Young Thug Buys House, Throws Money in Pool to Celebrate

young thug buys house throws money

Young Thug decided now was the right time to become a homeowner. The rapper, who is getting paid big bucks to be a Calvin Klein model, purchased a huge mansion for himself and his fiancée, Jerrika.

We give him props for buying a home, but we’re side eyeing this latest stunt that he filmed and posted on Instagram.

In the video, Thugger and Jerrika are sitting on a ledge above their indoor swimming pool, and they’re tossing stacks of money right into the water. What a damn waste smh

How long before he goes broke and this house goes into foreclosure?


  1. They'll be taking it back in taxes, constant litigation, secret settlements, extortion, and last but not least, expensive cars, jewelry, and homes that they can't really afford! ✌

  2. They'll be it back real soon!….Hell be spending on expensive cars, clothes, jewelry, drugs, and homes he can't really afford…When its all said and done, and he's down to the wire, the rest of his money goes to taxes, liens, perpetual litigation, settlements, and extortion!

  3. Good for him!….They'll be taking it all back in taxes, and perpetual litigation, just watch!

  4. LOL!! These dudes blowing money like the IRS doesnt exist. As soon as the camera cut off that nigga DIVED in the pool to get then duckets back. I waiting for these idiots to wise up and start showing off pics of their investment portfolios. Show me a IRA or 401K with millions in it and I'll be impressed. Carrying around stacks of cash that you're about to spend and have NOTHING to show for it one week later is sooooo TIRED!! You nigga's aint Michael Jackson (or even Hammer) so showing off cash you havent even paid the taxes on is STOOPID!! You ain't got it like that babycakes!! Pure Assholes.

  5. Young thug gonna have fag parties don't forget birdman gonna f*ck him out of his money some more

  6. How irresponsible to show them throwing money into a pool and sitting on a ledge without any harnesses.

    You can't fix stupid, chile, let em be

  7. Come to nigeria and see how boys blow guys aren’t spendin no dime here???

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