Kardashians Begging Rob to Dump Blac Chyna!

rob kardashian blac chyna

If it was left up to the Kardashians, Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship would’ve been over yesterday. But Rob is trying to make the relationship work despite pressure from his family to send the former stripper packin’.

According to E! News, the Kardashians want Rob to cut Chy loose. A source (a.k.a. Kris Jenner) said…

“They had a fight because of his family and it just blew up from there. The family is still not accepting of the relationship and that’s causing huge tension between them. They really like one another but new relationships are tough, especially when the people that are closest to him do not approve.
“It’s a constant battle between his family and her. He is an emotional person, so at times he sides with Blac Chyna and other times he can be influenced by his family. And when that happens Blac Chyna gets upset….He is being pulled in two different directions. He loves Blac Chyna, but he misses his family. It’s a bit of a mess. He’s in a difficult position,”

Rob has now decided to keep his relationship with Chy private and away from the media attention. And he’s letting it be known, nothing will stand in the way of his new relationship.



  1. LMAO keep it private so he had to go take this message to instagram? C'mon now these D-list celebs are fame whores and the only way for them to stay relevant is to let people in their business. They love the attention and live their life on social media. They will coninue to post pics of them on instagram/twitter. They will continue to hire paps to take pics of them and go to places where all the paps are lurking.

  2. Whatever you a katdashian dating your sisters ex boyfriend baby mom how can u live normal plus chyna is a stripper video girl bisexual freak yeah good work with that buddy if rob impregnates chyna and tyga impregnates Kylie those will be double related

    • Chris, do you mean trans sack chasing Tyga is no longer apart of the Kartrashian food chain? Since when? I was under the impression he was the permanent token nI**a of that clique. Oh, wait…my bad, that's Kanye.

  3. Nah, the Kardashian are upset that a black woman out smarted them. Is ok when they use black men, but a black woman can't use the Kardashians. That family are gonna get their karma! several careers were ruined because of them!

    • Damn. didn't read just in my thoughts but you said it 1st, my bad wasn't piggybackin.

    • They are not upset but that's what they want you to think. Black Chyna is not out smarting anyone. She's part of that family. This is only PR to create another story line is the saga of the Kardashian. Blac Chyna and Rob will sooner or later get e reality show and guess who makes most of the money – Kris Jenner.

      Kardashian keeps on winning because people actually buy all the fabricated stories they create

  4. So wait! these skank whuuures from mama to daughters wants Rob to dump B.C. considering their overrated trash. So they take blk mans money, but they don't want Rob giving blk lady his money.

  5. False. They're all a part of it. Even Amber. Ambers on the payroll now and so is Chyna.
    Thats why their secrets are still secrets- these two are being paid off.

  6. Chester Child Molester Tyga is screwing Rob baby sis so Rob is popping Tyga babymom. Fuck it. ? ?

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