Angela Simmons’ Fiancé Blasted for Cheating

angela simmons fiance cheating

Welp, that didn’t take long at all…right after Angela Simmons announced she was pregnant and engaged to her convicted felon boo, Sutton Tennyson, the tea on his alleged cheating has been spilled!

Fameolous has all the dirty details, including text messages between Sutton and his side chick. Some of the text were exchanged just one month before Sutton proposed to Angela.

The side chick also has video of herself in Sutton’s home to prove she’s not lying about their encounters!

Is anyone really surprised tho?


  1. Well , that was pretty damn quick. But to be fair about the whole situation it sounds like the
    "side chick" might have been dating him first. He may have been testing the waters with Angela and accidentally got her pregnant and trapping his own ass. I don't believe he intended to have a relationship let alone a baby Angela but I may be wrong. It just seems this relationship/engagement/
    baby deal happened way too fast.

  2. I don't even think him and Angela were dating. I think they f*cked she got pregnant and he was pressured by her family to put a ring on it for PR purposes.

    • You def summed it up. This was a booty call gone wrong.. She got preggo and well the rest is history. Rev Run knows he can't be preaching that family shiiit to people when his 3 older kids have their own children out of wedlock. First it was the girl that got preg then the boys girlfriend now Angela, smh Hypocrisy at its best.

  3. If he can afford baby Jordans and nice heels for both women and their babies, what's the problem? Different rules.

  4. I can't believe ang went this low..I heard he poked holes in the condom he tried to so the same thing to another chick and lost

      • Hey 100,
        According to @ms reg stfu, all his anonymous' & trillion screen names I'm suppose to be So Cal Soul so you missed on that assumption! So Cal Soul has a relative who works for a company in the same tower as me. They're not me or WWC. When you catch WWC will you please try not to cut her down so bad…you go in on pretty bad sometimes!?

  5. ILLUMINATI DEMONIZATION OF BLACK MEN !!! 100% Fact !!! Aunt Jermima Can't Find A Good Man …… Same Old BULLSH*T !!!

  6. Women/Men don't never use condoms and then say i accidentally got her pregnant or the female will say i didn't mean to get pregnant. Y'all bye!???

  7. Classic?hood nigga looking for a come up.?Sure its love of you or love of what little coins you think you got, got it twisted?

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