Keshia Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell – No Prenup!

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell prenup
Keshia Knight Pulliam must have been completely d*ckmatized…or just plain ol’ desperate, because the child actress married Ed Hartwell without a prenup!

According to People magazine, Keshia and Ed tied the knot without a prenup. And get this…Keshia is worth an estimated $12 million while Ed is worth a reported $200K.

News confirming Keshia is a big dummy for marrying Ed without a prenup was leaked when she filed her response to his divorce petition. Keshia is asking the court to grant her all the property and assets acquired before and during their marriage, as well as their Atlanta home.

The couple was married for less than 8 months, and they also have a baby on the way…although paternity has yet to be established.


    • Sarah,

      Girl, don't faint…stay with us on this one…
      I JUST said it on the other thread…
      This girl needs to get this sham of a marriage….ANNULLED!!
      I forgot she's not in LA anymore so Raoul Felder may not be able to represent her but she can retain Randal Kessler. He will have that man terrified at the very thought of getting any of her money.

      • Ms Reg all this time she's clearly made every dumb choice. Thank goodness there's a solution in the form of an annulment. I just hope that she figures it out instead of carrying on with her dumb ways.?

        • She got played by a sociopath who fast forwarded her to get her money. Many BM are like that. Any man who rushes the relationship, is suspect.

          • Not all men that rush relationships are like him. There are great marriages that begin on 'day one', and have never ended until the death of one of them. A lot of men love that because they ego is stroked and kept in tack, from a day one chick. The case here is a man that is a predator. You sometimes do not know a predator because they mimic in order to prey. They have to be good at what they do in order to survive. I'm sure his game was tight – but found, to not be sincere. It will happen again to another woman that he encounters. It is because he can mimic very well, a man with good intentions.

            • I am replying to you because you reply to my message above! Yes most men who fast forward a romantic relationship are sociopaths period. This happens to be my line of work helping women live a better life so if you want to debate bring it. No quality man no good man is going to rush and want to marry a woman good quality man take their time getting to know the woman approximately one year if a man wants to marry you in months he's a user. You want to prove me wrong bring me the statistics about whirlwind marriages and how well they work out which you cannot because they don't.

      • She needs to hire Tasha Smith's lawyer, because this man only married her for her money.

  1. These women need to stop being desperate and stop thinking having a baby is going to keep a man.

    • Why would you think that she would want to trap that useless fool with a baby? She is the one with the millions, fame. He is a has been with nothing to offer except his bumDyck. I think it was the other way around.

  2. Porsha Williams was married to Cordell for two years and had a miscarriage and she didn't get a dime. Ed was looking to cash those Cosby checks and I hope he gets nothing. He's no different than Kevin Federline, Bobby Brown, Nick Cannon, etc.

    • I never understood the hate for Bobby Brown. There is nothing that shows me that he used Whitney Houston. In essence, it was the other way around & Bobby was used as a scapegoat.

      • Freddie there was no one using anyone in that relationship.. They loved each other very much (like ghetto love) but WEALTHY… I met them thru my sister RIP she and Whitnet hit it off after a concert and my sister was an artist and a history bluff she was very intelligent and she was a bitch.. But people loved her just as she was.. She stayed a month with them and I only stayed a week because I worked for a living.. Bobby loved Whitney and Whitney loved him, she started him taking that White Lady (that's what my sister called Coke)..Whitney was a very down to earth person and she didn't put on airs at her home.. I love to cook and we had a ball… I don't do drugs, but I never judge another person, because we ALL have demons.. People on the outside looking in, don't never know the truth.. But Bobby would ry to make her slow down on the Coke, but Whitney was like my sister filling an empty hole in their hearts with drugs.. But Bobby didn't use her, those two loved each other to death.. Bobby liked his weed and liquor.. Coke was not his drug of choice… It's like my mother used to say (RIP) I'm not an outside show to a sinful world.. My sister was the same she didn't care what others thought because she was going to do her and didn't care what anyone thinks.. Most people start taking drugs to fill an empty hole inside of them.. Some like the feeling the drugs give them, but when you break it all down among addicts, they are filling a whole that something or someone hurt them.. Now some ppl take them just for pleasure.. I can go on but I think you get what I'm saying…

        • R Amen. They were in love. I use to think she was holding on to him to prove the world was wrong. Bobby didn't get her on drugs. Whitney's first biography (prior ) to Bobby, talked about her smoking weed. I'm a die hard Whitney fan and I don't think her death was due to her using drugs again. Someone gave her something and it brought that demon back and gave her something strong, which killed her, the same for her daughter.

          • I think Pat had something to do with Whitney's death.. How could you leave her in the tub and never go and check in her.. She was scheduled to go to a party.. But money and greed is a SOB.. I just know that whoever gave her the fatal dose, their day is coming.. You don't always get what you give to others, but Whitney was everyone's meal ticket..
            RIP she finally of all the heartache and pain, she was feeling inside..

  3. Stupid heifer. Don't forget she needs to be reimbursed for the start up funds for that fitness center.

    • Most of those in sports, acting, political, and etc are living double lives.. Keisha shouldn't have to pay him much, she needs to hire a good attorney.. His ex wife divorced Ed after he went broke.. This is ashame he's trying to lay claim on her money.. Women and men need to protect their assets before marriage, now if we agree to combined our money after we marry, that's a different story.. But getting a prenup or a postnuptial is not hard at all.. Everyone always trying to lay claim on some else hard earned money..

