Drake’s Ghostwriter Reveals Leg Amputation

quentin miller leg amputated drake ghostwriter

It seems like things just keep getting worse and worse for Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller.

Meek Mill brought Quentin into the spotlight when he tried to expose him as Drake’s ghostwriter. After Quentin denied the claims, Meek and his goons jumped him in a Nike store! Quentin said the beating was so bad, he “shed blood” right there in the middle of the store.

And now, it has been revealed that Quentin was in a devastating car accident. The impact was so bad, he had to have his leg amputated.

Quentin revealed his prosthetic leg on Instagram. The rapper sent out a message to his fans saying, “Thanks for being patient” during his recovery.


His manager, Cam Singletary, confirmed the amputation, but he said Quentin’s condition won’t stop him from making good music and living his life.

“We can’t wait to be able to reach The fans that have held us down so far.” – Cam Singletary

Quentin plans to drop a new album called “Falco” sometime this winter following his recovery.


  1. Damn bruh! These are heavenly signs!…Uuuuugh, maybe the industry, and the fast life ain't your calling!…He needs to stop, look, and listen!….?

  2. Drake is the Madonna of rap music! He doesn't write his own rap songs. That means he ain't a real rapper! This also proves that he is a half jewish fraud who got put on by the devil worshipping hollywood gatekeepers! This also proves that hip hop is owned by the same people that are murdering us!

  3. If this guy is the ghostwriter, Drake needs to hire new writers! Drake's rap songs are terrible. Meek Mill would kill Drake in a rap battle!

  4. Roots Roots Roots. All of this ain't happening for no reason bruh. Stay prayed up!

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