Katt Williams’ Philly Attacker Speaks: “It All Started Over a Perc”

katt williams popping pills

Remember that video of Katt Williams sucker punching a guy while on stage during a Beanie Sigel concert? The comedian then got his ass stomped, but no one knew the backstory on what sparked the fight…until now!

According to Fameolous, the guy who stomped Katt out is named Boone39. According to Boone, Katt was on heroine that night, and he was pissed because Boone’s brother wouldn’t give him a Percocet! That’s when Katt dealt that infamous sucka punch to the side of Boone’s brother’s head.


Katt’s girl, Hazel-E finally came to his defense.

Sounds like Hazel and Katt are both high. Match made in lunatic heaven.


  1. How about I was on Facebook and damn somebody on Mediatakeout have me on Facebook jail for a post related to this topic! Mannn….Katt go way more problems than a percocet.

    • Katt will end up in the same place with his boy Suge or dead real soon if he's not careful. That's real talk.

  2. The rise and fall of another realist comedian. You either suck a white man's d!ck to stay on top. Or take percs for downfall.

  3. Oh what? I thought only rich white kids took oxy? Uhm hm.

    Stop thinking everything through the prism of race yall. The oxy/perc/heroin epidemic is affecting black kids/adults JUST lie it did white kids 5 years ago. Remember powder cocaine used to be a white problem too.

  4. Comment: I hope Jacky post beanie comments that Katt is not on drugs. Its funny how dumb black people are. We can't believe the media for shit especially how to portray black people but black people is idiots that they will believe anything negative they say about katt. The next time they dog our race I would sit back and laugh when all of you start complaining. damn fools.

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