Kendall Makes Photog Delete Pics of Her Creepin’ W/ A$AP Rocky

kendall jenner asap rocker photographer delete picture

Kendall Jenner spent the night out at a nightclub in NYC with her rumored boo, A$AP Rocky, and other members of A$AP mob.

Photographers were also in the building, and when one photog snapped photos of Kendall with A$AP, she “sternly” made him delete every single picture.

“Kendall wouldn’t allow pictures because the rumors of her and A$AP still aren’t confirmed,”

Sources in the nightclub said Kendall used bodyguards to shield her as she made her way to the VIP section. A$AP and Kendall were spotted “laughing and looked like they were having a great time.”

This isn’t the first time Kendall has been spotted with A$AP. The rapper showed up to Kendall’s PacSun clothing launch back in February, they were photographed at the Panorama Music Festival back in July, and they were spotted together at Kylie’s 19th birthday party in August.

Another black rapper signing himself up to be a victim of the Kardashian kurse smh.


  1. ASAP is starting to look ugly in the face!….Excessive drug use, sorcery, and letting demonic people f*ck, and suck will do that to a nigga, ya know!…Disgusted!

  2. Technically, he doesn't fall under the Kardashian's curse. Kendall is Houghton (Kris's birth last name) and a Jenner. So, basically Rocky is safe.

  3. Nah, Kendall's just pissed because Kris wont let her come out. All this beard-business is tiresome.

  4. Kendall and Kylie like gay dudes but hey they came from a trans

    I am so.glad I am cait is cancelled

    No more seeing Bruce in a bathing suit that was so wrong

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