Khloe Kardashian Attacked By Lamar Odom Before Workout

khloe kardashian lamar odom fight

Lamar Odom attacked Khloe Kardashian on the way to her early morning workout.

Khloe was going to a SoulCycle class at 6:45am in Beverly Hills when Lamar popped up out of nowhere and started stalking towards her demanding that she talk to him.  She kept walking away from the former NBA player and was afraid to be near him when he moved close and grabbed her arm, and that’s when she yelled.

“Get off of me, get off of me. Stop. Stop.”

Someone walking by witnessed the scene and noticed that Kardashian was in trouble and asked if she wanted the cops called.  This made Odom, who is back to using drugs and just falling apart recently, snap, “You’re not calling the cops on Lamar Odom!”

khloe kardashian lamar odom fight 2

With his close friends dying from drug overdoses and his life in disarray, Lamar has also had to deal with seeing Khloe in the press with her new man, NBA All Star James Harden.  Khloe was so frightened from the altercation that she ditched her workout and drove away in her car to be safely away from the former Laker.


  1. If he didn’t care when she f*cked the whole rap community!?!
    I doubt he cared enough to stalk her now !
    Plus harden never publicly claimed this thot sooo?..
    He probably wanted his money back she swindled out their marriage.
    Stop TMZing shit !!!!
    She f*cked him up so she should be the one to fix it !
    Damn TRASHIANS !!!!

  2. Another coon who got played and dumped by the ‘slave masters great granddaughter’ after she furthered her agenda what a dumbass!! IDGAF how he treats her but he’s shamed himself tons of white trash druggie chicks in LA he could chose

    • Actually her ancestors didn’t have slaves. The night before, I was up on their family tree and it was quite interesting. Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and Rob are part Russian, Italian, and Armenian.

      • SO, THEY'RE MUTTS, THEN, 'HUH'? laughing!

        "And, (DEVIOUS ones AT THAT)!!" …..

        THAT EXPLAINS it!
        "THX, SIS!!" 🙂

        • Of course they had slaves I ignore kneegrows who try to correct me when I call out a sell out coon giving his money to the Slave Massa’s great granddaughter of all the things to defend. How about defending your f*cking community instead of trying to cape for a white trash whore?!

          • @5:19-21,
            OK, but BE NICE!!

            SHE'S FAM, …& NOT no 'KNEEGROW', ….

            "Ty!" 🙂

  3. Ideal with the fallout from bringing trash to your door and putting a ring on it.

  4. So saf to see this brotha like this but he brought it on himself. He let these witches take control and it ruined him. Get some healing Lamar and stay away from this crazy family.

  5. Lamar is fool for mixing himself with them. They used him because he was a NBA player.

  6. Wait! Don’t tell me! This will be aired on the “next episode of KUWTK” and it will be edited in a way to make Lamar look worst than he already looks. I don’t understand why everything about these people is reported by all forms of news media first and we already know it will be aired on their show. The “Someone walking by witnessed the scene and noticed that Kardashian was in trouble and asked if she wanted the cops called.” was either paparazzi, a hired actor or the film crew for KUWTK. Is there a Kardashian/Jenner free zone anywhere on earth?


      @ THIS point, I'D GO (there)!!

  7. I really want to blame the kardashians for this guy’s life being a mess but i cant. Lamar is a grown man and he should take responsibility for his life’s choices, he is not a kid anymore and nobody forced him to associate with these people. He must just pull himself together and move on with his life, i just hope he learnt his lesson because thats all he can do w.r.t this as he cant change the past. Im seriously rooting for him to pull it together and look to the future even though its hard. He can do this.

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