Kevin Durant Lack of Christian Values Doomed Relationship w/ Monica Wright

Kevin Durant Bad Christian

Kevin Durant and Monica Wright seemed like the perfect couple and when the two split earlier this year, many wondered what could have been the problem.

Here’s what Baller Alert uncovered:

“Last night during the Minnesota Lynx Faith & Family Night Monica opened up about her split with KD. She talks about her Christianity and how KD did not make personal changes in his life to accommodate her faith.”

Here’s what Monica Wright had to say:

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”


    • you guys are insane with this Gay this and Gay that
      it could just mean KD wanted to smash and she didn because of “christian values”
      sex before marriage is a no no

      lol @ you guys and you gay implications

      • Even if there were no rumors about this guy, still odd. Someone who waits till marriage lets that be known. This guy couldn’t wait till the wedding, I think not. Good for her and standing up her values though.

  1. Gay people who are Christian typically stay in the closet because they know their lifestyles is contrary to Gods word. I have a cousin who struggles with this. 36 years old with a very good-looking male roommate for the past 4 years. Strong in his faith but on anti depressants because he can’t pray the gay away. miserable way to live. I really don’t know where the answer lies for gay Christians. its an oxymoron like wisefool.

    • If you follow God, then you know that that is a life style he has Judged as disgusting and wrong.

      You either walk with him or you don’t.

      • That’s too easy. I’m heterosexual so I have it easy. Fornication isn’t a vice because I’m married/faithful. But gay people have a desire in them that is wrong according to the Word. you can’t just say to them, get over it because many of them would if they could. But how do you stop being gay? You must not know how many suicides occur behind this issue?

        • Agreed. I am a woman, and I try to imagine how I would feel and what I would do if someone decreed to me that from this point forward I could only be attracted to, marry and have sex with a female. I couldn’t do it. And for all practical purposes, that’s what it is like for a gay person who wants to obey the Word.
          I’m not talking about bisexuals, just true homosexual people. It would be horrible.
          And your point about suicide is exactly why I felt that Michael Sam’s coming out was a positive thing for all those teen age boys who are so prone to suicide. When I was in HS, THREE boys killed themselves in 4 years and my school wasn’t even that big.
          I think a lot of folks here who rail on about the evils of being gay will be in for the shock and hell of their life if one of their kids turns out to be gay. Suddenly the whole thing looks different. You don’t want to shame them to the point that they will make that horrible choice. I think we all know that’s why our churches are literally full of semi-closeted men. By that I mean we all know they’re gay, but we pretend they haven’t found the right one yet. They have been shamed into a life devoid of authenticity in order to get to heaven and not embarrass their mommas. What a horrible life to have to live.

          • Even if that is true, it’s all about sex. And what you’re feeding yourself. If you’re are allowing seeds to be planted, they will grow.

            I personally think with men and women in the church, meeting their idea person is hard. So they are spending a lot of time with same sex friends. And that at times may come off as gay.

            I also think just because you’re a member of a church doesn’t mean you’re exempt from lust. The bible teaches us to die to our flesh, that means we do not give in to everything the flesh wants.

            • She may love him to death, but not willing to sacrifice her health or Christianity. And do not blame her. He’s probably being with women whose being with different men daily. Who wants that headache, bacteria Vaginosis, herpes or AIDs. Anytime you lay down with a person, you say, “I trust you with my life.”Condoms break, even Magnums.

            • Michael Sam seems lost to me. I do not look at him as a role model at all. And what was the purpose of him telling the world he liked men. It’s about a sport, not his perversion after work.

  2. Shes cute. One of the few ballers who looks like lady besides Chamique Holdsclaw before she became a raging stud.

  3. She just didn’t want to be another Gabrielle Union or disease filled. Good somebody got some standards & morals

  4. I ‘m going to hell for this but…..why is her wig sitting five inches back off her forehead? Where are her edges????!!!!

  5. So are all of you emplying that kd is gay?? I’m just asking cause that would be new to me. I just thought he couldn’t keep it in his pants or somthing.. I know about westbrook but kd ..really???

    • I don’t know if ole boy is gay but sounds like ole girl was trying to put him out on front street.

      • I don’t think it’s the gay thing. There is word on the bball net that there is this one madam in one city that they play in. She says that he has her and several others on speed dial and that he gets multiple chicks, up to 4 sometimes.


  7. “I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

    Sounds like a bit like a religious nutcase from here. Oh well KD. Most of these cats shouldn’t be trying to get married until their careers are winding down anyways. There’s too much distraction and they’re away too much to really massage a relationship properly. Ballplayers should wait til about 34 or 35 and then look to settle down.

