Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Battling Mental Illness?

kenya moore matt jordan mental illness

After news leaked that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore had dumped her boyfriend Matt Jordan during their Memorial Day Weekend trip to Mexico, more details surrounding Matt and his alleged mental illness has been leaked.

According to Straight From the A, Kenya has been paying for Matt to see a therapist. And even though she plans on having kids, she didn’t want to use Matt’s sperm because of his emotional instability.

“I’m a very very close friend of Kenya and she is fed up. Matt was hospitalized for a psych evaluation back in March. Because of another breakup that never made it public. He told a nurse that he was suicidal because he might lose Kenya. He has been seeing a tharapist that she also payed for over 6 months.
In addition, the recent fight in Mexico was because she is apprensive about marriage with him and is choosing to use a doner rather than Matt’s sperm because in her words he is emotionally unstable,” – Anonymous Source

Do you believe this?


  1. I know got damn well kenya twirlin ass at the age of almost 80 and tryna have a baby been lyin about her eye color since 1902 ain't callin somebody unstable if that's the case they need to remove her whole stomach. Cause her ass clearly have mental issues. Girl bye!??

  2. Like attracts like…she must still have plenty of her own issues to get swept up with someone that has them too…smdh.

  3. She knows that man has PTSD from doing two duties over in the Middle East! That is nothing to play with. He could kill her in his care. She did the right thing. But why pay for a therapist when there is a big ole VA hospital in Atlanta? He gets a nice check so why not?

  4. Hell they both need therapy 2 times a damn day she crazy as f*ck & he is 2 but it just a new storyline 4 kenya I know Kim Fields is laughing her azz off @ this wannbe so call actress smdh

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