EXCLUSIVE PICS: A First Look at Suge Knight’s Lost Tapes!

Suge Knight's Lost Death Row Tapes

HSK Exclusive – You’re looking at exclusive pics of what we’re told is “just a taste” of a colossal collection of two-inch reels confirmed to contain unreleased song recordings “and other audio material” featuring former Death Row Records’ artists including: Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The exact number of recordings we’re talking about here remains undisclosed at this time, but sources confirm the Ampex 2 tapes were previously stored in Suge Knight’s private storage room.

“Dr Dre would love to get his hands on these reels because there’s some bangers.” – Anonymous Source

This word – Straight from the Streetz – comes about a month after we served you a blind item based on insider Intel revealing a recent heist at Suge’s vault. “Music recordings and other things like pictures, video and audio that he (Suge) used to blackmail his enemies are now on the market,” said a source. Now, just weeks after a tipster delivered the drop on “the take” being up for grabs to the highest bidder … more Intel has come to HSK … along with the pics.

Suge Knight's Lost Tapes- Unreleased Snoop Dogg Track - Boyz From Long Beach

“Wait till they hear Snoop Dogg’s ‘Boyz From Long Beach’ track!” – Anonymous Source

The drop:

“There’s so many Tupac tracks … never been heard before Tupac tracks. I mean, the public is gonna go crazy when they hear Pac’s unreleased sh*t. Matter fact, imma send HSK a f*cking song to post real f*cking soon!”


  1. you talking tapes but show shit#desperatethingsanddesperatehours i wonder if he also facing federal charges too grifter life yassssss??

  2. Why now? Is this why they got Sugar locked up without phone calls and visits? What does he know that they don't want revealed? Is he the only thing stopping the 'raid' of the vault?

  3. Unless this is germane to his trial, they have no right to going into his private cache.

  4. Suge Knight is locked up and he is never going to get out! Suge Knight made a deal with the devil and the devil will soon collect!

    • suge knight time is up think about it the boule and elites don't need anymore they let him play for while and bill cosby time is up too they ought just kill cosby already because he wants to die he used his son for a scrafice and now he 's tired

  5. even though suge had death row taken from when he decided to go back their back and try to distribute black along with dame dash he was never broke now he is and trust suge always unreleased tupac music in his volt that's not news

  6. ^^^^ Speaking of Bill Cosby, isn't it interesting that boule Bill is being accused of drugging and raping a bunch of women, but a rich white boy up at Stanford was convicted of raping a woman and was only sentenced to 6 months in jail! Damn I hate white people!

    • Nba of you compare a normal non famous black man to those white boys then yes it's about white privilege because black men always get longer sentences for crimes lighter than rape even but bill is an exception. he has been raping his WHOLE life. Raping white women too. And gotten away with it so far.

    • NBA Prick I guess you are unaware that the judge who shortened his sentence to nothing but 6 months in county jail has been under major fire from the white community, and they are going all out to have him removed from the bench.
      NO ONE thinks that he was anything but a raging asshole for letting that little shit off easy, but leave it to you to make this yet another race baiting point.

      Damn I hate stupid bigots. And Bill Cosby got way with his criminal ways for almost half a century because of rich celebrity privilege.

  7. Also don't forget there was a rich white boy in Vermont who raped a underage girl and was sentenced to less than a year in jail! #WhitePrivilege

    • Yes the white boys got lesser jail terms because of white privilege but also think of how bill raped 1 woman and got NO jail term at all. Bills time is up because he raped too many.

  8. Well now isn't THIS interesting and convient.
    Somebody timed this "heist" just shortly after Tupac's Mom passes?
    So, Suge is locked up. Afeni Shukur had the rights to at very least Tupac's catalog so WHO stands to make the money from any new-unreleased music of his is what I'd like to know.
    THIS is going to be good.

  9. I wonder what series of interesting events will this lead to. Ive said it before, but before he kicks the bucket, Suge knight seriously needs to write a book. Lord I can only imagine what it's content would be…

  10. Damn more PAC songs I heard of makaveli songs all week heard where have u been which is a sample from Michael jacksobs I wanna be where u are

  11. Whats interesting is that I just heard a song by TI called dope that samples Aliyah's rock the boat and produced by dr Dre. The thing that's weird about it is that TIs flow is not the same and in the beginning of the song he sounds like Pac. Or is biting off Pac's style and voice. He also sounds like one of the outlaws and E40. It's weird to me because it's like he's mimicing others. U all listen n tell me what u think.

    • OH MY DAAMN ? I thought it was just me hearing Tip sounding different!
      YES…I just heard it yesterday & had similar thoughts. I felt the same way you do as far as who he was sort of sounding like but I swore I also caught a touch of Suga Free's tone & flow too. I have to admit I'm not a big TI fan but I LIKE THAT cut & feel it's going to be one of the hottest summer jams of 2016.???

      • as soon as I heard it I thought about this thread. I was like ok Dre produced it, it sounds different and then at the end he says "west coast" or something like that. it just struck me as odd. And Dre just popped back on the scene too. It's interesting to see how this all plays out, but I am so glad someone else besides me heard it.

  12. afeni was killed they have been trying to kill her for a long time becasue ties to the panther party and tupac fled to cuba

  13. And afeni dies the same year the PAC movie is to be released Ty enmovie is supposed to be on the 13 of September PAC died 20 years ago dre and snoop, daz and kurupt is laughing at suge along with Lydia Harris they all laughing at him along with David kenner

  14. All posts on this threAd are the same person. Stephen nba asap etc. how fuggin lame you are.

  15. Congratulations to you once again Jacky for bringing a major scoop! Your girl in Frisco!

  16. Clowns! Thats at PTA (Pacific Title Archive) and the photos were taken off the bomb1st.com forums. Super fake reporting here at its finest.

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