    • That goes for most men who should have vasectomies and reversed in their late 30s +when the are emotionally, financially and spiritually ready for serious relationships and family building.

      • Vasectomies??? lol

        I was thinking maybe just wear good condoms? It’s worked for me and I’m 40 and childless by design.

        • You are a jewel. Ray Ray and them can learn a thing or to. Nothing worse than paying someone elses child support or being a parent with no rights when entering into readymade

  8. Shoudn’t they have had those serious discussions about faith before the point of engagement?

    • on another site, ex fiancé say he stopped being a Christian, when he signed w/Jayz agency RocNation. she say he bought a home in Los Angeles and has friends & groupies hanging around the house, and he has start acting like he is a rapper. she let him go, cause they r going in different directions.

      • Good for her for remaining convicted in her faith. I have no doubt that was a difficult decision for her. She is a beautiful young woman. I am certain she will be blessed to find the right man for her and they will have a happy life together.

      • Wow it sounds like KD lost a good woman. Dumbo doesn’t realize the ho’s he has around him now are only there until the checks stop coming in. I just lost a lot of respect for KD.

    • Maybe they did but he wasn’t aware of how serious she was about the subject. There are those who claim to love God but are still living their lives that contradicts this, and there are those who make all the necessary changes in their lives to try to live as close to sinless as possible.

  9. A lot people go to church on Sundays it does not make them a christian. There are a lot of people in church struggling because they come to church but are not “willing” to turn their lives truly over to the lord. They have one foot in and one foot out….why they struggle so bad. We as human beings have a natural “sin nature” due to the fall of man. Our “will” alone cannot solve said issues…why you can pray the gay away,alcoholism,drug abuse,hate,anger,perversions etc. Human will is not enough…it never is.

    • AMEN 100000000 TIMES!!!!!!!

      There are folks on here who will talk shit to and about others all day and then claim to be all about the Lord and holiness. It’s sickening.

    • There’s no such word or thing as a Sunday worship nowhere in the bible,its called keeping the Sabbath.Sunday is pagan and the worship if the sun god which doesn’t exist just Luke Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  10. I’m probably late but her name is Monica Wright like in Love and Basketball???!!! Hehe!!! Heeee!!!

  11. i dunno where ya’ll coming up w/the gay thing, I guess we’ve just come to expect that on HSK, but KD is a devil worshipper duh. The tattoo on his back dont mean sh^t anyway, apparently cause ole’ girl still dint wanna fukks w/him….Satan will not allow him to be righteous, he sold his soul for NBA & sneaker deals.

  12. He not gAy just one of the best ball players in the world bitches throw p*ssy at him all day he wasn’t ready to give it up she hurt he ain’t choose her over all the other bitches she knew he was dealin with and was gone come his way she she tried to make him look like a bad person and I don’t even like the nigga but he is a Christian like most we all struggle with including her nothing more than somebody hurt over a relationship that talked about getting saved in high school he been goin to Christian schools since he was in in 9th or 10th grade so he know the bible and got common sense but he just ain’t wanna give up all that easy p*ssy

    • This makes no sense. Wow please get a little education before posting this sh*t. And going to a Christian school doesn’t mean your saved.

    • Only road to salvation is accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as dying for our sins and being our savior. Attending parochial school doesn’t cut it.

      • Jesus only died for the israelites/12Tribes not the whole world as the Christian church teaches.Liars is what they’re called.

  13. maybe he wanted to go down that…sex route and she wants to wait.

    AINT NOTHING WRONG with that!

  14. she’s a beautiful black women but she needs to lose the weave and perms is not good for black women
    it mess with their brains it makes black women act a fool. is almost like the weave/perms is mind controling black women

    • Better for a person to be of natural mind processed hair then a processed mind and natural hair. Know plenty of women with locs and protective styles who smoke bud, love wine and have vacuumed their wombs.

      • natural hair is better than permed is safer is wet-table

        permed hair is ruining the black community black women spending their last dollar on a perm kit they could of bought food for the house instead

        mini braid is the best option

        • Huh? What does a perm kit cost? 10 bucks? I doubt peole are spending their LAST DOLLAR for a damn Keyshia Cole perm.
          Drugs and non existent fathers are what’s ruining the Black community, not something as superficial as hair.

          • Cheese:

            I swear, I was going to reply in kind. There is nothing wrong with KD’s ex-gf’s hair. And I resent the implication that her hair is a weave. Just because she isn’t beige, it doesn’t mean she is bald.

