Future Clowns Rocko for Filing $10 Million Lawsuit

rocko future lawsuit

Future is no stranger to getting hit with a lawsuit, so maybe that’s why he was able to laugh when Rocko (a.k.a. singer Monica’s baby daddy) hit him with a $10 million lawsuit.

Rocko claims Future signed a deal with his A1 Record label back in 2011, agreeing to record his first 6 albums with the record company. But instead, once Future’s music soared to popularity, he signed on with Epic Records instead.

Rocko also claims Future signed a “360 deal” which would give Rocko 20% of all of Future’s earnings ranging from endorsement deals to concerts.

When the news hit, Future laughed it off in a series of tweets and questioned Rocko’s street cred.

rocko da don sues future


Seems like Rocko is the smart one here. Let the court handle it!

rocko sues future


  1. Apparently, Future's agent & legal team haven't groomed him well enough for him to know social media is NOT an appropriate forum to discuss legal matters. Anyone can understand him signing with. Epic verses A1 since Epic is clearly a larger more financially sound company with high profile backing but IF there is any validity to this Rocko guy's claim there could a legal battle in Future's near future. Surely Epic has insurance for such matters, however, even an out of court settlement might not be offered depending on if, when & what Future signed with A1. This should be interesting. In the meantime, Future needs to stay quiet about this issue on all social media. ?

    • Hey Reg, Future just signed his own death certificate. How? Who owns Epic Records? Sony. Who is the CEO of Epic Records? L.A. Reid. Where L.A. Reid started his first label in what city? Atlanta, Georgia. And what city Rocko and Future from? Atlanta, Georgia. Damn dummy! Rocko is going to get his money one way or another.

      • Well now hang on a sec DR1…
        You gotta explain Sister Girl…You know I know everything you stated is on the money but did I get it wrong? I thought Future was signed to Epic, right? A1/Rocko can't sue Epic & expect damages or even an out of court settlement UNLESS they can prove Epic was directly/indirectly involved in breaching the contract Future signed with them. That's always been my understanding of these issues. Timing is going to be a very crucial aspect in this because IF Future signed ANY KIND of contact with A1/Rocko BEFORE signing off on the deal with he has with Epic …then yeah, his ass is done for just based on all you said alone.

        Come on DR1… are you saying you think this cat smoked so much weed he forgot he signed off on an f'ed- up deal with one label then later signed off on another deal with a major label without telling anybody so they could properly buy out his contact?

        ^^^THIS is some real dangerous shit..^^^??

        • LOL! There is a good possibility and remember I said another name besides Rocko too! How do U think Rocko and Dallas Austin got started? Why did U think Monica left Rocko? Like I said, Rocko is going to get money. ?

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