Lil Wayne Suffers Seizure, Forces Emergency Landing on Private Jet

lil wayne seizure

Lil Wayne suffered a seizure during a flight, and it forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska.

Weezy was flying from Milwaukee to California when he suffered a seizure, and according to sources, he was blacked out when the plane landed in Omaha.

Paramedics were on hand to help the rapper, but he became alert and refused medical attention.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has suffered a seizure mid-flight. Back in 2012, his jet had to make emergency landings two days in a row when he began suffering back-to-back seizures. He had another seizure in 2013 that almost ended his life.

Despite the health scares, Weezy allegedly continues to smoke and drank his life away according to the tea a pregnant groupie spilled about him.


  1. Unhealthy lifestyle choices will only lead to an early death. It's unfortunate that the younger generation look up and follow these fools.

    • And when he dies the usual suspects here will all cry "Illuminati Hit."
      Forget the fact that we have all witnessed his dangerous drug usage over the past 10 years, forget the fact that we all know that it is a black man who has made his life hell***Baby/Birdman***

      The same conspiracy crowd will talk about the Kazars who made him take an oath and the nasty white devil who forced him to do the rituals.

      Meanwhile, a very nasty black man covered in tattoos was making him do some repugnant shit from the age of 14 on.

      I like Wayne very much and I wish he would seek some help. He can't drink away his nightmares of Baby and the perverts.

      • I can't stand that ugly ashy freak but yeh idiots will be talking about the Illuminati when he's just another stupid dope head.

        • When WILL the dark skin HATE from black people stop?

          You are a WHITE Supremacist in African American skin. .. Just know that.

          You're a creation OF THE devil

          • ? bish GTFO you have conveniently avoided 30 years of colorist rap hip-hop! I see you and I'll keep checking your gaslighting ass! As a matter of fact Lil Wayne is known for hating dark skin black women made songs about it he is proud of it so keep exposing yourself

  2. wayne might be the next one cause baby can make a whole lot of money off wayne dead than alive don't believe ask warner brothers didn't they kill prince with poison

  3. He's good as gone. Just a matter of time and with the way he lives, he won't make it to 35.

  4. Get well Wayne, Stop drinking LEAN it's not your friend.. Just stop it. ???

  5. Planes turning around. Emergency rooms. Sounds like Prince story again. Too soon. Too much!

    • That was the first thing that came to my mind. He polluted the minds of a generation so let it all come back on him. CANNOT stand me some Lil Wayne

      • Lil Wayne can go to hell it looks like that's where he's headed. I consider much of modern rap hate speech they hate dark skin and hate black women Kiss the ass of mixed chicks and we supposed to cry for his little rusty crusty dusty ass?

  6. Lilwayne's been depressed since youngthug stole his shine. If I were him I'd just quit…but looking the way he does he's got no other choice ..he still gotta monkey around that's why you don't tattup to the Max ..if your albums flop you could blend into regular life. Now Wayne's stuck with this thug persona.same fate awaits young thug I mean these kids ain't nas…2 years time who's gonna know them.Wayne's last few album's have been money generally's gone down.

  7. he may prefer lighter shade women to which yard rats like yourselves call light skinnedded?, despite your opinion last time i check his ex bm and daughter dark skin ?and bleaching and lighter shade foundation in hollyweirds makes skin bleaching more acceptable ??when the melanin is gone and your skin is susceptible to cancer…f*cking european antics?

    • All that jailhouse crap you just wrote doesn't excuse his legacy as a colorist, creepy, dopehead… his EX wife and older kids are black the rest are mixed you fool. I personally can't stand fans of Lil Wayne as they are just as ignorant and ghetto as he is, always making excuses for the bullshit he's put out there for the WORLD to absorb. No matter what you say his legacy is in cement, a colorist dopehead.

    • BE OMG, he was using poppers! That's what guy dudes use for anal sex. Jeez, another black masculine appearing man playing for the other team. Poppers can cause a heart attack when the person using them has a cardiac issue. How embarrassing for his family. If it wasn't for the presence of poppers they could have played it off like they were there for an all night card game or something like that.

