Angela Simmons Announces the Sex of Her Baby

angela simmons baby sex

Angela Simmons kept her pregnancy under wraps for months, but now she’s going all out with sharing baby updates with her 3 million Instagram followers.

She just posted her sonogram to her Instagram, and announced she is pregnant with a baby boy.

In case you forgot, Angela’s fiancé was just exposed for cheating on her at least a month before he proposed. But she clearly isn’t letting the gossip and her cheating azz baby daddy put a damper on her pregnancy.


  1. Hope and pray it's healthy but most importantly do not end up being like his sorry ass daddy.

  2. this is another irrelevant piece of untalented shit that we cannot stand at all! WHY IS THIS UGLY ASS BITCH FAMOUS? BECAUSE SHE IS LIVING OFF HER FAGGOT ASS FATHER'S BANK ACCOUNT? lmfao

    • #CodeRed, you showing out today!!!?
      I'm just about to ask you, DR1 & Sasha R some questions even though I have a lot of nerve since I don'the have a page by choice but you guys have to tell me THIS girl has 3M folks seriously following her? For real y'all? I didn't even know who she was or that she was Run's daughter until learning so from here on HSK. Anywho, she's "this far along?" Humm……
      I guess but I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't her fiancés baby and that he actually had a girlfriend or close enough to one when he had sex with this girl. Something just doesn't add up with this situation.

      • Not only she is his daughter, but do remember her and sister started Pastry line?

  3. Revs eldest kids must have their mother's traits. They're all a bit wild. Diggy and Russi are the only ones that seen to have their head on straight.

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