Tyga Borrowing Money From Blac Chyna?

tyga borrowing money blac chyna

It’s no secret that Tyga is broke. Just weeks ago, it was revealed that the played out rapper had borrowed close to $2 million from Kylie Jenner. Once Kylie got tired of bankrolling his lifestyle, it seems he’s now hitting up his baby mama Blac Chyna for some coins!

According to sources, Chyna has been making “mysterious payments” to Tyga, and he is always begging her for cash on the low. And this is the same woman he cheated on with a teenager!

But apparently, Chyna doesn’t even have it like that, so she has to ask Rob for money so she can give it to Tyga!

Get a job, you bum!


  1. Lol idiot can't accept its over for him damn fool didn't he convince Kris to get him out of his cash money contract at least he would have been like those other young money goons like jae mills and gudda on the label ten years and no album

  2. No damn way! These people are crazy as hell if this is what's really going on.
    Money must not be a thing if your baby daddy cheated and left you for your friend's teenage sister, took gifts he gave you and re-gifted them to her, used her for a couple of million, then when that gig ran out same baby daddy runs to you for cash on the regular and because you don't have it your ask your new baby daddy for the cash who is the brother of your friend and the teenager your first baby daddy left for. Correct me where I made any mistakes is this mess but I think I summed up right. Anyway, HELL TO THE NO ON ALL THIS SHIT. Just NO….LMAO!

    • So, are we to assume Tyga's Last Kings clothing line is on its last legs?
      It isn't generating enough money to sustain any part of his lifestyle? I'm starting to wonder if he was just the "front man" like Puffy is for Ciroc & Sean John. I remember his store on Fairfax wasn't open on a Tuesday afternoon while he was swearing they was going to be opening a store in Paris. I know his mother is so glad she kept her job & didn't get caught up in his music career!

      • You've got a point… Russell Simmons did say no one black in hollywood owns anything.

      • I meant on Melrose but still…he has a well priced clothing line & somewhat of a past rap career. He shouldid not be in need of cash.

  3. Why would anyone loan this nigga money smh they dumb as hell and they will never get it back guaranteed

  4. Low life with no redeemable qualities… If he were a product on a shelf, he'd be in the No Frills aisle with botulism in the can. smh. Hope the enablers let him hit rock bottom soon. Society is already too full of parasites.

  5. Most of these entertainers are living like that. They're not real hustlers. I hope he doesn't end up in…Dubai.

    • In Dubai? Oh, Lots of people including celebs selling it! Selena, Ciara, All of the Kardashians, Kylie, (not Kendall or Gigi bc they're both scissoring like an arts and craft project) pretty much all reality tv stars, some DL rappers pretty much anyone all the low end of the A-list celebs and I use A-list loosely and some unknowns tryna get a come up along with an STD. But it's about the same in Cannes during the film festival but it's mostly (white) models trying to trap a rich actor/director.

      • Modeling is a cover for prostitution. Those chicks aren't making serious money on the runway, or from taking pictures.

        • The entertainment industry is a front for prostitution. Chynas still selling herself all now to the highest bidders. Tygas BEEN pimped.

          • It's a front for drug dealing and prostitution, but just like with modeling, there are legit people in it.

            It's easy to tell who's legit.

            • True. You can. Some of em make themselves kinda obvious when they fly out to Cannes even though they have nothing to promote there though.

  6. Once you are in the Kardashian revenue stream, you are set for life. I don't think I need to explain why. There will always be food on Tyga's table and there will always be an acceptable whip in his garage. And NO. They will not kill him. They do not want mess around their "product." Believe dat.


  7. Omertà I believe that nigga can always walk the dogs and clean the toilets, and be a bottom or top for Bruce,yeezy,and kris phat queen boyfriend ?

  8. I hope Beyonce don't end up in Dubai …damn that mean Janet Jackson was working them undercover redlights in Dubai before traping that rich dude according to y'alls Dubai theory. Lol I doubt tyga would be down for that ..this industry is messed up .

    • It's not a theory. It's well known what happens there, and on top of that, regular people get tricked into taking jobs there and become slaves. Dubai runs on slavery, and your favorite wack singer or rapper might be there getting a golden shower for stacks from big oil money.

    • Bullshit. Miss Jackson wasn't pimping herself for coins check yourself she's got stacks some of you are so ridiculous recycling crap from other blogs as if you were insiders. One thing JJ doesn't have to do, even before the rich husband, is pimp herself for coins, she's not a Kardashian, they WISH they were her!!

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