      • @ Anonymous Jun 14, 2016 at 20:37

        Ummmm Hummmmm, when I looked up jungle juice plus I was like Whaaaat! With weed and liquor!?!? Dude was getting bopped in more ways than one but that's none of my business. *giving a strong side eye while sipping tea*

        He doesn't even live in Milwaukee, he just but goes there to hook up so he was hiding it from his family fo sho. I don't know about him being able to pass it off because the nosey hotel people made it known that he was a regular that checks with a man. Put that man's business all the way out there. SMH I feel sorry for his family too for having to find out like this if they didn't know.

        Whats done in the dark….

        • *I wonder who it was that ducked out of the room? You think it could have been another football player, hmmmm like maybe a former GBP????

          • Paging Aaron Rodgers Party of One!!!

            He is as gay as a parade, but he is bearding with Olivia Nunn right now. He was caught with his "room mate" Kevin Lanfisi in a compromising situation 2 years ago, so his people contracted her to be his girlfriend until things died down.
            It's possible?

      • She's a boring baby mama! I can't stand those church baby mamas such hypocrites. And how the hell do you know if that person is really a SHE gimme a break, catfish much?!

        • Check this out….
          I'm NOT your "baby mama." That insinuates I have an ILLEGITIMATE BASTARD LIKE YOU. That's not the case with me. You can't keep your mouth off me yet you find the need to lie which is quite unnecessary. Just admit you love to hate on me so much that you'll continue to resort to lying. The fact of the matter is you can't be me. Me & my lifestyle which I freely & frequenly speak of intrigues the hell out of YOU. I can't be too boring…YOU say my name MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY so who is boring? You have no idea about my church or if I'm even attending any church which is exactly where YOU need to run to. You need Jesus.Your obsession with me is really almost christlike & definitely misplaced, however, I guess I have that effect on you. Love & Light to you darling….?

    • Etw….wasn't that you piloting the plane or nah?
      I'm in Las Vegas chilling all week. My job has me & 2 colleaugues overseeing our client's production at this year's EDC. Just out of curiosity, WTF are you doing besides checking for ME?????? My colleague is sitting here dying of laughter that you have so little to do but stalk me under a billion names on HSK. He didnt believe me at first but after seeing 12 on YOUR various comments across the threads he does now. Come to Vegas boo…we'll give you tickets to a few events & send you to dinner at Nobu. Maybe you'll find a new obsession then!?????

    • Etw…
      WHAT…you not beating feet to say some slick shit? How about the company I work for owns an airline & I fly free anytime I choose to. Likewise, you're welcome to check me & my colleagues out in Las Vegas as I told YOU on the other thread. You got jokes about planes but just jump on one & get here. You don't even need a hotel. I got you. Neither our company condo nor the villas are occupied because the 3 of us are staying on property at my client's place. I'm happy to house you for the next 3 days at no cost to you. EDC doesn't start up again until tonight so you have plenty of time get here. It's sold out but we'll give you a band & credentials so you can sit with us & see what we do. See, unlike YOU I'm not a hater. You got all kinds of jokes but I'm living it & invite YOU to test your jokes.

  8. "Reportedly, Wayne was at a club appearance in Milwaukee where witnesses claim he was seen with “five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance.” One partygoer claims they saw the Cash Money Millionaire finish off three of the bottles by himself. "


  9. @ Anonymous Jun 15, 2016 at 22:51

    *What?!?! Fanning the hell out of the tea to cool it down*


  10. Ms. Reg girl bye? you, yo company and ya colleagues. Get out ya panties and take a joke!??✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

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    • Etw….
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    • Etw,
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    • Etw….
      Now, I'm really laughing for real. Do you know I was about to ask you…. "Etw, when did guys start saying 'Girl bye'? I thought that was a girl's phrase." I'm so sorry….please accept my apology for calling you "brother." That's not nice!?

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    • Etw…
      Yes, we should link up by all means but there's no need to show me how to own anything. I have my own small business. I employee 3 people who actually can afford to take care of themselves & 2 rentals in Summerlin. You live in Vegas? Then your familiar with Queens Ridge…both rentals there. Meet me later today if you're not "still mad at me.!!!!" Going to sound check at 3p…you're welcome to roll.

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    • Reg, this in addition to your slave job says a whole lot. And you manage it in chill mode from two different states with the schedule we have most times also says quite much. Based on these comments I'm slave too, of the same owner-master no less and off the same cut as you. We should all be sleep but instead we're up and ready to hit the ground running so we can head home early.

