Bobby Brown Spills Tea on Affair With Janet Jackson

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Bobby Brown is spilling all the tea in his new memoir Every Little Step: My Story: Bobby Brown. Aside from confirming Whitney Houston’s lesbian hookup, Bobby also opens up about the time he was smashing Janet Jackson on the low!

Bobby thought he was getting promoted from side dude to main dish, but Janet had to break it to him that she wasn’t in love with him, and she had no plans of leaving her man Rene Elizondo Jr. for him.

Janet also told Bobby that her father, Joe, wouldn’t allow her to be with a black man!

So after having sex in his hotel room, Bobby “exploded” and threw her out!

“I fell in love with her when she was Penny on Good Times. It goes back that far, you know, my infatuation with her,” – Bobby Brown

Do you believe him?


    • DR1,
      Let me be the FIRST to say….
      If Bobby turns up dead somewhere with his head chopped off it will be due to him telling this old business on Janet. She'll remain quiet but her husband's people may react out of "refusing to allow Wissam to publicly look like he married a black American pop star tramp." It's not that Bobby is lying. He's not. He was sexing Janet while she was very much working with & dating Rene Alizondo. Bobby thought he was going to be Janet'so man as did a certain popular DJ in LA of whom she was also sexing at that time but Janet was determined to stay with Rene. All these guys knew they were sleeping behind each other. This is partially why Rene treated Janet so badly at the end of their marriage. She played him cheap by outing his chronic drug use which she knew about all along. She pretended to be the victim when Rene slept with a lady working at the rehab he was an inpatient client at but Janet was screwing around then too. Her PR team didn't tell that part. When Rene decided to cash out he double billed her for work he'd done on many of her projects by claiming he'd never been paid when in fact he had plus all the side money she'd given him so he threatened to tell the press about her sexing everybody from Micheal Jordan to Jada Pinkett (this is the short list) since their marriage. As a result…he got 2 homes, 2 cars, a settlement check & a monthly payment called something other than alimiony because Janet refused to pay it under alimony or spousal support.

      Remember Janet getting found out about using her chef's name to get certain prescriptions? Rene knew about that long before it came out & I still believe he was the one who told it.

      • And watch this….at least one of the two now adult children Janet does not claim to have given birth to will be coming out if she continues to publicize she's pregnant with her FIRST baby. Rene Elizondo kept this quiet too but only because Janet signed off on his cash settlement & monthly payments. He doesn't care that nothing positive about his life reaches mainstream media. Janet's pull is far reaching when it comes to that.

    • y would janet sue a broke mf with no damn money waste of her time cause she kno she wouldn't get a damn penny from his azz

      • Are you slow? If he is lying it's called slander and defamation that is why she would sue to clear her good name not for money. And like I said before he's not lying.

    • BS…there have always been bitch ass ho bag dudes talking shit…you all just love to say it all women to keep the light off yourselves…but now with social media etc…we all know the truth.

  1. Is this his reward? I always say – when nice looking women that many men want are childless and/or single beyond 35 – they are usually hoes and something else is not right about them.

        • Males are not the center of every woman's life. Some chicks have a job and interests.

          Some women dgaf about a ring, they just want to be boo'd up and focus on their career.

          Some women refuse to settle for whatever dusty person they meet.

      • Don't listen to that freak Miss Stark ???? he was a riding for Africa Bambata bring a child molester! Yeah nobody had forgotten about that!

  2. Bobby brown has been the fall guy for Whitney for years regarding drug use and he kept his mouth shut. I guess he finally decided to,open his mouth and makes some money off his own life. Why knock him , a lot of the other celebrities doing the same thing in one fashion or another. Reality Tv is one example ……. Just saying. Also, remember when it was disclosed that Joanet was dating Jermaine Dupri, no one believed that either, but eventually it was on firmed nd they were together for a numbe of years. So what's so unbelievable about he dating Bobby Brown. Are beer Ebobby was considered to be a Hot , Sexy Entertainer back in the Day…….

  3. Typo , After many people swore Janet wouldn't date the likes of someone like Jermaine Dupri, it was confirmed they were dating and it was a Hit and Heavy Relationship that lasted for Years. remember, the Heart wants what the Heart wants and women like their Boy Toys to. just Saying…….

  4. These damn celebrities! Bobby is selling himself cheap! No one cares about these ole washed up herpes infested whores…He's spilling old tea, everyone knew that he was Whitney's paid husband. Her girlfriend Robin went on a rampage, and told that. I like Bobby, but he's like that annoying uncle, that just does too much…

  5. It's totally believable. He was Usher in the late 80s and early 90s, only he was the "bad boy." Black women were climbing all over him and Al B. Sure. Janet was no different from any other girl her age back then despite the Jackson name, and her recent hits. Add in the fact that her parents wouldn't like him.

    Also, Janet apparently likes Ike Turner dudes (Rene, James, and her Arab spouse). She dumped Jermaine because he was nice to her.

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