Tristan Thompson Dumped HER for Khloe?!!!

tristan thompson ex girlfriend jordan craig

We already knew Tristan Thompson was an idiot for hooking up with a Kardashian, but check out the girl he dumped to be with Khlozilla!

Tristan and his ex, Jordan Craig, dated off and on for two years. She was the one who was by his side when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA finals.

If she looks familiar to you, maybe it’s because she’s also the cousin of Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart’s rib/wife…you know, the same woman everyone calls a gold digger…

Now that Tristan has “made it to the top,” he has traded Jordan in for Khloe, and the two have spent a lot of time together traveling and making out in front of the cameras.

Tristan wasn’t Jordan’s first baller though. She also dated Baron Davis and John Wall. But here’s where things get messy..Jordan is also Tyga’s ex-girlfriend!! They dated right before he hooked up with Blac Chyna. Tyga has even rapped about Jordan on a few of his tracks following their breakup.

“Dealing with these b******
You got to have your game tight
Cause most of em’ won’t act right
You gotta know how to lay the pipe
My ex-b**** named Jordan
She pretty, so spoiled
Ain’t no n**** gon love you
How I loved you, now it’s adiós”

jordan craig tyga

So Khloe is dating the man whose ex was dating her little sister’s current boyfriend.

Messy, messy.


    • i'm thinking whats wrong with her
      byron davis
      john wall
      still no takers! as fine as she is…?

        • Her p*ssy is either wack or it smells like Hsk's troll p*ssy in here and yeah ….. you stank twat bitch I'm talking to you!!

      • Thank you, Zamir. She is a ho-for-hire. That's why no one will put a ring around her bathtub, more or less her finger.

        And unless I'm missing something, she is claiming to be pregnant by this guy who left her for Khloe. When digging goes wrong.

      • Reminds me of Halle Berry; fine as hell but not marriage material and batshit crazy!

        • Yeah, NBA.

          Halle is "batshit crazy." She got rid of some:

          cheaters – David Justice, Eric Benet
          beaters – Wesley Snipes
          moochers – the white won't work model, other D Listers trying to come up off her celebrity.

    • uh, it's a gossip site and the comment section is for comments. TUVM!

    • Trust me, no one cares. What makes you think anyone cares. We just look forward to some schadenfraude, when she starts to suck the life out of him because he deserves it. No one who sleeps with the devil can expect peace.

      • THIS!

        Looks don't matter to him. Jordan was just on the road to his journey for a white woman. And the Kartrashians specialize in black male athletes with no sense of self

  1. Tristan must be on CrAcK to leave this Fine Ass Black Woman!! Unless she has some serious mental problems I DONT GET IT!! Especially when you leave her for the Sasquatch of the KarTRASHian clan. This nigga must be smoking something. He'd better make sure he's got all his shots, a booster dose of PENICILLIN and a triple wrapped d**k before he jumps in bed with her or he might end up with the gift that keeps giving FOR LIFE!! (Herpes is REAL out in Hollywood. They pass that shitz out like Skittles at the border)

    • Let's be fair. He's dating COKEHEAD KHLOE for a come-up period they're the most famous family in the world right now like it or not.

      • I completely agree. Every dude that's dealt with Chewy does it for some spotlight. Lamar even said he wanted to be a "Reality TV Star." I don't think he knew it would be his demise. Like someone else said, the woman above is reportedly pregnant and deciding what to do regarding her pregnancy. I don't even give Tristan and Chewy 60 days. Wasn't she slobbin on someone else recently? Jordan can do better.


  3. Pretty girls with pretty personalities get scooped up QUICK! Hell, even medicore girls get wifed. Shes beautiful yet no ones put a ring on it- why?

    • Exactly cuz she is a average bitch to a nigga who f*ck fine hoes constantly … I know !!

      • Your fat faggoty ass don't know shit, but how to keep shoveling dick down your throat.

        And that stank twat you keep smelling is your hot ass dragon breath, so keep your mouth shut, calisi.

        • You are not no Anonymouse bitch you can't hide stink funky p*ssy under no name you dirty cumbucket ass bitch !

          • LMAO..close your mouth like I told you, you are just smelling yourself dragon breath BITCH!!!!LOL…

  4. Yet again Khloe has picked out a black man who was already in a relationship with a black woman. They pull this trick all of the damn time. Why do black women continue to uplift and support this family of plastic freaks? His previous was much better looking than manly faced weird booty shaped Khlogre could ever pay a surgeon to look like. I have a feeling that this guy is gay anyway. The Kardashians only seem to date gay black men so it is hopefully no loss.

  5. Funny how Kevin Hart's hands doesn't seem to touch his wife body.

    Now on to the topic. This woman appears to have dated a few guys. Yet they all leave. Different men, common denominator is her. There is a problem with her. Looks ain't everything. Look at Halle Berry and her men issues. The problem is her.

    • @Freddie! Kevin Wants a submissive piece of puss, that won't argue with him, knock the shit out of him, or let him know exactly what an unfunny piece of shit, he really is!…He had that already, and her she's the ex wife now!??? He just wants to live like a King in his Castles, why not, he hasd money, and he should have peace in his home!…He cares for his new wife though, she won!????

      • Oh and P.S.! Halle Berry is sexy, not pretty!….She's crazy becasuse she's perplexed!…She believes that she should be worshipped by men, and she's not!… She only f*cks industry men, because every one else, is beneath her tragic mulatto ass!..But here's the rub, industry men knows of what she had to do, to attain her wealth, so theyre not impressed by her, nor do they trust her!

        • She must have had to do the same as everyone else no? I heard she f*cked Leo D'cap and afterwards he turfed her out of his home. I do know, fame is not worth it in my mind. You sell your decency so that you can slowly deteriorate in front of the world. Hmm. No thanks.