          • There's no hope for a desperate person, it doesn't matter if your rich or poor.. Desperation reeks and I can always see Bullshit a mile away. Keisha was in a hurry to marry this broke bum no count man.. She shouldn't have to pay him nothing, get a darn good lawyer and get this bum out of your life.. Until people start loving themselves and have self esteem. Women and men will both keep doing the same thing.. Now that Ed have this Gym he wanted, let him have it and move along little girl.. Also bad choices are being made by all races and both sexes.. Ed probably has a tyrannie somewhere servicing him as I type this.. Because these trannies are taking over the world and they're not hiding anymore…

  4. Why do these no prenups marriages keep happening. Have the mr. or ms. moneybags not learned a lesson yet. Surely she knew she was marrying a loser so why not protect your assets. She needs to get an annulment and raise her kid by herself or with a future man willing to be a father to it.

    • aaah you can't just have a baby and chose someone to be the father, thats as silly as the man choosing whom he wants to be the mother. If its his child its his child and there is nothing she can do about that.. If she wants custody he can go for that.. I dont think its in the best interested of any child to have one parent taken care of them, this black women I dont need a man to raise a child shiit is making more black women become statistics.. I hope they work it out for the sake of the child. 2 parent is better than one.

      • The last thing that baby needs is to learn the father's broke bum ways. Rather no father than a bad father. We can't have these terrible black men pass on their nonsense to the next generation.

  5. Keisha needs to have a sit down and go to bill Cosby for some fatherly advice he would know what to do on this

  6. She got played by a down low bum buck. Sucks to be her. I got my own place, right! No roommates!! How many BM do you think I invite inside my home. Answer – NONE. I now make my BM friends visit me in my LOBBY. CAUSE NONE OF THEM HAVE THEIR OWN PLACES they all are living off a woman and I refuse to mammy, coddle, or get played by a FN bum. One thinks I'm his backup when he and his NON BLACK WOMAN break up! Ha, ha, hell no.

    BM need to date like BM be RUTHLESS and stop trying to build a man or support a man, F dat!!

    • correction=BW need to date like BM be RUTHLESS and stop trying to build a man or support a man, F dat!!

      • I love your comment cause it's hilarious and true. Back in my really young naive days, I got played by a bum who was with me bc he thought my family had money. When he found out I wouldn't pay for anything over a certain amount, ( I know, I know..I was sooo dumb then) he bounced onto a white chick. I learned my lesson and he learned his–cause old Becky gave him the Herp that she got from some HS baller! That shite was news all over town. That tainted ho had to leave town cause of the whispers and he never got any more play from anyone cause no one would mess with him. I guess Karma really does exist:)

        • I'm replying to you because that was my original message about not letting coddle males in my home I post on my desktop and my iPhone… Girl glad you got out of that mammy mindset. I have never bought anything for Black males I treat all man the same with the expectation that they are masculine providers once I see a male regardless of his race –expects me to be in the provider role , which is the male role I'm Audi!!

          I laugh at the males online talking about they could get a white woman only if they have a job that's a myth that white women are easily plate I hear a fair amount of black man dissing their seirlbaby mama and I'm like why you're telling me?? I'm not opening my wallet to your bum ass.

          Funny with all the closeted assholes in a wrap putting a lien out there that black women are golddiggers there is no gold to dig the average black male is broke. That's why black women as a group have so few savings they are supporting bums!

  7. Worse yet both races black and white go to white women expecting to provide money and a life style and it is stamped as being a man's job to do so. But when BW expect the same thing they are labeled a Gold Digger. It's simply a conspiracy to keep other races from dating black women and to make others see us as not trustworthy, and not marriage material. It is amazing how white women get the biggest child support payments, alimony payments, as well most gifts and money upfront without the benefit of marriage yet we are labeled the Gold Diggers, how hypocritical. Remember, the Gold Digger label is a tactic to prevent others as seeing us as being desirable and marriage material. Don't forget not to long ago everything that made us physically unique and beautiful was also criticized and labeled as being "Ugly" until there own women started to have cosmetic surgery and alterations
    to alter their bodies into our natural image. For example, big buts , full lips, tanned skin was called ugly just a few years ago , but now that modern day science allows Becky to obtain a big ass, full breast, and full lips like a beautiful Brick House Sister, this gets a pass and it is being glorified. Bottom Line as BW we must realize the Strategies being used to Manipulate and Controll our minds and our Wallets and have good defenses to keep us and protect us from becoming Victims…….

    • IKR at one time big full lips and a big butt was gross to white Americans.. But please know that white men always loved those big lips and asses.. They would take damn good care of a sister that have it going on.. But if a black woman's straighten her hair, she's trying to be white, everyone natural hair is not easy to manage. White people lay in the sun all day, to get a ta. Just remember white america controls the media, hence they control how others precise black people it's now a fad to have cosmetic surgery to enhance your lips and asses..The media is not reporting they are trying to act black.. That will never happen..I will say this black women needs to teach their children they are beautiful, just the way you are.. Self esteem is key to that, also fathers needs to stay in their kids life.. I posted a similar post about this.. We need to stop letting the media control our thinking.. You are no better than me, and I'm no better than you.. First thing also Black Men need to stop saying black women are crazy.. They are not crazy, when your ass was broke and I hung on with your broke ass..
      I spit my money with your broke ass, but now that you've made it, you want to get rids of me.. They have every right to be angry..we could go on for days.. The starter wife is replaced with Becky and Becky wouldn't give you the time of day, if you weren't rich..GTFOOH with that self hating backward thinking..???????

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