Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Removes Pat & Cissy Houston as Trustees?

bobbi kristina estate remove pat cissy houston

After the July 2015 death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, her grandmother Cissy Houston and her aunt Pat were listed as trustees. But now, her estate is asking a judge to remove Pat and Cissy for refusing to pay bills.

According to Bossip, the estate administrator is accusing Pat and Cissy of refusing to pay more than $86k in bills the estate has accumulated. The administrator is also asking the judge to appoint a temporary trustee.

This isn’t the first time BK’s estate has ran into issues with Cissy and Pat. In February of this year, the two were hit with a lawsuit for failing to pay bills once again.

Looks like it’s about time Pat and Cissy kick rocks and leave the estate in the hands of someone who will do right by BK!


  1. Mrs. Cissy got money, it's Pat ass whose shit out of luck. She just brought that brand new Jag right before Krissy's passing too!

  2. May the soul of Bobbi Christina continue to rest in peace she sure did have a tragic life.

  3. All the estate has to do is pay her creditors and she can't have that many, and give the beneficiaries their money. The probate people need to move it along.

    • Whitney's money-estate was in a trust, hence there is no probate to be done.

      A trust is structured very differently, and there are different rules which have to be observed. I know because I was the sole heir to a trust and I deal with the court/judge frequently.

      But why they are not paying their bills makes no sense at all. Why wouldn't you? The money is there.

  4. They Dont need to be involved with the estate anyway. All those cover ups and other stuff they were doing. Now they not paying bills they probably spent all the money. They didn't care about either of them they just wanted to be taken care of and still want to be taken care of. She let pat have control of everything for some reason.

  5. Pat Houston is the devil and no one can tell me, she didn't have something to do with Whitney's death.. How can your assistant let you stay on n the tub over an hour and not check on you..
    There's a special place awaiting Pat Houston and her husband is just a damn fool and he can't sing in my eyes and ears…

  6. What do they mean put the money in the right persons hand that cares for BK? When they find that right one that genuinely cared for BK…Call me that's when i'll drive up to the white house and personally ask Barry for my 40 acres and my mule. FoH!

  7. Comment: Bobby Brown is going to end up in charge if he can do the rituals . Watch and see

  8. Bobby Brown’s drug/alcohol history will preclude him from getting control of the estate.

    Cissy is either too ignorant, too sick, maybe going into Alzheimer’s or bullied by Pat and her husband to do the right thing. Cissy is a perfect example of why you should leave other woman’s husband’s alone – it never ends well.

    Bobby’s hospital bills are ginormous. This is what needs to be paid. I am sure she didn’t have insurance. Furthermore, BK was 21, trust fund kid, dope addict and totally on her own. Now, in addition to medical bills, I am sure she ran up some bills.

  9. Pat is going to lose it all that money going back into white hands see they waited on bk and whit to die just to lose everything nick dumb ass should have legally married bk

    • Naw CC. The courts will demand accountability. At least Whitney planned her estate so that no one could bleed it dry through greed and excessive spending. And Bobby Brown will not get his hands on it.

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