Usher Shacks Up in Same Hotel Where Kim K Was “Robbed”

usher hotel kim kardashian robbery

Is Usher throwing shade at Kim K? It seems like it to us…the singer obviously isn’t falling for her “robbery” story, because he just checked in to the same hotel in Paris were the alleged event went down.

Would you knowingly stay in a hotel where armed robbers were able to gain entry, had enough time to tie someone up and gag them, and make off with millions worth of jewels? Yeah, neither would we. So it’s obvious Usher doesn’t seem too concerned about the safety of the accommodations.

He posted this selfie of himself getting comfortable in his hotel room.

The place in question is called the Hôtel de Pourtalès, and when asked if he felt safe, Usher answered:

“Yes, very safe, I feel comfortable. And I feel safer than ever in Paris. It was such an unfortunate incident. I really feel for her and her family. But I also hope that this one event doesn’t come to overshadow Paris this week, and all the time, hard work and effort of so many thousands of people into making this fashion week run smoothly.”


  1. Given that this is a hotel where celebrities & rich people go to hide their concubines & bad habits, usher should maybe not say much about being there.

  2. This hotel has no security or cameras. It's where high rollers go to do their misdeeds. I don't have to tell you what those things are. It's why Kim picked it to do her jewel heist.

  3. Hotel has no security or cameras which is why the ultra rich choose it. They want to keep things on the low low.

  4. The opposing team paid him to throw shade like this. He didn't so this for free. Does he have a concert there? Other wise I don't see why his visit to France is even happening.

  5. I don't believe a f*cking thing these celebs say. They make up lies to peek interest in them when their fame is drying up. Usher probably knew that he could feed off the Kim K story by going there. He also probably got his gay dudes coming there to service him.

  6. The "Hotel" is not a hotel. It is a hotel particuleur which means a grand house. It is not a place of business where people check in and out. This hotel particuleur is a building containing luxury owned apartments which can be leased by people who can afford to pay 5K per night.

    The apartments are owned by sports stars, business tycoons and celebrities. There are similar luxury flats in LA and NYC which can be leased through Air BnB for thousands per night.

    The main reason that this place is popular is that it has a hidden entrance through which celebs can come and go unseen by the paparazzi. I believe that Kanye owned a flat in the building at one time, probably when he was spending so much time in Paris several years ago.

    Cristiano Ronaldo also has an apartment in the building.

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