      To you I'm saying I read this one and several others threads off your tablet. You're past good. There is no way you should subject yourself to this kind of shenanigans. The lady we met was cool and that's fine. We all invite who we choose or can get away with. This and I mean all of it is absolutely beneath you. Plan something nice for your friend having surgery. Leave the crazies of LV where they are. Can you imagine that lunatic is still talking to you right now while you're fussing over you Mimosa. Not to worry. Nerves Internet wide have been struck!

      • T, I fully get what you're saying. My point as you understand is that it was all cool & groovy when they were apart of the Bully Brigade but when it turned back THEM it was ever so offensive. It was such a small joke & I totally agree. MY jokes were small as well & my invitations were very real but then it was a problem. I went to all of them since we were up most of the night & now great offense is taken. I know you want me stop & I might when we get back home but I find it funny as hell…you know I do!!!

  20. @Ms. Reg and whoever else had something to say shit. All yall bye! I don't live for non of u muthaf*ckas approval and aint nobody paying my bills ima comment and say what i want and when i want. I thought it was all said in done and girl u still sending me messages on your lavish vaction when u should be worried about planes and your fortune 500 company. I been off of here for 2hours and u still goin in. The only reason why i keep responding is because u keep sendin me messages after 2hours of me being gone. Ill repeat girl i own shit small and big and at the end of the day i aint gotta write a 12page letter to you to prove to u that i own shit or that i work for a fortune 500 company. I don't gotta talk about it its in me not on me. U spent this whole time telling me about a job that no one on here at HSK has ever seen u at probably don't know if your male or female but because u been on here for a few years your followers or your bodyguards wanna try that im stickin up for Ms. Regnald bullshit. Muthaf*ckas probably aint never even heard of a fortune 500 company they just goin along with what u say. Yall on Hsk is a trip. I only started with the name calling because like u said i dont know u but for some reason u dont know me either but because my initial says ETW im automatically a man when i could of easily called u MS. Reginald and yes girl i can read quiet well my parents didn't pay 100,000 a year for me to not know how to read write or spell. Please my friend Humble yourself and fall back.You took it way to far over a small ass joke! GIRL BYE!!!!!?

  21. @Ms. Reg girl bye? i don't give a damn about no damn EDC. What the hell is EDC doing for my Table? Bye!?

  22. @Ms. Reg and then u said u debating to keep me on here girl bye? like u jacky or somethin let me guess must be the Ceo of Hsk? HSK is not the only site on here alot of yall shit come from bossip and everywhere else it aint a problem to go to a different site and get the Tea hell the majority of the time the worded or mis spelled anyway.

  23. @ Twip @ Veg lets get one thing straight i dont give a hot damn about your opinion either so to you girl bye? your friend took it out of context over a damn laugh that's what's crazy! And to u again ain't no black person beneath no black person is what i will say yep ima slave to but i dont throw in people face i have this or that because im in a higher paid slave position i swear black folks be the 1st ones to throw stones. We are from the same trade and no matter how much yall make we make i make u make we all aint free and we all still have some parts of the white mans hands in our pockets. So im saying this to say at the end of the day u her he we all black. By me laughing at a simple comment has nothing to do where u or her or we work live drive or eat. Your homegirl went it and im going to defend myself. Now if you her yall still debating to have me on here or not i cant stop that Yall grown and yall site aint the only site on here in fact i visit a few im not puttin no gun to no ones head to have me here. She just now responding to a comment i laughed at from weeks ago and instead of her focusing on her lavish career she picks a day to argue with meover somebody else's joke i laughed at. i wouldn't of even responded to yo ass either but yall keep goin in. She started wit the disrespect 1st and im defending myself everybody on here think its ok to blast someone but when someone else say something 10 or 12 of yall got somethin to say when your only talkin to one person. Please she own business i own business yayy good f*ckin job just 2black women in the same boat on the same planet and was created from the same creator big deal. Just dont try to knock someone and think your better becausebthe quicker u get it the quicker it can all be taken away. And on top of that instead of her focusing on her friend thats in the hosptial she decides to do this with me today weeks later at a time like this. But she on vaction then she a work then she running a convention today all while visiting a friend? Anyhow i said this about 4 hours ago im done im not about to continue to argue with u her or none of yall i dont even f*ckin know amd careless about knowing getting to know or seeing i said what i had to say and where did u come from@TWIP i thought i was arguing with Ms. Reg not TWIP?

