T.I. & Tiny Stiff Their Baby Shower Chef

ti tiny stiff caterer

This weekend, T.I. and Tiny Harris held a baby shower for their 7th child. They hired an Instagram chef, Too Kool, to make the main dishes, but after a miscommunication, Too Kool was sent packin’ at the start of the event!

He says T.I. and Tiny stiffed him on his payment, and told him he should feel privileged to be able to provide free food at a celebrity event.

Too Kool sold the food on the street for $10 a plate, and took to his Instagram to blast the Harris’!





Then, Tiny’s party planner, who is also her niece, gave her side of the story.

ti tiny stiff caterer

ti tiny stiff caterer

ti tiny stiff caterer 1

Too Kool didn’t waste any time clapping back…

ti tiny stiff caterer 2

And then finally, Tiny dropped her .02 cents on the situation…


ti tiny stiff caterer 3

Rich people make me sick. Why the hell do they need a baby shower for their 7th kid anyway?!?


    • Folks still do baby showers? Cause as I recall me and my sister picked out what we wanted for our kids when they was in the womb because we didn't need all that unnecessary stuff. Her two daughters are 9 & 10 well 11 on the 29th of this month. My son 16. My thing is why in the hell Tiny and T.I. need a damn baby shower when they can get what they want with the money they have?

  1. I think the The Harris's, the planner, and the chef dropped the ball on this one, professionalism all across the board.

    You would think it would have been better planned considering all the fanfare and so called celebrities involved. They should have kept this a private affair, only close friends and family.

  2. His food does look dry, hard, and unappealing… Tiny's niece is to blame… Tiny can have as many baby showers as she wants. It's her life!

  3. That broccoli is straight from the bag! I know, because I bought the same kind and it looked just like that.

  4. I just read that Kandi Burrus put up the budget for the catering part of the shower. Why her niece Tamara Whitaker, who by her account seems to have previous experience, thought it was a good idea to pick someone off the gram and give him a deposit upfront without sampling his product is beyond me. Money obviously was not the problem so why not hire a professional with a contract like Anon 9:26 said. Then they could have a least taken him to court.

    The Chef was petty as hell for stating that he was stiffed when he was paid a thousand dollar deposit. Other chefs have since called him out for stealing pics of their work and calling it his own. Umph, umph, umph, shame on him. Welp there goes his rep. Oh well…
    I know they were happy when Kape wearing Kandi came to the rescue again by bringing in this chef to save the day.


    Maybe they should have let her handle everything from the beginning, she is opening a restaurant (The Old Lady Gang) soon. *wink wink*

  5. “And then finally, Tiny dropped her .02 cents on the situation…”


    “At the end of the day we had a great 3 choice meal & it was great!”

    *Finally caught my breath, saw this, rolled over and died again*

  6. WHY DOES THIS PAGE CONSTANTLY REFRESH? ITS SO DAMN ANNOYING! FIX IT PLEASE! Tiny and TI have 2 sons together! This will be baby 3 together for them. Tiny has a daughter from another relationship and Ti has 3 or 4 kids from previous relationships. They should have informed the man that his service wasn't needed or to prepare only appetizers in advance! I don't believe that a caterer would be that crazy to show up with all that food knowing that he wouldn't get paid the rest of the money. They would have been happy to accept that food if he offered it free of charge! They don't want to pay so now the chicken is dry, broccoli is bland, etc etc… he was smart to sell plates at $10 because wasting all that food would have been insane.

  7. I believe the chef and clearly who would be crazy to cook all that good for free. They stiffed him and my respect for Tiny and her husband has went away. Their rich and should have paid for the services they REQUESTED. Just #ratcheyblackfolks$$it
    Ppl make me sick! Too cool get your money smart ppl can see what happend only unintelligent ratchety can condone that type behavior. We give ourselves a bad name that's why other races can't respect us because we can't respect ourselves as black folks! Ijs

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