The whole point of the game is for it to be a challenge amongst others( other stupid people most likely.) A lot of shit does not add up here, and though I may sound repetitive here, but I do feel there is much more here. There's a lot of shit that's happened within the last week, and I find it ironic that all of this happens right off the heels of there being a massive satanic ritual across several cities that happened on 6/6/16- don't believe me, look it up!

  4. The complete narcissism to say that the illuminati takes out every Z list black male celebrity… stop the damn insanity!

  5. So the widow says she has to take care of their child and pay bills? We all have to! When someone just dies, the family's financial situation remains the same and I am sure he had life insurance being a fighter…

  6. Naw. TPTB killed him while playing Russian Roulette FOH with them bullshit lies they can tell that to a MF that don't know no better.

    • You got that right Etw. I saw on YouTube that the Bilderberg Group just called an emergency meeting in Marbella, Spain last month to discuss the "Ivan Cole situation."

      Those tricky little buggers sure can micromanage!!! Next on the Rothschild's agenda: The Lil Boosie problem////is it time to pull the plug?

      The World Bank and the US elections can wait!! There are bothersome ni88as to kill!!

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