  24. @Twip@ veg respond say what u want let it all out ill give u the last word so u can feel like u aced the conversation. Im done arguing im omw to take my children to disney land. Yall have a blessed day✈✈✈✈✈??

    • No you not Erica…you were on the other thread LYING ON ME claiming I was threatening to kick you off HSK. That's a lie. Nowhere nor at any time did I say anything remotely close to that. I'm not an HSK staff writer or employee therefore I have no power to do such & why would I? You pose no threat to me in any way. Just look how you have lie on me to further your point. I gave you & SEVERAL OTHERS an open invitation to see what I do for a living & to attend an event in YOUR city. You called my colleagues & I slaves…??????? & went on additional rants & tirades. It pissed you off to learn that I have rentals in your city but maintain my home & job in CA. Even when being spoken to graciously & with honor you act uncouth. Enjoy Disneyland & Jamaica today. Many blessings to you & your family…

  25. @Ms. Reg that comment was made at 12:23 and u still bothered at 6:00pm. Girl bye?. Never offened or mad the joke was on u i only laughed and and here u r still on here tryna defend a joke that was already said and done not about to arugue wit u girl dont even know u girl once again bye?

    • Oh no Erica, there is no defense of any joke on my part. The joke may have started out on me but it ended on you. If you want to be apart of the Bully Brigade against me….great. like the rest be able to take the flack & heat that comes with it. It was a small joke on me that got you posting about ME all over this blog thoughout this entire day.

  26. @Ms reg girl bye i aint got to lie on u i dont even feel like re typing everything u said but u did just stop responding im not trippin be humble and have a seat!?

    • Oh yes you surely did lie on me & it's there for all to see.
      So, Erica…you take your own humbleness & have a several seats while at. Unlike you…I straight offered to show you exactly what time it is with me. I'm neither a coward or a liar. You can't say that.

  27. So, Erica…you take your own humbleness & have a several seats while you're at it. I straight offered to show you exactly what time it is with me. I'm neither a coward or a liar. You can't say that.

  28. @Ms. Reg its now 8:03pm and u still goin girl stop joke was never on me i laughed and u got into your feelings and decided to respond went in about your job and all that ok girl great!?????U gotta job if u were never offened u wouldn't of went in and Ms. Reg all over the internet about u? I went on 2 post because u were on those 2 steady responding to me and Anonymous commented and i responded to that person as well. Once again you are at a EDC and got big things going but your still worried? i been stopped im not a bully but an opinion and a sense of humor?i do have im human to and if u can't take a laugh then that's your problem. Im done u don't respond to me i won't respond to u, u said nothing i say matters to u then follow that. Im out!✌? way to Grown girl.

    • Etw…I'm sitting on my ass at this event with several frinds & 2 colleagues waiting for things to get under way. We all have phones, tablets & notebooks monitoring exactly how many times YOU WILL NOT ONLY RESPOND BUT LIE ON ME..

  29. @Ms reg it's 8:33 and u still worried huh? Lay off the tablet computer or iphone and finish planning your event. Humble yourself relax and enjoy your day!

  30. ERICA…funny how you want to not comment to each other now. That thought didn't occur to all your brilliant mind before now while you wereally busy calling us slaves & wanting to show me how to own shit I already have. I think not. You & the Bully Brigade all get it as good as you gave it. Just a small joke for you!!!???

  31. We ALL have ascertained YOUR use of the "humble."
    Do yourself a favor Erica. Take YOUR OWN ADVICE & HUMBLE YOURSELF.
    After you're done with that take your own advice AGAIN! See, there's another small joke for you! ?

