“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on Hold After Kim’s Robbery

keeping up with kardashians hiatus

After Kim Kardashian’s alleged robbery went down in Paris, the klan has made the decision to put “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on hold.

Production on the show was stopped because Kim is “very emotional” after being held at gunpoint by two robbers who made off with millions worth of jewelry.

E! released the following statement:

“Kim’s well-being is our core focus right now. No decision has been made as to when production will resume,”

Season 12 of the show has already been filmed, and it’s scheduled to return to E! on October 23. So does that mean they’re stopping production on Season 13? Or they’re stopping production on recreating scenes from the “robbery”?

But when asked if cameras were rolling in Paris when the robbery went down, E! declined to comment.



    • You beat me to it…anyf*ckingever!?
      Hoping all is well up there & Matt is bypassing you all.

      • Hell no! We still is going to get slam! I got some shit to tell U! I just found out today! Call me!

  1. I hate this family. All the big news outlets love this story and everything else that's actually important falls to the wayside. What irritates me the most is the black people taking up for her.

    • Pray tell, who are these black people who are taking up for her? People here wish them death and worse.

      • So many black women on social media. You even talk bad about her & you're a "misogynist" or "victim blamer/slutshamer".

      • Very true…I've personally put in writing hoping Kim or one of her people told her to check it out here on HSK.

  2. this is they're way of saying CANCELLED! they're trying to save plastic face and not be embarrassed that the show was cancelled…soft ball way.

    • I doubt this show would ever be cancelled. They llike roaches.cut own part off others spin off shows keep it moving.

      Never heard they had low rating s..seems ppl actually love their crappy ass show.

    • Cancelled??!! Are you insane?? Teenage girls LIVE for that show, and they are the target audience who all sponsors are dying to capture. No one gives a shit about viewers over 40.

  3. God I hope that is code for we just got cancelled please I hope so they wouldn't care if their mother died they would still Film it to the time she got sick to her last breath so cut the shot out over this fake robbery act go take a long vacation somewhere where it's really really hot and go melt away we won't miss you

  4. Her John robbed her. The show is down to 1.5million viewers. People are over their plastic lifestyle and complete bullshit. Bye Felicia. Don't let the door hit your fat asses

    • Some people are saying that this robbery is to cover for an escort moment gone awry. Something went wrong. and bang, they have a robbery to cover it up.

  5. So much hate and jealousy here.

    The robbery wasn't fake, and if you knew about how high end jewel thieves operate, you would understand that. They would never risk destroying their "brand" by faking a serious crime. If they were discovered, the gravy train would come to a complete stop forever. They may fake most of the stuff on their show, but they didn't fake this.

    Y'all are so dimwitted. You don't look at the big picture.

    • How do you know she didn't set it up. You know as much as the rest. Some believe it happened like you and some don't. Only time will tell about this particular tomfoolery.

    • Yet headlined elsewhere on the world wide web with filmed evidence dated Oct. 8, 2016… 'Kim Kardashian Confesses Paris Robbery 'Staged' – Show Cancelled'… stating, "I didn't even know what we did was against Paris law. I just want to rewind my life."

    • Their brand is finished!… and had been for a long time… with a show whose last season was the lowest EVER in E! history combined with viewers, [down to a paltry 866k at one point] jumping the sinking ship, whilst they boast bogus social media followers running into the hundreds of millions tells everyone things do not add up… and to accuse everyone of being dim-witted actually makes you look foolish because much, much earlier elsewhere on the world wide web dated April 26, 2016 was headlined: EXCLUSIVE Can't Keep Up! Kardashians Face 'Serious' Financial Crisis The big-spending reality family 'needs a miracle to save them.'… with an excerpt… 'The clan has been thrown into a crisis over a series of money mistakes, including debt-ridden boyfriends and husbands, a new $180 million lawsuit and flagging ratings on their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "The family needs a miracle to save them from hemorrhaging their dwindling cash," an insider warned…'

    • Why would any of us care about how high end jewelry theves operate? There is such a thing as being too much "in the know," in this case. What we do know is the the Kardashians have a habit of manipulating their fans and to make money for themselves in any way possible. So is it so far fetched to believe that this is yet another case? You can't be calculated and fake as they are then expect respect and sympathy. No one on this site is jealous of the Kardashians and they created the personas that people dislike. They could have gone in another direction, but they did not and that is why there is such a backlash.

  6. Let this be a "fake" robbery. I heard she got 5.2 mil already from the insurance company. The only way the insurance company gives that kind of money that fast…is when they are setting your ass up for an investigation and if your caught in a lie and it was a fake robbery ..guess whose going to prison. Insurance fraud is a federal crime. E! not cancel the show? are you kidding me? In a heartbeat folks. The reason they wont answer as to whether they were filming or not is because if they were and this turns out to be a scam… more than the Kardashians will end up in prison…hell the whole network can be shut down. If this is fake…these idiots just stepped in some real deep isht

    • There are no cameras in that hotel and security was missing. I think they have money problems and are hemorrhaging from that fashion failure and that gigantic house Kanye is building. You know how it is, you get built up to be taken down. Are they paying taxes. Their minutes are numbered.

  7. Don't forget that kims been taking L's recently. First brad & ange file for divorce taking all spotlights away from her. Then 2 weeks ago Kim literally said she's thinking of voting for trump. Given that a large base of her adult support is stupid black men & women it got her some real bad publicity. So then a robbery suddenly happens & she's America's "poor victim". Her support of trump= forgotten. And she's on EVERY news channel, brangelina who? She will play sad just victim for a while until people seem to not care then she will show us her weird creepy booty as a way of being "liberated" from her "trauma". Watch.

  8. That family that uses black simpletons to enrich themselves and stay in the spotlight. I wish someone would write a book, no p*ssyfooting around that issue, make it darn clear. Their show will be cancelled soon enough, who's watching those idiots.

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