Nick Gordon “In a Dark Place”

nick gordon bobbi kristina dark place

Nick Gordon is allegedly “in a dark place” after being found legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina.

Back in September, after Nick failed to show up to court hearings for the wrongful death lawsuit filed by BK’s estate, the judge granted a default judgement against him.

Sources now claim Nick didn’t show up for court because he’s still mourning BK’s death, and he spends most of his time at home “watching TV.”

“He’s not doing well at all. He is low energy, just really unhappy. He knew that it was a big deal for him to appear in court, but he just couldn’t do it. So he skipped it and the judgement was entered against him. He’s just in a dark place.”

The criminal investigation into BK’s death is still ongoing.


  1. He is going to end up killing himself. He is not going to move forward with his life. He loved Krissy too much. I truly think he is the fall guy in Krissy's Denise and had nothing to do with her death.

  2. Idk why but I feel like he didn't do it but unfortunately the public will never know the real story behind her death

  3. He didn't kill Bobbi. She was his source of income and him staying in the spotlight. I do however believe that he knows who killed her.

  4. He didn't do he is just the fall guy .The people that did it is not going to come out and just say we are the ones that are killing these celebrities he was just a young man at the wrong place at the wrong time when he met them in his life and if he does know who did it he can't tell that they probably threaten his family and to the person at the top that said he was at a restaurant well he still have to eat lol this is very sad.

  5. Please, no one just happens to fall in with a group of junkies. That white girl he was rolling out of somewhere was definitely a junkie, her mother said so. Krissy was the third of that group to OD. If he is in a dark place, well he must now be a junkie too! Instead of dealing that shit, he must now be his own customer.

    Oh well. Next!

  6. They had a very volatile, dysfunctional relationship and friends of hers confirmed that he was beating her regularly. He also isolated her from her family to gain complete control over her and her finances.

    On the day she died I believe they were both high, fought and he threw her in that tub where she subsequently drowned.

    His interview with Dr. Phil was a complete disaster and he looked and acted guilty as hell. Couple this with the fact that he has yet, even through his lawyer, to fully cooperate with the police investigation, leads me to believe he's NOT the fall guy.

    He knows exactly how this all went down because he was there and was a part of it.

    By no means am I saying Bobbi Kris was some innocent. She'd been getting high for a while and I believe her drug usage increased after her mom died.

    However, I can't and won't pin roses on Nick Gordon. He's in a dark place because he's a dark individual.

  7. He's in a dark place because he misses his high style of living.

    It's hard to go from having all the cash you need while living in a 2 million dollar condo to living in
    Nowheresville , Fl with your mama with no money.

    He should have taken better care of the golden goose.

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