  32. @Ms. Reg it's now 8:37 and u still aint done girl im done making u the joke we been doin this since this morning now your being the bully and a stalker now i said enough is enough i had my fun wit u your run is done here on my phone. I will no longer respond i can see your really disturbed u and all 12 of your colleagues. All over a simple joke girl running down life stories and all that tryna explain yourself to someone u will never see in life. And I'll still leave u with this it don't matter where u Work,Live,Drive,Own, what type of cars u buy how u dress we are all still slaves in the white mans eyes. Do me a favor take a hidden camera and put it in your boss house and hear what he really feels about u when hes at home then come back to me Ms. Business woman. Boy i tell u people make a few thousand or hundred a month and lost they skin color and they damn mind. I said i was done now humble yourself and take a flight im out!?✌✈✈✈

    • Erica, you own your own business & me & colleagues are slaves according to the likes of YOU right? Why the f*ck would I listen to you tell ME anything? You telling me "ok girl bye, humble yourself & take a flight" means absolutely nothing to me. You'really your own BOSS not mine!!!

  33. @Ms. Reg ok girl u proved your point if that makes u feel better. I never said u were only a slave we all are i dont care how much money we make we are not free period. And i had to remind u of just that please dont ever try to put another black woman down because you makin a lil money and cashing the white man checks credit stocks bonds however we get it spend it or what we put it in to we are all slaves to the system your job your education or nothing had anything to do with why i was laughing so i didn't even see where that came from. U were so quick to mention your job as if the house nigga is better than the field nigga. i had to remind u that your skin is still black thats if u r. Because u really took it there over a joke! It's all said and done have a goodnight! Ps. It's not good to go to bed angry im not putting no food in your stomach nor am i paying your bills so dont worry about my opinion of u don't take everything so literal. Get u some rest been on here since 8:00 this morning my fingers hurt?Goodnight!

  34. No, no, no, Erica. Please get it right. You called me a dummy in addition to many slaves all day claiming I couldn't read & comprehend what you were saying. Had YOU taken the time to allow me the common consideration you'd allow a stranger entering one of your businesses YOU would have clearly seen & understood what I was saying even when I "apologized for calling you brother after reading that you are in fact my sister." That went right on over your head because you were so focused on "me thinking I'm better than you & the entire world because of my job" which is the furthest thing for the truth. THAT'S how I use my slave job, Erica. I seriously invited you to see for yourself because you won't believe what we get paid to basically have fun (in this case) but you were too busy going to Jamaica, Disneyland & calling us slaves & what not. You missed my entire point ALL day & if you ever revisit our day long quarrel you'll finally catch what I was trying to tell you. You have a good restful night. You get you sleep…we'll be up until at least 7am but tomorrow is a new day. Blessings & peace tof you.

    • Yo Ms Reg,
      Ah-ha… I TOLD you! It's about damn time. All the way to the mat babygirl.
      Okay, girl bye and don't forget to humble yourself.

      • Ms Reg, you got these fools running after anybody who says anything to you. Las Vegas got a lot of dumb hoes who don't know when they've lost a fight they had no business being in, huh? I'm going to let you deal with the riff-raff because you're way better at it that any of us give you credit for.

        • Reg, I forgot to point out one thing to you and those watching. The devil ain't the only lie in Las Vegas for sure. How can anybody say they haven't been on HSK since last night when they got first thing this morning and talked about you on another thread? I'm just saying because Montoya pointed it out before I caught it.

          • @SCS,☕
            Same exact thing happened to me when I was fully directing my conversation to Ms Reg. Montoya hit everybody up with notices and yes there was more this morning but in brat fashion Reg addressed it and was done. From what we all read on several threads it was jokes at Reg's expense. The second they got their jokes with a dose of reality back offense was taken and NOBODY wanted to play anymore. Even being humbly bold enough to say "I'm here, come see me, let's exchange ideas and experiences on our dime, I got you" isn't enough when people are hell-bent on tearing someone down. I disagreed with her stance at first but after viewing it from a group of 9 collectively I completely changed opinion and perspective. What I found most profoundly pathetic were the lies told and the eagerness to stand on miscommunication. Anonymous @ 9:19 on the PM Dawn thread covered the entire situation best yet, no amount of name changes to hide behind will cure a jealous heart. It's best to let pigs play in their own cesspool where their happiest and don't take any of their shit.

  35. @So Cal girl u still goin??i ain't been on here since like 9/10:00pm. Girl/boy bye!? the tea is cold now let it freeze over continue on your journey to your Mat stay humble and mind yours. P.s don't start nan won't be nan good day!

