Iman Shumpert Confirms Teyana Taylor Cheating Rumors

iman shumpert teyana taylor cheating

After getting thrown into the spotlight following her appearance in Kanye West’s video “Fade,” all sorts of tea has been spilled about Teyana Taylor’s relationship with her fiancé Iman Shumpert.

Earlier this week, Iman’s side chick leaked texts and pictures proving she and Iman had hooked up since he has been with Teyana.

My bad, here you go?

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Instead of letting the rumors continue, Iman decided to address them. He pretty much confirms he stepped out on Teyana, but he blames it all on his age and immaturity.

iman shumpert cheated teyana taylor

And then he dropped his new track called “His Story.”

You can read all the side chick’s tea here.


  1. Iman is shitty for doing this but one thing I know is its unwise to try tie down a man in his twenties with a baby & marriage. You'll only end up disappointed.

    • He' s fool and an idiot.. Have you seen T and her little muscle man baby? Like I said, some of these men are dumb. It's like the high school jock who swears that he will make it to the big leagues and ends up working at the local McD's. You want to feel sympathy for them, but then again maybe you just want your fries hot. He's f*cking with a Pokémon.

  2. And what does he mean he's "different now and older" when he cheated during her pregnancy which wasn't even a year ago?! Men!

    • A week is a long time in politics so it must be even longer in American football / basketball.

  3. Trueman is a gorgeous woman!…Too bad she didnt think so, until she was industry acceptable, I.E. plastic surgery, nose job, boob job, globs of make up, and being half dressed most of the time!…She's all in her head, and she allows herself to be used by the industry…She's a debased industry whore, that pops p*ssy for the devils in entertainment!… Kanye f*cked her, a few years ago, and didn't claim her, so that nappy head that she's with don't really respect her like that, he enjoys that body though!

      • BQ, Teyana got the real deal. No fake on her but that hair. Junie made those boobs.

        • @DaRadiant1!…My bad, her tits are real, but her nose ain't!…I got her tits confused with Nikki's!…I lose track of hoe shit, during my rants sometimes!…Her body was always top notch, and so was her face!…Hopefully, She'll leave it the f*ck alone, now that she has her shaven nose!????

    • @Anon13:40! I'll never trust a industry Negroe that wears skirts, or the whore that claims him!…They both suck! Fucking weirdos!..He was also accused by a other celebrity, of being rude to a child fan!..He's a slick talker, that acts kind, he ain't doe!

  4. Don't feel bad for em their ideal men are ghetto football players.I don't pity these girls.

  5. I am always suspicious when they put some couple out there like they all that and more. I expect the fall to come soon. I know she sings but her character in the Madea movie byronnnnnn is priceless.

  6. This is what these athletes do. Even when are in town playing. Even during the off season. Women should know off the bat this is how they roll. No loyalty.

  7. Surprise! a man of certain means cheat- oh wow!!! Men cheat as far as their options #FACTS. Men by nature are not monogamous- grown folks know this. Women cheat too but are more monogamous creatures thanks to our Biological make up which makes us cling to our men when they provide for all our needs and the chemical reactions from ingesting him and having his babies- this is reality. Unfortunately this came out publicly and could not be handled privately by this family. If you are a woman and decide to get married know statistically 60% of men have extramarital affairs and according to the same source 50% of women have extramarital affairs- evidently this is an issue that will come up in marriage as it have in all of the marriages I know of personally and in my long term relationship. The problem is the mistress lack of respect for this man's family. If she really cared she would have discreetly told Teyana and sent the same evidence instead she publicizes this. This skank has no respect for herself or the fact that these two have a child. Her being a deplorable skank for doing this does not negate Iman's partaking in this BS but we cant let these skanks get away with home wrecking like this with such egotistical pride. Mistresses use to be ashamed and hide now these skanks want a come up. Iman cheated his wife and child but this skank shared his mistake with the whole world. Courtesans use to have code and deny deny if ever approached and do not dare make it public because if this man ever took care of you -you need to have his back. Well she is no courtesan she is a simple skank.

  8. Kanye don't like black women no more surprised he f*cked teyanna but he doesn't care for black women he dropped them now he's obsessed with Taylor swift guess it's his twisted dark fantasies yeah Kanye we know you are obsessed with white women

    • Kanye likes getting plowed in his ass!…He'd rather wrangle some dangles, okay! Let's be clear, Koonye doesn't like bitches!????

  9. He needs to be in the gym practicing putting making a basket. A basketball player that can't play basketball. How dreadful.

  10. Some of these so-called "women" have no shame. It's obvious she's salty and wanted a reaction. Too bad they gave her one.

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