            Hair is the least of the Black community’s concerns.

      • Preach NI!!! That will go over multiple personality disorder’s head. Lol @ “vacuumed their wombs.” I always say “scraped their uterus.”

      • Tell me, Non, those drunken,weed smoking abortionists,were they “cotton headed”?

      • One of the biggest miracles by Jesus was turning”Water into Wine”so I’m not hunter standing part of your Assertion pertaining to Wine.Its in the Bible.

  15. In other words she’s saying…”If loving God is wrong…I don’t wanna be right.”

    And I ain’t mad at her one bit.

  16. I doubt he’ll miss her too long. Too many other women willing to take her spot. She should know 99.8% of nba players are whoremongers.

  17. She made the right call, better now than later. Being godly in a cesspool is hard work. Right Now, blackmen and sports are out of control. Sista is attractive, intelligent, got a set of foundational morals…She Good! A woman should value her life enuf to pull the plug. If more women did the same, maybe the drama would decrease…Maybe!

  18. Not everyone is looking for fame & futune, sometimes you have to stick with what you believe it, and she made the right move for ‘her’ life. She obvious can see were his life is headed and she decided to go the other way (the right way). Trust it will be a wonder if he will still have big $$$ at the age 45 (as most don’t). The foolishness be have already gotten started. Good luck to both of them

  19. Why are many of these comments claiming KD is gay? She didn’t even hint at that. Maybe she is referring to the groupies he deals with, partying, weed smoking or etc. Maybe he cheated one too many times. We don’t know. Anyway, I applaud her for leaving the situation. Many women are so desperate for a man, especially a baller, so they will do anything to get and keep him, and then wonder why their relationships are always failing.

  20. He is a Christian he expressed it many times but he ain’t wanna stop f*cking all these hoes like he been doin before he met her she just trying to bad mouth him because he cut her off now she has nothing but bad things to say about but when they was together she was sayin I wanna the female version of him on the court and off the court and he use to train and she they was on break once when he called off the engagement she in her feelins and tryna make him look bad while puffin herself on a pedestal

    • KD is entitled to be conflicted. Who isn’t conflicted? People can claim they aren’t, but regardless of how “holy” anyone claims to be, we all struggle with something that grieves the Holy Spirit. That is Adam’s fault, not ours.

      At any rate, if baby sis is telling the truth about KD, as I suspect she is, she isn’t badmouthing him. She may be attempting to shame him, but she hasn’t said anything derogatory about him to my knowledge. I hope he finds his way to where he should be rather than following the path of Jay-Z

      • you are not entitled to be conflicted otherwise there wouldn’t be a hell !!! The lord said be not lukewarm unless he spew you out of his mouth !!!! and if you still struggling then that means you’re holding on to some part of your flesh you don’t want to let go. you have to walk with god in perfection (maturity), you have to have the holy ghost and live a holy lifestyle without sin. Yes, we all fall but there’s a different when you willing sin cause you think cause you been save for sometime GOD suppose to give you some pass. I THINK NOT, until the day you die you must serve and live for CHRIST !!!

        • You’re entitled to disagree. I don’t banish people to hell because they aren’t “living right.” I think that’s for God to decide.

          Last I check, human beings will never be perfect. We all have imperfect thoughts and engage in imperfect actions, but God forgives us. IMO, the people who refuse to forgive and treat others as less than in the name of “perfect faith” are the ones who can trek to hell.

      • oh I forgot to add, there’s many Christians in hell, not for not believing but not living the lifestyle.

        • Have you been to hell to know who is there? Stop following what another flesh and blood person tells you and start figuring things out for yourself.

    • She has NOT been bad mouthing kd at all. And in fact has had NOTHING to say about Kevin directly as he has said nothing at all about her. Neither Kevin or Monica are gay. People have put their own spin on what she said. She has only recently shared that SHE choose a path “other” aren’t willing to travel. She’s made it clear & is holding herself accountable for her own action not his. For both their actions as they move on in life will speak louder then any words. Continue walking the narrow road Monica and Kevin good luck to you.

      • My thoughts exactly. Amazing how some people will take a story and try to read more into it than there is to read! I think that she is a Cristian and spiritually she just didn’t think that they were spiritually on the same path. There is a lifestyle change that goes along with being a Christian, and some people aren’t ready for that.She recognized that and decided to cut her loss.Good for her.You have to do what’s right for you.

  21. Good for her. GOD will bless her with the proper man. Tired of folks in the industry with no morals. She’s refreshing.

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