  36. @So cal it's goin on almost 48hrs here in a lil bit. And u still worried about this dumb hoe that owns 2 business has wealth beautiful children a nice education a great family and someone who knows who she is who has an opinion and a sense of humor and she stands by that. @So Cal this dumb hoe got u that bothered by a fight that had nothing to do with u as well lol hypocrites girl bye?and find the nearest stadium and find a seat?have a good day!?

  37. @So cal @ Anon whichever one of y'all called me a troll it's goin on almost 48hrs here in a lil bit. And u still worried about this dumb hoe that owns 2 business has wealth beautiful children a nice education a great family and someone who knows who she is who has an opinion and a sense of humor and she stands by that. @So Cal this dumb hoe got u that bothered by a fight that had nothing to do with u as well it was between me and Ms. Reg lol hypocrites girl bye?and find the nearest stadium and find a seat?have a good day!?

  38. Oh! @So Cal i forgot to tell u it's goin on 6:11pm and u still goin on about something that has nothing to do with u. And i also forgot to telk u that when i woke up this morning i had several emails from Ms. Reg from this early this morning and late last night from her comments while im gettin beauty rest girl bye! Stop tryna justify Oh and @ So Cal not only is The devil in vegas that your friend was clearly tellin me to vaction to and party and spend the devils money and sip wine with the drunkards in the city of solomon Gomorrah the devil lives every where in all of us. So until u know that u are clearly washed of sin and u become the most perfect person on the earth please don't throw glass stones. Instead of u turning the other cheek u decide to call me bitches and hoes and please believe me @ So Cal that ain't the Lord Talkin through u. Amen!? Have a blessed day! The Hypocrisy…?

  39. @ Twip @ Veg it shouldn't of been in true brat fashion it should of been in true woman fashion. And as far as im concerned nobody was worried about @Ms. Reg she decided to take it upon herself to comment on a thread that i commented on almost a month ago and then it went from there. It was all good when @ Ms. Reg was callin my kids bastard kids calling me a man but as soon as i defend myself yall gotta problem if she had any class she could of responded in true woman fashion but instead she gave it to me in true brat fashion which is very child like. Yall thought was gonna run me off and cyber bully me like yall do everybody on here that ive seen over the past 4yrs but im not the one and i will defend myself there goes the pot callin the kettle black y'all dont like the fact that i exchanged words with Ms. Reg and i said all this horrible stuff so yall say but then turn right back around and say the same horrible stuff me. Grow up! It's goin on 48hrs and yall still bothered by somebody who doesnt matter to yall. Every 10 min im gettin email notifications from hypocrites who clearly say i dont matter but decides to keep comin. Like i said leave it alone it's goin on 2 days yall mad at me lol cause i laughed at a joke not told the joke but simply laughed and yall still furious almost 48hrs later grow up!

    • This is all I'm going to to you lady. If you are not Anonymous Jun 15, 2016 at 02:28 on this thread, MS REG WAS NOT TALKING TO YOU. If you are then you got what you deserved. You should not have insulted her when she hadn't said a single thing to you. You give as good as you get. Here's the exact wording for your review.

      Anonymous Jun 15, 2016 at 02:28
      She's a boring baby mama! I can't stand those church baby mamas such hypocrites. And how the hell do you know if that person is really a SHE gimme a break, catfish much?!

      Ms Reg Says!!!? Jun 19, 2016 at 03:28
      Check this out….
      I'm NOT your "baby mama." That insinuates I have an ILLEGITIMATE BASTARD LIKE YOU. That's not the case with me. You can't keep your mouth off me yet you find the need to lie which is quite unnecessary. Just admit you love to hate on me so much that you'll continue to resort to lying. The fact of the matter is you can't be me. Me & my lifestyle which I freely & frequenly speak of intrigues the hell out of YOU. I can't be too boring…YOU say my name MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY so who is boring? You have no idea about my church or if I'm even attending any church which is exactly where YOU need to run to. You need Jesus.Your obsession with me is really almost christlike & definitely misplaced, however, I guess I have that effect on you. Love & Light to you darling….?

  40. @Ms. Reg ain't even on here commenting which clearly means she's unbothered and got shit to do and left the situation alone. What im not understanding is why is yall still goin almost 48hrs later? Still tryna keep the shit goin all yall classy so stay intuned with just that turn the other cheek and mind ya bidniz. Goodnight!

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