          • "You sell your decency so that you can slowly deteriorate in front of the world"

            Deep words, Scorpiess

  6. That ex-girlfriend is rumored to be pregnant right now. I hate Khole, he must really want to be well known to date her. He couldn't find a real star? Now he taking ugly ass Khole with him to look at homes, Christ.

  7. He's using khloe's ugly ass for fame and that jordan girl is probably a golddigger like her cousin eniko. Got nothing going for her except for a hot body. No innocent parties here as far as I'm concerned.

  8. Its sad he dumped her when shes pregnant with his child.

  9. The only person who will benefit from hooking up w/Khloe is her. This fool is not paying attention to the writing on the wall. The only thing she does for a black man's career is to put him on the map so the public can watch his career fall and fail. Khloe's is nothing but a revolving door, shame on those stupid enough to walk thru…..

  10. Did y'all see that painting on the R & C Show? All them chicks in southern belle hats looking like a field full of plantation heiresses! I been saying this! That painting confirmed it!

  11. What is it with black men, is the Kardashian p*ssy the kryptonite for black men? smh He had a fine asss bitch and he gonna trade her for one of the K Klan crew, smh

    • And he is f*cking with the ugliest KKK bitch! Rich successful black men suffer from post traumatic slave disorder (Read the book). Too many black men have been hypnotized to assume that white women are the prettiest women on earth. Too many black men don't realize that what happened to OJ could happen to them!


  13. All these women are whores. And if she's Kevin Hart's wifes cousin, who knows what she did before messing with Kevin. They all looking for ballers to come up on

    • def agree, thats all they post on their instagram, what they purchased, where they went on vacation, and usually you don't see the "sponsor" on the other side of the picture, if you compare this guy and Jordan you will see that they share instagram pic only he does not appear on hers and she doesnt which mean he was not trynna claim her… hoping from one dick to another, hmm smh

    • I just thought of something, this is the same white bitch that almost had Lamar Odom murdered! Somebody needs to warn Tristan Thompson to stay away from this poisonous white bitch!

      • If he doesn't know it now then he never will. Some men just don't listen to what they don't want to hear.

  14. How much you want to bet Tristan Thompson grew up without a father! Tristan Thompson is a stupid black motherf*cker for leaving a fine ass sista for a west coast white trash bitch!

    • def agree on that one, most likely raised by a single black women who kept telling herself that she was a "Strong" black women just because she was raising him by herself, well the outcome of "Strong" black women is this.. he ends up playing with different women like a fiddle, get tired f*cking one p*ssy he goes onto the next… no stability.. Lamar was prob the only negroe on earth that prob could of tamed Khloe's asss into settling down well we know how that turned out, now she's just playing black men dick like a rotation, next in line is……?

  15. Quote from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

    "The last trick the devil will play on the black man is he will give you his white woman."

    1. OJ Simpson f*cked with a white bitch, he is in prison
    2. Kobe Bryant f*cked with a white bitch, he was arrested and charged with rape
    3. Tiger Woods f*cked with white bitches, it cost him a quarter of a billion dollars
    4. Bill Cosby f*cked with white bitches, his entire legacy is completely destroyed
    5. Lamar Odom f*cked with a white bitch, he almost died

    The lesson learned is black men need to stop f*cking with white bitches! Point blank, period, end of discussion!

    • You are a repugnant piece of shit. All of those men are responsible for their demises. Every damn one of them.

      You always blame the women and never the men. An I can name 25 mixed couples with long and healthy relationships. If you disapprove of race mixing, fine.

      But don't blame Bill Cosby's predicament on white women. That's a total cop out. And Tiger was bangin 16 women. How was that his wife's fault?

      • But in Bill and Tiger's case…..THEY WERE ALL WHITE WOMEN!!! So @NBAisFixed is right.

        • No they were not all white women in either case….Bill had black women in the mix and tiger had at least one mixed trick.

    • Bit of a reach. All these black men were grown. They need to take responsibility for their own actions. Is anyone making them exclusively date these white women? Look at all of the successful black men married to white women who haven't had any significant problems. I think the good outweighs the bad. At the end of the day it must be true what Kris Jenner said: black males are the easiest race of men to manipulate.

      • "Look at all of the successful black men married to white women who haven't had any significant problems."

        According to stats, this is the most likely couple to be divorced, only outdone by white women/Asian males.

        But wow, I didn't know Kris Jenner said that.

        • They are definitely the most likely combo to divorce because their mutual hatred of black women, not love, is what brings them together most of the time.

            • BS…they are def more men on here, who you may think are women going back & forth w/ women.

              Tell me what grown ass man does that, on a f*cking blog?

  16. Wat makes her better than khloe? Like someone said she's a hoe for hire.any women specific about dating celebs only is a hoe for hire.she was with tiger so that's says a lot.most of these chicks be escorts..I guess her contract expired

  17. Not surprising…it's six degrees of separation with this people. I can't keep up.

  18. Any black man who goes out of his way to f*ck with white bitches is telling the whole world that he hates himself and hates his own mother. The same goes for black women who are insanely desperate to marry white men!

    • So by that reasoning Tiger Woods was not a self hating black man since his mother is not black?

      So now will you finally shut up about him please?

  19. Listen my peeps, this Dude has no game, no rap, no leadership, and no swag so he needs a SUCCUBUS LIKE HOEE, OOPS , I MEANT KHLOE, TO MAKE HIM FEEL IMPORTANT!

  20. She gorge, but apparently not light enough, & what wit the constant sus pool of every one's leftovers…..

  21. BLACK Against white girl and the man black the black guy gonna always chose the whiyte girl no matter how fat.

    a black guy will dump Rihanna and teyanna taylor and beyonce just to f*ck khloe or kim.

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